Are Spirit Guides Real? [The Day I Met My Guides]

Are Spirit Guides real? The day I met my goddess guides.

Are Spirit Guides Real?

Are Spirit Guides Real? In the fall of 2000, I was asking myself this question.

You see, I had been taking psychic development classes for months, but I still hadn’t met my Guides.

The people who were further along in their journey than me would often share stories about their Guides… Some were exotic and others were more ‘ordinary’ and had names like Bob. “Bob told me this and Bob told me that…

Naturally, I wanted to meet my Bob!

So at the next class, our mentor, Terry, said that our homework was to connect with our spiritual helpers.

Our task was to set the intention to connect with our Spirit Guide during meditation.

Meeting My Guides

The next morning, I got my kids off to school, got comfy, and put on some relaxing music. It was time to meet my Guides!

After several minutes of total relaxation, the image of a woman’s face appeared in my mind. She had long red hair, creamy white skin, and a long white dress that looked like a toga.

Suddenly, two other women appeared. They were wearing similar toga-style gowns — one was white, the other light blue.

Woman number two had long dark hair and light olive skin, and the third woman had golden blond hair that was pinned up.

Even though the gowns were super long, I sensed that they were very lightweight; it was almost as if I could feel the fabric.

The three women were standing together.

Each one of them was GORGEOUS and gave off energy that was loving and confident.

I didn’t hear their names, but I had the sense that at least one of them was here to help me with my children.

We didn’t have a dialogue at this time, but it was still a pleasant experience and I felt at peace…

But honestly, I felt silly and doubted what I saw during the meditation. 

I kept thinking, “Three goddess Guides? No way, this can’t be real. Where’s Bob?” After that experience, I didn’t try the exercise again that week.

Validation: Spirit Guides are Real

The following week, as I drove to mediumship class, I debated whether I would share my experience. (You’ll see in a moment that spirit had other plans!)

When everyone arrived and settled in, Terry asked us who would like to share their experience. I thought, “Not me,” and tried to shrink down in my seat.

I was SURE that my imagination had invented these goddesses, and the whole thing would sound weird to the rest of the class.

So when one of the other students volunteered to go first, I was relieved… until he pointed at me and said:

I can see your Guides.

I looked around, but he was definitely talking to me.

“My Guides?” I asked.

He said, “Yes, you have three of them; three women that look like goddesses. One has long red hair, one has brown hair, and the third is a blond in a flowing blue gown.”


I sat frozen in my seat. I tried to speak, but the words wouldn’t come out…

There were a million things running through my mind, yet my mind felt blank at the same time.

Was I having an out of body experience? Was I dreaming?

I could not believe it, yet I knew it was true.

Terry reminded me to breathe and I pulled myself together so I could talk. Now, I couldn’t get the words out fast enough! I was talking fast and breathing hard, saying, “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!”

Ready to Meet Your Guides?

Since that day, I’ve gotten to know my “goddesses” and many other spiritual helpers as well, including a Spirit Guide that helps me when I give readings.

I’ve learned that when I question spirit, they will find a way to validate that it’s not my imagination.

I also learned that:

  • Spirit Guides are real
  • I needed to trust my intuition because it is real

Since then, it’s been a 20+ year journey of inspiration. With the help of spirit, I’ve been guided to write books, create meditations, and teach people how to connect with their intuition and psychic gifts (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance).

Your Guides have so much love for you, and to access their guidance, you just need to be open and listen. To take the next step and meet your Guides, read this.

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  1. Ive seen all of my guides.and there ares still more to come they said.

    But right now,im anxious in my present situation.ive asked for a sign and nothing hasnt came through to me yet.I wonder why is it like that?
    But when i read people(practice)i can read them like a book.when i get stuck i can hear my guides tell me what to say.

    So its sometimes confusing

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