7 Exercises to Develop Claircognizance (Inner Knowing)

Inner knowing is also known as the psychic gift of claircognizance. And I’m not gonna lie… it’s super cool! Sooo…

Are you one of those whose natural ability to intuitively know something (without logic or reason) has left you Googling, “how to develop claircognizance”? If so, you’re in the right spot!

7 exercises to develop claircognizance

Claircognizance (inner knowing) is the ability to psychically know things.

If you’re claircognizant, you may have told your husband not to take his normal route to work… without seeing the news and knowing about the traffic jam on the freeway.

Or, maybe you somehow knew not to give your little tot their first strawberry… without a positive allergy test.

Whoo-hoo for you! You’re claircognizant. :)

(If you want more proof, check out these 7 Surefire Signs Claircognizance is One of Your Psychic Gifts.)

Let’s dig into all the cool ways to develop claircognizance and increase your inner knowing!

Before we go too far, don’t forget that psychic development should be fun and light. Don’t get too caught up in logic or reason right now, especially with this gift. :)

How to Develop Claircognizance

1. Invite your Spirit Guides into your life

Why do we struggle to do things alone when we don’t have to?

Doi! This seems like such a simple solution, right?

Your spirit guides want to communicate with you — but they can’t just pick up their Google Pixel 2 and shoot you a text (I wish).

So the next time you sit down to meditate (which you should do daily, btw), have a little chat with your guides and invite them into your life. Ask them to guide you as you develop claircognizance and your other intuitive gifts.

If you have no idea how to do this, don’t worry. We’re going to break it down right now.

How to chat with your Spirit Guides:

  • Start with a simple meditation. Focus on your breath, on your body touching your comfy seat, and on clearing your mind. Take some relaxing breaths.
  • Then, set the intention that you want to develop claircognizance.
  • Now, invite your Spirit Guides in. In your mind, imagine your Guide(s) standing right in front of you (don’t worry if you don’t know what they look like).
  • Say whatever is on your heart. If you’re stuck, you can say something like, “I’m excited to get to know you! I’m open and ready to receive your guidance. For my highest and best good, please guide me through developing my intuitive gifts/claircognizance.” Trust me, your Guides will happily oblige!
  • Thank your Spirit Guides and commit to being open to receiving their guidance.

That’s it. Easy, right?! :)

Tip: If you really want to kick it up a notch, diffuse some essential oils during your session. My favorite for psychic development are Lemon, Chamomile, and Peppermint.

  • And here’s a list of other essential oils for developing psychic abilities. Essential oils are fantastic and I highly recommend them, especially if you’re on a spiritual journey!

2. Develop claircognizance with this visualization exercise

To get the best out of this tip, combine both journaling and meditation (the Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard of the intuitive world).

A journaling/meditation combo will help you picture exactly what your life will be life with increased claircognizance. It’s a super powerful exercise!

Claircognizance Visualization Exercise:

  • Start by pulling out your journal and pen (sparkly-gel optional, but encouraged).
  • Write about how your life will be when your claircognizance is fine-tuned and increased.
  • Describe a day in the life of you where you KNOW that you should do something and it has a positive impact on your life. For example: You KNOW you need to stop by Starbucks on the way home… where you run into your old boss who offers you your dream job in her new start-up! Or you KNOW that you need to stop by Macy’s on the way home… and score a major, unadvertised shoe sale!
  • Visualize how your inner knowing will make you feel and how that would impact your day-to-day life.
  • Then, set your journal aside, and meditate on the day you just described. Visualize everything in detail.
  • Put yourself in the moment and imagine how your body feels when you are experiencing a claircognizant moment.
  • Meditate on the specifics of your day and increased claircognizance.

3. Automatic writing

Automatic writing is a fun and productive way to develop claircognizance AND get in touch with your inner knowing!

Here’s why this works so well:

In the beginning of your psychic development journey, it’s normal to second guess “gut feelings” and inner knowing. (hint-hint: all gut feelings are intuitive!)

Automatic writing allows you to know for SURE what messages you’ve been receiving, and get straight answers from your Higher Self and Spirit Guides! 

