19 Quick and Effortless Psychic Development Tips

Psychic development tips. I’ll cut to the chase: We’re all busy, right?

The dog needs to be dropped off at the groomers, the kids need to be picked up, and dinner hasn’t figured out how to make itself yet (I’m waiting for the self-preparing crockpot!).

But just because you’re so busy you forgot to take your second cup of coffee out of the microwave doesn’t mean you can’t tap in and focus on your psychic development.

Here are 19 effortless psychic development tips for people who are super busy:

psychic development tips and exercises

19 Effortless Psychic Development Tips

1. Take advantage of your Zzzz’s. Doze off with a crystal grid under your bed (try a crystal from this list — I love turquoise)! For an added crystal “boost”, rub a little rose or lavender essential oil on your crystals. And you can totally order crystals online to save time!

2. Diffuse essential oils. Be a multitasking queen by plugging your diffuser in first thing in the morning. That way even while you’re helping your kids find their ever missing sock, you’re breathing in all that essential oil goodness! Here are 11 essential oils to boost psychic power.

3. Chat your Spirit Guides up. This is the one of the most effortless psychic development tips you’ll ever get! Talking to your Spirit Guides throughout the day allows you to incorporate your psychic journey with everyday life. If you don’t know the name of your Guide, just pick a name you like. It will make all of your chats more fun! Read about how I taught someone to work with “Esmeralda” here.

4. Practice seeing auras. The next time you drop your kids off at school, try reading their aura! Imagine seeing it before they leave for school, and then again when they get home. Or, practice reading your co-worker’s aura before and after a meeting with your boss, or your kitty’s while he’s napping vs. in play mode. (Here’s a post that will teach you how to see auras in 5 minutes!)

5. Make use of waiting time. While waiting for your hair dye to soak in or for your oil to be changed, build up your psychic hearing muscles! Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, and gently tune into sounds that you don’t normally focus on. What can you hear? Wind whipping through the trees? Birds fighting over crumbs in the parking lot? Your cell phone chiming? Katy Perry’s new song on the radio? Practice this every time you have some down time will boost your clairaudience (psychic hearing).

6. Pray while you are in the shower. If you’re not sure which of these psychic development tips to try first, make it this one! Instead of thinking about all-the-things you have to do for that day, use shower time to develop your intuitive gifts. Plus, praying while using water is spiritual and cleansing (and relaxing). You can also use this time to talk to your Spirit Guides or think about all of the things you are grateful for. This tactic can raise your vibration and naturally and effortlessly increase your psychic abilities!

7. Play high vibe music while you clean. You know how your fav song can totally change your mood? That’s because it raises your vibration! When you’re in that high vibration state, it’s way easier for the universe to give you other high vibrating things (like your psychic development). So the next time you’re dreading pulling out the duster, get Fleetwood Mac pumping on your Alexa let your natural vibration increase do the work!

8. Ask a friend to text you – telepathically. In your mind, hold the image on your friend. Imagine energetically asking her to contact you within 24 hours.

9. Sleep with a crystal near your pillow. This tip helps develop clairvoyance and can help ward off bad dreams and negative vibes (so you’re well rested for your busy day ahead!). These are some crystals I recommend for clairvoyance and psychic development.

10. Set the intention to receive guidance through your dreams. Sometimes it’s all we can do to set the intention to get a solid 8 hours of beauty rest! But next time you hit the hay, try setting your intention to receive guidance through your dreams. Simply ask that your Spirit guides Give you messages via your clairvoyance while you sleep. Don’t forget to write down the messages when you wake up!

11. Use your morning jam session. This is one of the most fun psychic development tips EVER! Play some music while you go through your morning routine and try this clairaudient exercise. Focus on the music playing and try to separate out the different instruments. With practice, you can cut one sound away from all the rest! This exercise not only helps you develop psychic hearing, it gives you an excuse to listen to Adele (as if you needed one).

12. Simply ask for it. Asking Spirit for a message helps develop two-way communication with your spiritual team and gives you practice receiving intuitive messages… win-win! After you ask your Spirit Guides for help, be on the lookout for signs.

13. Use rose or lavender essential oil on your heart chakra. You know I use essential oils for just about EVERYTHING, and that doesn’t stop at psychic development tips! The next time you’re on the go, mix 1 part rose oil into 4 parts unscented organic lotion (or any carrier oil). Then, rub it on your heart chakra area and set your intention to open your clairsentience (psychic feeling and sensing). Voila!

14. Use rose or lavender essential oil on your solar plexus chakra. Use the same recipe above, but instead of using the oil on your heart chakra, rub it over your solar plexus (the area around your navel). Then, set your intention again. Opening the solar plexus chakra is wonderful for developing clairsentience, since this is where your gut feelings come from (like how you knew you shouldn’t have had last night’s leftovers).

15. Remind yourself it’s not all in your head. When you’re rushing from point a to point b, your logical mind is in control. During that time, it’s normal to struggle with confidence, wonder if your intuitive vibes are “all in your head”, or feel like your psychic gifts aren’t opening up. But remember this: There IS a reason you were drawn to this work, and it wasn’t to experience a taste of it and then never have your gifts fully open and blossom. Plus, we’re ALL naturally psychic (seriously, read this post to learn the signs), even our pets… yeah, Rover isn’t questioning his psychic vibes when he growls at your BFF’s new boyfriend!

16. Trust the process. Opening your psychic abilities can seem a little confusing or overwhelming at times, but it’s oh-sooo rewarding. When you’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, or simply too busy, remain confident in opening your psychic abilities. Don’t force it. Remember, it’s a journey. :)

17. Recognize (and embrace) your abilities. This may seem obvious, but you’d be shocked at how often it’s overlooked! So here’s the deal: The next time that you feel like you’re having a claircognizant moment (an inner knowing about something) – go with it! Call your sister-in-law and see what’s going on, veto your son’s camp plans, and toss out those leftovers. Learning to recognize AND ACT ON an intuitive message is a critical part of claircognizance development.

18. Ask your gut when making decisions. Like I mentioned above, learning to act when you feel an intuitive vibe is a critical part of your psychic development! But equally important is starting to incorporate your psychic abilities into your day to day decisions. The next time you have a decision to make, imagine asking your “inner knowing”. Once you see that your inner knowing is dependable, you’ll start to use it to make decisions with the bigger issues in life. And once that momentum builds, you’ll be amazed at what a clear claircognizant psychic you become!

19. Boost claircognizance with music. Yep, this is another excuses to jam out to your fav tunes! The next time you’re dancing around your house, Spotify playlist on point, imagine you KNOW what song is coming up next! Try practicing this when you’re in the car listening to the radio, or out and about hearing a store’s playlist.

Well, I know you’re busy, friend. Have fun with these psychic development tips!

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