Are You Ever Afraid of Spirits?

This week, I received an email from Paul.  He said, “Hey Jess, I like that you talk about psychic ability in a positive way.  But, do you ever get scared when you are working with spirits?”

GREAT question!  The answer is no, never.  Here’s why…

are you ever afraid of spirits

1. I had great mentors

When my psychic and mediumship abilities first started opening up back in 2000, I was fortunate to have wonderful mentors.

Yes, I had to drive up to two hours to study with them, but it was worth every ounce of energy getting the kids ready to stay with my grandma, and every dollar paid to gas up my minivan. :)

Being afraid of spirits never crossed my mind BECAUSE of my mentors.

They always made mediumship seem like such a beautiful and natural thing. 

From early on, I learned that my job as a medium was to prove the continuity of life after death – and give a voice to those in Spirit.

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During my studies, Spirit was never anything to fear.  Contrary, I learned that when we die, we go back to our natural state of pure loving energy.

And when I first started working with Spirit, I could not believe the overwhelming sensation of love that I felt.  It was something that I had never experienced before.  There was an emotional feeling of peace, but also a physical sensation of calm in my solar plexus.

Connecting to the Divine is awe inspiring, not scary :)

2. I work in the Light

When you work in the Light, there is nothing to be afraid of.  The vibration of Spirit is a very high, loving energy.

So how do I stay in the Light?  I always set the intention that my work is for the highest and best good of my client.  I also like to say the Lord’s Prayer before a reading.

“Back in the day” when I was studying mediumship and psychic ability, I would set the intention that my practice sessions were for the highest and best good of myself, my soul, and all those I connected with.  Even if I was simply sitting down to meditate, I set this intention.

And I can honestly say I’ve never felt anything but love from those on the Other Side.  One man in Spirit even gave me the secret ingredient to his famous tuna salad!

I hope this helps you feel a little less afraid of Spirit.  If you want more support, read the post 7 Psychic Protection Methods.

4 thoughts on “Are You Ever Afraid of Spirits?”

  1. Hello dear one! I just stumbled upon your blog and am very grateful. Reading such positive experiences truly helps me feel more comfortable! Reading this post, all I could think to myself is-I wish I had felt so safe with this gift from the beginning! At the age of 25, I have just started opening up to gifts I suppose I’ve had since birth. A childhood of night terrors, constant spirits surrounding me and no one to guide me left me with only fear and I ended up shielding myself and coming close to turning it off. I’m wondering if you have any advice for releasing the fear as I begin to open up? I’ve thought about taking a class but none seem to be lining up and I’m starting to think I need to do this on my own. Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Autumn! I can relate so much to your comment. As for releasing the fear, remember these words: Everything is from the light. When you feel fear working with your abilities, remember that. Set your intention that your work is for the best and highest good. And remember that Spirit is loving and gentle. <3 Jessica

  2. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog and I’m so glad! I’ve been having some experiences lately that feel like I’m having an awakening. I keep waking up to what seems like people talking into my right ear. It isn’t my voice, it is always someone else’s. What scares me is that one dream I had woke me up because someone spoke through me? It didn’t feel like my voice anyways… And I had the distinct sensation of being lifted under my arms. That really spooked me and I’m wondering if I should be worried and what can I do to stop it from happening again?

    1. Hi Jo! The thing about spirit is that everything is from the light. So no, I wouldn’t be worried :) If you are uncomfortable, you can always ask your spirit guides to help. Let them know that you weren’t exactly comfortable and that you’re not ready for those kinds of experiences.

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