Am I Having a Real Clairsentient Experience? 6 Surefire Signs

clairsentient experience

Clairsentient experience. One day, you give your sister a hug and you feel a sense of extreme joy. Five minutes later, she shares good news with you.

Without even knowing it, you probably just had a clairsentient experience!

But how do you know you’re getting a psychic vibe about something or if it’s just that second glass of Pinot Noir?

It’s a big question and today, we’re going to tackle the answer.

What is Clairsentience?

In case you’re a new in your psychic journey, or wondering if you have any intuitive gifts, let’s cover some “Psychic 101” really quick:

Clairsentient psychics have the ability to receive intuitive messages and psychic impressions through emotional feelings or physical feelings.

They might:

  • Pick up on people’s true intentions.
  • Feel their parent’s love for each other at a family dinner.
  • Avoid tragic news stories because they affect them so deeply.
  • Know that their spouse has a migraine before he asks for Advil.

Here are 12 signs you’re clairsentient.

If you’re having experiences like this, you might be going back and forth between excitement about your psychic gifts — and wondering if it’s all in your head!

I know because that’s the way it was for me (and truthfully, that’s the way it is for most people).

That said, here are six signs it’s a real clairsentient experience.

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6 Signs You’re Having a Clairsentient Experience

1. You’re right

The next time you’re in the middle of an experience that leaves you wondering, “Am I psychic,” take note of the result.

As you continue in your psychic development, you’ll learn to control of and recognize your abilities.

But for now, notice how the experience felt, take note of it, and use it to gain confidence in the next situation.

  • Maybe you feel the energy in the room shift when someone walks in.
  • Or maybe you feel that something is wrong with your mother-in-law, but you can’t put a finger on it. Later, you find out that she’s waiting for some test results from her doctor.

If you’ve been having feelings that turn out to be right, you’re probably having clairsentient experiences!

2. You feel a twinge when your loved one is in pain

While clairsentient messages do come up as emotional feelings, they can also pop up as physical feelings. If this is happening to you, you may feel:

  • Your daughter’s sprained ankle
  • That homeless man’s hunger pain
  • Your hubby’s sore knee

Don’t worry, though. You won’t feel a full on “OMG I wore the wrong shoes for this” pain. But you may feel a mild twinge or tingle.

If your arm starts tingling when your bestie walks in, and they proceed to tell you how they tripped carrying laundry down the stairs, you’re totally having a clairsentient experience!

3. You have an unexplained mood

Say you just stepped off the plane with your new hubby and you’re ready to swim with dolphins and drink up all the sun (and margaritas) Mexico has to offer.

But for some reason, you’re feeling anxious. You’re supposed to be having the time of your life, but something is pulling on your emotional coat tails.

Well, come to find out, your new groom admits that he’s anxious about swimming in the ocean. Your Kansas native has never seen the beach, and he can’t seem to get Jaws out of his head.

You’re having a clairsentient experience!

4. There’s no other explanation

Look, our logical brains just love to find any other reason why you knew your sister was having marital troubles before she said a word.

But sometimes, there’s just no other explanation.

It was either a clairsentient experience, or you turned into a fly and have been hanging out at their house (no thanks!)

You saw them, and you felt it — plain and simple. Don’t doubt your intuitive gifts!

5. You notice a shift in energy

Those with clairsentience are super sensitive to their environment. (I can totally tell when my hubby has rummaged through my desk looking for a pen or roll of tape).

But beyond knowing where all their sparkly pens are, they also sense the energy of a room.

If your back is to the door, and all of a sudden you feel the energy in the room shift, you may be having a clairsentient experience.

Maybe your boss just walked in (yikes), maybe your coworker three cubes down is having another fight with her husband, or maybe the shipping manager is irate in the kitchen because the creamer is gone… again.

No matter what, if you sense the energy in the room change, or get vibes when you walk into a room, you’re having a clairsentient experience!

6. Something inside you knows

We all have intuition, and our Higher Selves and Spirit Guides know what we need — and connect with us through our intuition to divinely guide us.

There may be times when things don’t make logical sense, but in your soul, you just know it was a clairsentient experience.

My advice: Go with it! There’s a lot more goodness where that came from.

If you’re ready to shake off fear, doubt, and embrace your psychic ability, download my free guide and audio, 7 Real World Steps to Embracing Your Intuitive Gifts.

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