8 Tips for Coming Out of the Psychic Closet Without Anxiety

Coming out of the “psychic closet” is something that many people struggle with once they begin having intuitive experiences. Usually, this is because they fear being judged by others. And let’s face it:  nobody wants to be labeled as a weirdo.

8 tips for coming out of the psychic closet without anxiety

Some people are so nervous about coming out of the psychic closet that they keep their abilities hidden from their loved ones for years.

I totally understand WHY people stay in the psychic closet.  I stayed in it myself for about 10 years because I was afraid people would think I was a freaky weirdo.

When I was a little girl, I used to hide in my grandma’s real closet and try on all of her high-heel shoes.  What can I say?  She was a sexy grandma.

As much fun as it was playing dress-up with the goodies in Gram’s closet, I admit, that hint of Eau de Moth Ball did kind of put a damper on things.

Staying in the psychic closet for too long is similar.

Developing your psychic and mediumship gifts can be intriguing, fun, and maybe even a little bit sexy.  But if you stay in the psychic closet too long and don’t share your awesome journey with anyone, the moth ball smell takes over and it just isn’t awesome anymore.

8 Tips for Coming Out of the Psychic Closet

1. Decide on Your Comfort Zone

Some people are super open about being psychic.  I have a friend who writes psychic medium on any forms that ask for an occupation.  Once, she gave a spirit message to her doctor during a check-up.

But we’re talking about you here, not most people. And the most important thing to remember is:

You have to be comfortable.

This is key above all else. If you’re not comfortable chatting about spirits with your doctor while sitting in a hospital gown, that’s OK!

2. Start with people who already think you rock

Who loves ya, baby?  One of the most comfortable ways to dip your toe out of the psychic closet is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who do I feel the most comfortable with?
  • Who do I know that doesn’t judge others?
  • Who do I know that will cheer me on and think this is super cool?

Oh, it’s Barbara from work!  She’s like a mom to me.  She even made me that delicious gluten-free chocolate cake for my birthday, and snuck some shredded zucchini into it so it would be “healthy”.  Barbara rocks.  She’d be a great one to talk to!

3. Coming out of the psychic closet doesn’t mean you have to share with everyone in the universe

It’s OK to be selective with whom you share.  It’s OK to share this part of you with some people, but not others.

Being a psychic or connecting with spirit doesn’t DEFINE you.  It’s just a part of you – like being a brunette or having curly hair.

Also, if you were working as a teacher, would you run up to everyone you meet, shake their hand and say, Hi, I’m Sally, and I’m a teacher!  Um, me thinks not.

So why put that pressure on yourself?

Ask yourself these questions when deciding who to share with:

  • Am I super-sensitive?  (There’s no right or wrong answer.  It’s beautiful if you are and it’s beautiful if you’re not.)
  • Will sharing with cranky Aunt Mary cause me stress and pain?  Does it matter if shes knows?  She did tease me when I cried at my surprise party, and that felt pretty awful.  I want to surround myself with people who support me.  OK, I’m definitely not sharing with Aunt Mary.

On the other hand, if you’re super confident like Gisele Bundchen working the runway and everything rolls off of you like water off a duck’s back, come out of the psychic closet with everyone if you want to… Aunt Mary included!

4. Come Out of the Psychic Closet Slowly

There’s no need to have a big coming out party or walk around wearing a t-shirt that says I’m Psychic.  Let things unfold slowly and naturally over time.  Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

And remember that it’s OK if you want your privacy, just don’t confuse your want for privacy to staying in the psychic closet because you feel ashamed of who you are.

5. Never. Stop. Learning.

When I first started out, a friend asked me a general question about psychic ability and I said, JEEZ, I dunno!  

My confidence was shaken and I wanted to run right back into the psychic closet.  That’s why it’s important to become educated about your abilities.  Education = confidence.

Empower yourself with knowledge.  Always be reaching.  Always be growing.


6. Embrace your Intuitive Gifts

When you get comfortable with your gifts, they’ll be WAY easier and WAY more fun to talk about.  And then a magical thing happens:

Others begin to see how your gifts light you up.  Your enthusiasm becomes contagious!  And that little divine spark can totally inspire someone.  Totally corny, but totally true!

When you appreciate your gifts, coming out of the psychic closet becomes so much easier!  Reading books and blogs, taking a psychic development class, and working with a mentor are three great ways to boost your knowledge and confidence!

Why not start here with my FREE eBook?

Psychic development and mediumship are a marathon, not a sprint. :)

7. Build a Support System

It’s nice to have people who understand what you are feeling and what you are going through with regards to your gifts.

I love my family dearly, but they don’t understand when I talk about my clairaudience or clairsentience – clair what?

Start building up a support system (make sure you include the people from tip #2!).

Here are some ways to build a support system and come out of the psychic closet:

  • Join a local psychic development class – I have met some of the nicest people at these classes and we’ve had a lot of laughs!  New age stores often offer these types of classes.
  • Check out a local spiritualist church – This is an especially good idea if you are drawn to mediumship, as the spiritualist churches deal with spirit communication.  The energy in these churches can be very loving and welcoming, and they typically offer classes to help with development.
  • Get Online – No groups in your area?  No problem!  Go online and get social!

Tip:  If you are looking for a group online, take your time.  Find groups and people that you resonate with.  I happen to think that our Facebook page is pretty awesome and has great energy :)

8. Expect the Unexpected

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that most people are okay with what I do.

I have worked myself into nervous frenzies worried about how “this person” or “that person” would react when I told them I’m a psychic medium, and it was always fine.  Most times, coming out of the psychic closet was great.

Often, people had their own intuitive stories to share with me!  Eeks!  You’re a psychic!  OMG, I always sense things about people, too, but I’m afraid if I told anyone, they’d thing I was a freaky weirdo!  So glad you told me!

When my kids were little, I thought I’d never be able to tell anyone about my abilities.  And then one night, I was taking to another mom and she brought up the TV show Ghost Hunters.  She said she loved the show, and that was my cue to open up!

She was so supportive, and even helped me start doing readings professionally!

That one conversation changed the course of my entire life!

Coming Out of the Psychic Closet Takeaways

This journey is too exciting not to share.  Plus, the closet is dark and smells like moth balls.  So take it slow, come out of the psychic closet, and have some fun!

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