15 Signs You’re an Empath – Not Just “Too Sensitive”

Are you an empath? Do people say you’re too sensitive? Or do you neglect yourself because you’re taking care of everyone else — including the stray kitten outside?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be an empath and not even know it!

15 signs you're an empath

What is an Empath?

So, what’s an empath?

An empath is a person that can feel the energy and emotions of others.

But being an empath isn’t a character trait, like having George Clooney charm. Rather, it’s part of clairsentience… psychic sensing and feeling.

Sometimes, empaths feel ungrounded because they feel others’ emotions and worries.

I know! No wonder you feel like you need a nap, right?

Pro tip. Learn about being a clairsentient psychic in this beginner’s post. It includes how to calm clairsentient anxiety and tips for developing your gift. And if you’re ready to try some clairsentient exercises, this cheat sheet will help.

Being an empath is different from having empathy

There are lots of compassionate and empathetic people in the world. But being a psychic empath is different. It means you can feel the emotions of others with your intuitive ability.

For example, you may feel like you’re stepping into someone else’s aura and feeling what they feel.

Or you might be bawling while watching a puppy get rescued because you feel her fear. Then, you might feel how much her new family loves her when she’s adopted.

Before you know it, you’ve cried through a box of tissues, are exhausted, and decide to adopt a puppy of your own!

If you’re an empath, your gift can feel like more of a curse than a blessing until you learn how to manage your gift and protect your energy.

Before we dive into how to shield your energy, let’s look at the surefire signs that you’re a psychic empath.

what is an empath

Signs You’re an Empath (Traits)

1. You know how people really feel

This goes beyond normal intuition. Sure, your sister looks okay, but you can feel how uncertain she is about her future and jerk-head boss.  

2. People say you are too emotional (or sensitive or sentimental)

Yes, I had to cry when my son was three and his friend wouldn’t talk to him. And yes, I HAVE to keep all the ticket stubs from the concerts I went to in 1994. Oh, and yes… I cry every time the animal shelter commercial comes on.

3. Others say you’re a hypochondriac

Your friend has a sniffle, and you suddenly have a sore throat. Need I say more?

4. You ignore your own needs

This is natural for empaths because they are drawn to take care of everyone else, even if they don’t really want to.

But ignoring your own physical and emotional needs can take a major toll on your health and joy. So be sure to make time for self-care.

5. You are a great listener

People are drawn to empaths like ants to a bread crumb. They truly care about the feelings of the person sharing with them.

6. You bottle-up your emotions

You may have trouble finding someone who will listen when you need it, like, “Hey, what about me?” This can increase the tendency to bottle up emotions.

7. You can’t watch the news

If it hurts emotionally hurts you to watch the news, it’s a pretty surefire sign that you’re an empath.

Also, injustice and the suffering of others affect you on a deep, soulful level. You always want to help others and fight for the underdog, and you can’t easily “shake off” or forget a tragic or worrisome story that you have seen on the news. You don’t understand how humans can treat each other so poorly, and it can cause you to feel very depressed.

8. You can be moody

Being an empath doesn’t mean you are going to be in an angelic mood all the time. In fact, the shifting energy and emotions you feel from others and the environment can lead to energy overload, and irritability.

But once you understand your gift and know how to manage it, you’ll feel better. These psychic protection methods can help, and so can these.

9. You’ve experienced synchronicities or deja vu

Fun fact: once you open up and see these experiences as part of your essence (and not just coincidences), you may have more of them!

10. You enjoy metaphysical topics

You are probably interested in topics like intuition, mediumship, and psychic ability, etc. Ah! That’s why I can’t stop buying crystals!

11. You’re a nature lover

You find it soothing to be in nature and around animals. You may even be able to communicate with plants and animals. For example, I told my husband how I “saved” our kitchen plant by talking to it every morning. He argued that it was his green thumb, but I know it was the love.

12. You feel tired a lot

You may feel tired, especially if you don’t understand your empathic gift yet. Empaths can even be misdiagnosed with immune system disorders, so again, self-care is super important.

13. You need alone time

You need quiet time to soothe your soul. This helps you calm the influx of energy and overstimulation of being there for others and feeling their emotions. Make no mistake… alone time is necessary for empaths, like water is to fish.

14. You know when someone is lying or being deceptive

You know when someone is saying one thing but thinking another. Like when I asked my husband if he liked my new haircut, and he said yes. I know he was really thinking, “You got a haircut?”

15. You desire freedom

Empaths are free spirits who feel restricted by tasks like having to cook dinner and do laundry. So, anything that feels restrictive (like routines or schedules) makes you feel unhappy and trapped.

How many of these empath traits resonate with you?

Are you breathing a sigh of relief right now because you finally realize it’s not all in your head? Trust me, you are not too sensitive. Check this out…

You’re NOT “Too Sensitive”

Researchers say that 20% of the population meet the qualifications for being an empath. But here’s the cool part…

The part of an empath’s brain that deals with emotions and reactions is:

  • More developed
  • Receives more blood supply
  • Responds more strongly to emotional stimuli

So yes, this is real brain-science stuff!

Now that we have answered the question, “What is an empath,” and covered the traits… it’s easy to see how you might feel overwhelmed by this gift.

You’ve likely known from an early age that you are different and tried to understand and deal with your gift.

But don’t worry. I was able to get control of my empath ability and thrive, and I can teach you how, too. To get started, read my post, The Empath’s Survival Guide and use these 15 tips.

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