7 Tips for Calming Clairsentient Anxiety ASAP

Guess what?! Clairsentient anxiety? Not that uncommon. Yep, really! In fact, I know a thing (or 10) about it myself.

See, somewhere between the clairsentient realizations that, “OMG that’s why I feel drained in large groups,” and… “Maybe now I can avoid bad dates before they happen!” you may also have thoughts like:

  • How can I stop the emotions of other people from affecting me?
  • What if I can never concentrate in a staff meeting again?
  • How can I stop feeling so drained?
  • Why does my BFF’s family drama impact me SO much?

But don’t worry. I didn’t write this post to tell you that there’s no hope for clairsentient anxiety! The truth is, there are ways to deal with the bombardment of feelings you have right now. 

clairsentient anxiety

How to Calm Clairsentient Anxiety

Before I teach you how to manage your psychic gift, I want to be sure you’ve seen my Clairsentience Beginner’s post. It will teach you tons about clairsentient ability. (Including signs you’re clairsentient, how to know you’re experiencing it, and how to develop your gift.)

1. Deflect the emotions

The next time you’re with someone who is emitting a lot of emotions, imagine there are mirrors all around you, facing outward.

This deflects energy away from you and back to the person… kinda like Wonder Woman’s bracelets!

And don’t worry; this doesn’t harm anyone, it just keeps the negative vibes of others from affecting you.

I love this method of dealing with clairsentient anxiety because it’s simple to do when you’re around someone you can’t step away from — like your boss.

Tip: If you’re clairsentient, you’re likely an empath, too. Empaths feel the emotions of others as if they are experiencing it themselves. So if you’re a sensitive soul, be sure to read 15 Signs You’re an Empath, (not just “too sensitive!”)

2. Take control of your aura

Our aura (the energy surrounding our body) is a direct reflection of our emotions. In other words, it reflects how we feel.

If you feel fab, you’ll have a bright, gorgeous aura. If you feel negative emotions, those feelings are reflected in your aura, too.

And in our crazy, stressful lives, our auras can be guilty of pulling overtime!

So, the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and try to get a physical sense of where your aura is.

Does it feel HUGE like it’s filling the entire room?

If so, imagine gently bringing your energy in, closer and closer to your body. Imagine rolling up your energy (the same way you see towels rolled up in big, fancy houses).

Keeping your energy feeling closer to your body will calm clairsentient anxiety. This way, your “feelers” aren’t out on a mission to sense everything.

Helpful aura posts:

3. Take a clairsentient time out

Sometimes you need a breather! So, if you’ve had a stressful day or just CAN. NOT. listen to your sister’s drama for one more minute, make taking a break a priority. Honor what you feel, and practice self-care.

Some of my favorite self-care tips are:

  • Take a bubble bath
  • Color (adult coloring books are the best thing since essential oils)
  • Binge-watch your favorite show
  • Journal

Tip: Before I do anything, I pop some lavender essential oil in my diffuser. It’s so calming! For more on managing energy, read my Empath Survival Guide.

4. Meditate to calm clairsentient anxiety

Duh. I know I say it in every blog post, but that’s because meditation WILL calm your clairsentient anxiety.

But don’t leave your overwhelmed brain to its own devices. Take this opportunity to try a guided meditation.

I’ve used the apps Headspace and Calm for guided meditations, but you can use any method you want. The important thing is to get your brain to relax, and reconnect with your Higher Self.

Meditation helps you step out of spinning thoughts and start releasing the anxiety.

5. Practice grounding

For us clairsentient folks, energy overwhelm can kick in pretty easily. And before you know it… everything seems like a bigger deal than it is, and you wind up feeling flighty.

But don’t worry. Grounding techniques bring you back to the present, and help you feel refocused, calm, and clear.

These are some of my go-to methods for grounding:

  • Eating some root veggies (or chocolate – yes, seriously!)
  • Doing the dishes (the water is super calming)
  • Popping on my fav song and singing
  • Journaling
  • A walk outside (even better if it’s a barefoot stroll in the grass, dirt, or sand)

Walking is a great way to ground yourself and remove the stress out of a situation. Plus, it helps you rid some of the excess energy that is making you feel ungrounded.

But don’t use this tip as an excuse to go for a walk in the mall with all your pals. A walk to calm clairsentient anxiety should be alone (except for Fido, of course!) and in the great outdoors.

6. Surround yourself with white or pink light

Much like the outward facing mirror tip, this can be done anywhere, anytime. So if you’re an empath and feeling sad when you come across someone who is down, surround yourself with white light… and extend some to them as well.

Doing this acknowledges what you (and they) are feeling, and sends the only thing you can — light and well wishes. Surrounding yourself first ensures you aren’t absorbing their energy as you pass by.

7. Be aware of your perspective

As you’re encountering someone who needs white (or pink) light, be mindful of your perspective.

In all honesty, being aware helped calm my clairsentient anxiety immensely.

And I know, it can be so easy to feel sad and hold on to someone else’s heartache throughout your day.

But here’s the thing: you aren’t here to save everyone from their pain.

So next time you’re about to go down that emotional rabbit hole… you know, the one where you start picking up someone’s emotions and feel like you’re about to cry through a box of Kleenexremind yourself that they are a spiritual being who is here to learn and grow.

Of course, that doesn’t mean to be cold or heartless. It’s just that you’re not going to be any help to anyone if you are feeling icky, too.

So, do something proactive instead. For example, send them white or pink light, or send love and healing vibes their way. Your soul will know what to do. Trust your intuition! (Here are more empath tips for you.)

Bonus Tip

One of the greatest ways to manage clairsentience is to develop your gift. See, when you develop your gift, you are able to access and manage it with ease! So be sure to read these easy psychic development exercisesor jump right in and try psychometry.

Both posts are great for intuitive and sensitive souls!

Clairsentient Anxiety Takeaways

I know that some of these tips may seem like they’re designed to remove you from the situation and not help. But the thing is, you can’t help anyone if you are overwhelmed to the point where you are in a constant state of anxiety.

As a clairsentient, it’s easy to give until you have nothing left!

But by managing your psychic gifts you can help humanity and spread loving vibes into the world. And it all starts with calming your clairsentient anxiety. If you’re ready to embrace your beautiful clairsentient gift, I invite you to download my free guide, 7 Real World Steps to Embracing Your Intuitive Gifts. Namaste.

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