How to Raise Your Vibration – 9 Fun Ideas That Work!

How to raise your vibration. You know that one friend who always seems happy? Let’s call her Lindsay…

  • The hairdresser accidentally dyed her hair light pink rather than platinum blonde? Oh well, Lindsay says, it’s almost Valentine’s Day anyways and it’s kinda pretty!
  • The barista screwed up her drink order? Cool! This is a great opportunity to try something new. She dumps said new drink on her blouse? Hmm… perfect excuse to go shopping!

Lindsay’s positive attitude never goes unnoticed. In fact, she seems to be a magnet for good outcomes!

The hairdresser may give her free color protectant shampoo, the barista may give her a gift card, and the store owner may pull just the right top from the back room for her.

Everywhere Lindsay goes, she witnesses seemingly happy coincidences and lucky breaks. However, while they may seem random, Lindsay is actually attracting those good fortunes!

How to raise your vibration, 9 fun ideas that work

What is a High Vibration?

Obviously you’re a little jealous of Lindsay right now, so I’ll let you in on her secret:

She has a high vibration! And don’t worry – you can learn how to raise your vibration, too! 

It’s really easy! First, some background…

Everything in this world is made up of energy. Yep. You, me, Sandra Bullock and your neighbor’s dog.

The spiritual law of the Universe says that like energy attracts like energy — high attracts high (good) and low attracts low (bad).

This is why you see Mark Wahlberg in like every. single. movie. The guy has attuned his energy to such a high vibration that he “attracts” role after role after role. If you’ve never seen his TV show Walburgers on A&E, I suggest you watch a couple of episodes. Take notice of the way Mark talks and thinks – I’m telling ya, he’s a high-vibe maestro!

So the positive feelings and vibes Lindsay is throwing, are always returned to her. She has come to expect the best outcome because she has trust and faith that the Universe has her back.

Learning how to raise your vibration is much more than grinning and saying what you think you should say. It’s a deep, genuine feeling of joy, harmony, and gratitude. 

A high energetic vibration also:

  • Makes it easier to trust your intuition
  • Strengthens your connection with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides
  • Repels drama
  • Helps you gain clarity and worry less
  • Increases joy

high vibration definition

How to Raise Your Vibration

In light of this information, you’re itching for a sparkly high vibe too, right?

“Raising your vibration” may sound mystic, but it’s actually a super natural thing to do!

In time, you’ll KNOW when your vibration is high or low – and what things raise or lower it.

For instance:

  • You know that one song that you always listen to while you’re getting ready for a gal’s night? It gets you singing into your hairbrush and grinning ear-to-ear as you pull on your heels? That song raises your vibration!
  • Or how about that feeling of joy that comes over you when you think about that last holiday? Grandpa was joking around about something or other, grandma was nodding and laughing at her 40+ year life partner… the kids were playing with their toys… and dinner was almost ready? That immense happy feeling raised your vibration.

In order to know how to raise your vibration, you need to connect with yourself and understand what makes you feel that high.

Tip: If that’s a little abstract, think about what puts you in a good mood (like Ellen TV). Good = high vibe.

Without further adieu, here’s how to raise your vibration:

1. Music

Music is a near-instant way to change how you’re feeling. Make a playlist of songs that you know make you feel upbeat and feeling joyful.

2. Indulge

Indulge in some self-care, like a bubble bath, pedicure, or massage. While you’re receiving the care, think of how blessed you are that this is possible. Feel gratitude for the hot water and the bubbles! Or, feel gratitude for the adorable shoes you slip into after your pedicure!

3. Meditate

Meditation is a classic (and fantastic) way to kick things off and learn how to raise your vibration. It not only raises your vibration, it also gets you connected to your Higher Self and intuition. (If you’re a meditation newbie, this post will teach you how to get started.)

Tip: Try a guided meditation that suggests you focus on love and light. Or a meditation intended to bring up feelings of gratitude or joy. Once you’re done, hold on to the feeling you have! Journal about it and get familiar with it.

4. Write a Gratitude List

List 25-50 things you’re thankful for right now. Then, spend some time feeling truly blessed and grateful. Tip: It is super powerful if you do this at least once or twice a week!

5. Cook Your Favorite Meal

As you cook (or order take-out, no judgement here!), think about how wonderful it is that you get to have fresh veggies or fruit (or chocolate cake or hot pizza!). If it makes you happy, invite friends or family over. Be grateful for their company.

6. Think About a Favorite Memory

Think about an all time favorite memory with a friend or family member that you love. Those positive thoughts will bring you back to the same, high vibration that you were in when you were with them.

7. Give

You can also do something for someone else. That old saying, “it’s better to give than to receive” didn’t get famous for no reason! Help an elderly neighbor out, bring treats into work, or send a friend a random “thanks for being awesome” gift.

8. Journal

The written word is SO powerful! And I cannot tell you how journaling can raise your vibration. For raising your vibe with journaling, DON’T, for the love of all things green, write out all of your problems. Instead… flip the script.

  • Journal all about how amaze-balls life will be when you achieve X goal.
  • Write it in the present tense. (This is key!) For example, let’s say one of your goals is to develop your psychic abilities. Write: “I am so happy and grateful now that my psychic abilities are developing!” or “I am having so much fun developing my psychic gifts!”… and FEEL the joyful emotion of what you are writing.

9. Find Your Thing

How to raise your vibration might be different than the way I raise my vibration. My thing is getting in my car, opening the moon roof and singing at the top of my lungs to the radio. Your thing might be:

  • Taking a nature walk
  • Sitting at the park and sipping on a latte
  • Going for a jog
  • Coloring in a mandala coloring book
  • drawing
  • scrapbooking
  • woodworking
  • photography

Once you’ve discovered what makes you feel SUPER happy – you’ve taken the first step at uncovering how to raise your vibration!

Follow-up post: How to Maintain Your High Vibe

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