Yep, seriously! So…

Here’s How to Do Automatic Writing:

  • Grab a pen and pull out your notebook. Before you start writing, ask your Higher Self a question.
  • Then write whatever comes to you. Seriously, whatever! Even if it seems like gibberish. Let your pen flow!
  • I’ll be honest… The first few times doing this exercise may seem totally ludicrous (and not cool like the rapper). But those times will clear out your subconscious and make room for the good stuff. And in no time at all, your page will start to be filled with things that make SENSE. In other words, you’ll be receiving CLEAR claircognizant messages and your inner knowing will get super strong! Yay!

4. Recognize (and embrace) your abilities

This may seem obvious, but you’d be shocked at how often it’s overlooked, so…

Let’s go back to basics for a moment and recognize that you can only develop claircognizance if you fully believe it exists.

Believe me, I get it…

Some psychic gifts are a way more obvious. For example, having visions of your BFF having a baby (clairvoyance) vs. just knowing she’s pregnant.

Claircognizance really relies on you denouncing your logical brain and understanding that inner knowing DOES exist.

That doesn’t mean abandoning logic, of course. Just be aware that sometimes, your brain will try to come up with ways to “logically” explain what you know in your soul to be true.

So here’s the deal. The next time that you feel like you’re having a claircognizant moment – go with it!

Call your sister-in-law and see what’s going on, veto your son’s camp plans, and toss out those leftovers.

Learning to recognize AND ACT ON an intuitive message is a critical part of claircognizance development.

In the beginning stages of psychic development, it’s normal for you to want to come up with a million other reasons why you knew to avoid that street on your drive to work, but…

The more you’re able to follow your intuitive guidance, the stronger your inner knowing will become.

Think about it: If you gave your son a skateboard and he stuck it in the garage and never used it, he’d never become the next Tony Hawk, right? But if he practiced every day, he could become a GREAT skateboarder!

Your psychic gifts work the same way. The more you use them, the stronger they get. :)

5. Ask your gut when making decisions

Next time you have a decision to make, imagine asking your “inner knowing”.

Imagine that you already KNOW which decision is for your best and highest good. And then, go with it!

Start with small stuff… which cereal to buy, which art prints to get for your new home…

Once you see that your inner knowing is dependable, you’ll start to use it to make decisions with the bigger issues in life. And once that momentum builds, you’ll be amazed at what a clear claircognizant psychic you become!

6. Boost claircognizance with music

This is SO much fun! The next time you are dancing around your kitchen listening to Adele on your Alexa, imagine that you KNOW which song is going to play next. (You can do this in your car, too.)

Important: Don’t worry if you’re right or wrong. That’s not the point of this at ALL.

The point of this exercise is to open up your intuitive gifts with music. When we listen to music, it makes us happy and raises our vibration (which is necessary to develop your psychic and mediumship gifts).

It also sparks our creativity – and the right side of our brain where our intuition resides.

Imagining that you KNOW what song is going to play next allows you to play, relax, and break away from logic.

So give it a try! You’ll also be signaling the Universe that you’re a clear channel for claircognizance. And that’s some powerful stuff!

7. Use Zener Cards

Do you remember Venkman’s ESP test in Ghostbusters? Okay, so he wasn’t exactly playing by the rules! But you can certainly use Zener cards in a legitimate way to develop claircognizance.

How to develop claircognizance with Zener cards:

  • Grab a pack of Zener cards. You can’t really get these at Walmart, so I order mine on Amazon. You can also make your own: Get 5 index cards and draw a square on one card, a circle on the next, star on another, wavy lines on the next, and a plus-sign on the last one.
  • Lay the cards in a pile, face down, on a table.
  • Take one card, keeping it face down, and place it in front of you.
  • Imagine that you know (without seeing it) what the card is.
  • Flip it over and see how you did!

Tip: You can start out using just TWO of the five Zener cards. As your confidence grows, add a third card, and so on.

And again, the point of this exercise is not to be right every time (which is pretty much impossible, so don’t beat yourself up!).

The point is to not overthink things and to get the feeling of imagining that you already know… which will help you develop claircognizance. 

Oh, and it will totally increase your accuracy when you practice this exercise. :)

Next Steps

Well, that’s the scoop, friends! Now you have SEVEN surefire ways to develop claircognizance. I recommend that you start with whichever exercise feels like it will be the most fun for you!

BTW: this post is part of a whole “Clair-” series. Find the others below!

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