Journaling Prompts to Develop Psychic Ability

You don’t have to go far to hear me recommend journaling to develop psychic ability.

Journaling gets your creative juices flowing and connects you with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. Plus, by keeping a journal, you end up with a written record of your intuitive journey. (It’s fun to look back on old journals and see how far you’ve come!)

journaling prompts to develop psychic ability

Journaling Prompts to Develop Psychic Ability

I get it. Putting pen to paper isn’t always easy. So, if you’ve doodled your name and grocery list, but not much else, stick around.

These journaling prompts to develop psychic ability will get you on track, and get your sparkly pen flying!

Journaling prompts to connect with your intuition

  • Why do I feel called to develop my intuitive gifts?
  • What does my Higher Self want me to know about developing my psychic abilities?
  • How does my heart feel when I imagine embracing my intuitive gifts?
  • What step should I take next in my journey?
  • How can I overcome feeling doubt about my psychic ability? What steps can I take to start trusting?
  • When is a time that my intuition was right?
  • How might life look if I develop my gifts, and start living the intuitive life I am meant to live?

Journaling prompts to overcome fear

If you are fearful of developing your psychic ability, try one of these prompts on for size.

  • Where is the fear around my gifts coming from?
  • Is there someone I’m afraid to upset (or disappoint) if I embrace my intuitive gifts? If so, why?
  • How can I empower myself to embrace my gifts?
  • When have I conquered fear before? How can that help me overcome this fear?
  • When was a time when I felt confident? How can I use that power to embrace my psychic ability?
  • What would it feel like if I was living for myself, and not others?

How to End Your Journaling Session

Once you’re done with your journaling session, thank your Spirit Guides or angels for guiding you. Then, do something to ground yourself. Nature walks are a fan fav, but I like to eat a light snack. Try different grounding methods, and see what works for you.

Also remember that you can use these prompts again and again. Each time you do, you will gain new insight!

Tip: Save this post and refer to it anytime you’re feeling writer’s block!

Journaling Tips

The most seasoned journalist will tell you that sometimes things just don’t go according to plan!

If you’re in your comfy spot, with your fav pen and notebook, but still struggling, check out some of these tips.

If you’re:

  • Drawing a blank. If the words aren’t flowing, take some time off and try again later.
  • Still thinking about your to-do list. Enlist the help of your new iPhone and do a quick note “brain dump.”
  • Feeling blocked. Drop some peppermint, lemon, or wild orange in your essential oil diffuser. They prompt creativity and smell yummy.
  • Can’t quiet your thoughts. Try a quick, guided meditation before you dig in. Headspace and Calm are two great meditation apps.
  • Being a perfectionist. Remember you’re the only one that will see this journal. Your 2nd grade teacher isn’t looking over your shoulder and grading your penmanship or grammar — pinky promise.


Regardless of which prompt you start with, allow your mind to run free. Don’t focus on coming up with the “right” words or writing something that would make sense to someone else. Instead, spend this time with your trusty journal and see what nuggets of wisdom form!

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