7 Quick and Simple Ways to Clear Negative Energy

Negative energy affects us all. Even if you’re a happy person, it’s impossible to be completely immune to it because it’s all around us.

Even a cranky store clerk can drag our energy down if we let them!

While we can’t always be in control of the people and situations surrounding us (if only!), we can learn to clear out bad energy.

In fact, it’s fun and easy to bring in fresh, positive energy into your life. And I’m going to show you how to do so right now!

7 ways to cleanse and clear negative energy

How do You Know if Negative Energy is Affecting You?

Let’s set the record straight before we begin.

Negative energy doesn’t mean a spooky gremlin or something is haunting you, so don’t panic. Rather, it means that you need a vibrational (energetic) “tune-up.”

So what is negative energy?

Negative energy makes you feel drained after dealing with a particular person or situation.

Our cars need occasional tune-ups and oil changes to run at tip-top capacity, and so do we. Yet sometimes, we take better care of our cars than ourselves!

So, if any of the following resonate with you, it could be time for you to clear out negative energy.


  • Feel exhausted after going to a particular place, like the mall or your sister’s house. If you feel deflated after spending time someplace, it’s likely because there was some icky energy around. For example, there was an argument in the space.
  • Have been dealing with difficult emotions for a while. Coping with a traumatic event, life change or long-term stress can give you the itch to cleanse the energy.
  • Are dealing with an illness. It’s hard living with an illness, especially one that goes on long-term. Intentionally clearing out negative energy is good for the soul.

We could go on and on with this list.

The bottom line is this:

Any time you are dealing with anger, frustration or worry, you should clear negative energy.

How to Clear Negative Energy

1. Diffuse essential oils

Aromatherapy is not just for the granola crowd!

Everywhere you look, people are using essential oils to reduce headaches, improve sleep and relax.

So why not put them to use for cleansing negative energy?

Our fave diffuser

The best oils for clearing energy are (links below will take you to Amazon):

You can even buy essential oil blends, which are a lot of fun to experiment with!

Plus, you can find all types of diffusers, including ones for your home, car … and even necklace diffusers!

Using these oils in your diffuser will help ward off negative energy, and clear it, when it sneaks in.

2. Use crystals

Certain crystals are great at clearing negative energy.

Keeping some of these around your home will protect you from the low energies affecting you.

My favorite is black tourmaline, but there are others that work as well including:

Since I’m intuitive, I pick up other people’s energy easily, and it can really drag me down.

So I carry a piece of black tourmaline in my pocket on days when I’m traveling or out and about running errands. It protects me so I don’t feel so drained after being around other people.


If you feel drained after being with people, you might be an empath. Here’s a post with 15 Signs that You’re an Empath.

3. Get a Himalayan salt lamp

salt lamp
This is my new favorite! These lamps are lovely and soothing, plus they cleanse negative energy out of the space.

And, they give off the most beautiful glow!

Here’s a simple explanation of how salt lamps work:

Positive ions are created in different ways, including electromagnetic (EM) radiation from our electronic devices (like cell phones).

Positively-charged ions sap our energy, leaving us feeling drained. Why? Because they leak negative energy. (Don’t ask me to explain this in detail. My last science class was long ago.)

Salt is a natural conduit and grabs these positive ions and changes them into negative ions, which emit positive energy.

I have salt lamps all over my home, but I especially recommend using them:

  • Wherever you spend the most time
  • Where you keep and use electronic devices

You can use them all the time, and if you feel negative energy seeping in, crank them up more often.

4. Burn sage or use sage spray (a.k.a. smudging)

This is one of my favorite ways to cleanse negative energy because it smells great.

And, walking around the house with a smudge stick (or spray) while saying a cleansing mantra is SO powerful!

Plus, sage has been used by native cultures for eons to cleanse negative energy from spaces and people. So there must be something to it, right? :)

Tip: You can get step by step directions for cleansing your house with sage here.

Our sage recommendations:

  • My personal favorite by a landslide is this sage spray.  I am in LOVE with this stuff because OMG it’s soooo easy! Just spritz it around your house or car and voila! Done!
  • If you prefer to burn sage, these are my favorite white sage sticks (which have over 1,000 5-star reviews on Amazon).

5. Play high vibrational music

Music can tame the savage soul — and cleanse negative energy!

Music impacts us so much, so it’s a natural, easy solution for negative vibes.

It cleanses negative energy by changing the frequencies in the air. This uplifts our mood, making us less susceptible to low energies.

There is no “right” or “wrong” music to play. Just play something that YOU enjoy.

6. Be joyful

When we raise our own energetic vibe, negative energies have a much harder time affecting us.

So the best thing to do to drive away yucky energy is to be joyful.

Laugh, smile, surround yourself with beauty—anything that brings you joy. Spend quality time with those people you love. Play with your pet.

Doing what makes you happy keeps good vibrations circulating. This ensures that there is positive energy all around you and your home.

Trust me, this works.

I’ve spent the last 10 years or so learning how to be joyful!

You and I both know it can be hard to feel happy in this crazy world. But living a happy life (even with challenges and obstacles) IS possible.

I learned to live a joyful life through the teachings of Esther Hicks.

I can’t recommend enough the book Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires. EVERY human being on Earth should read this book!

Not only did Ask and It Is Given change my life, it saved me.

Another favorite that I recommend is The Teachings of Abraham: The Master Course CD Program.

I own almost ALL Esther Hicks’ teachings, but this CD set is my favorite. I listen to it every day for a positive energy pick-me-up!

7. Set your intention

The most important aspect of clearing negative energy is your intention.

So, as you use any of these techniques, be sure to set the intention that negativity is cleared from your space.

When possible say your intention out loud. But, setting the intention in your mind works, too… in case you don’t want to look weird talking to yourself. :)

There are no particular words you need to use, so say whatever feels right to you.

It can be as simple as “I set my intention that all negative energy be cleared from this space.”

Use the words that resonate with you — there’s no wrong way to do it.


All these techniques work, so it’s up to you which ones you use.

I recommend tapping into your intuition and letting it tell you what techniques to use. You might only use one, or you might combine a few of them.

It all depends on what your intuition is telling you.

I use essential oils, music, and crystals around my home every day to keep the space cleansed. But when there’s a lot of yucky stuff going on, I will kick it up a notch and add one or more of these other techniques in too.

how to cleanse negative energy

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