But Wait, I Don’t Want to be Psychic!

But wait, I don't want to be psychic. What to do when you have intuitive gifts, but wish you didn't.

So, you’ve read some psychic development posts and books, had some intuitive or unexplained experiences, and are pretty sure you have psychic ability. Heck, you might even be a medium and feel as though you can communicate with spirits.

Problem: You don’t want any of these gifts! (insert foot stomp here)

Now what?

Question:  Does being a psychic or medium mean that you have to start giving readings, meditate for hours every day, and get yourself a snazzy crystal ball?

Answer:  Namaste-no!

We all have free will in this lifetime, so you don’t have to:

  • Become a professional psychic or medium.
  • Give intuitive, mediumship, tarot, or Akashic Records readings.
  • Develop your gifts any further.

The truth is that we all have some degree of psychic ability. Whether it be clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, or claircognizance, you don’t have to develop these gifts if you don’t want to.

You Don’t Have to Feel Guilty

Not everybody that has psychic gifts wants to use them, and that really is okay.

I have one friend who is an amazing medium, but after five years of giving readings and building trust with your clients, she felt it was time to move onto something else.

She now works for a public access TV station and loves it!

I’ve had clients ask me if this is a “waste” of their gifts. One client I had felt so guilty about not using her mediumship that she was losing sleep!

Please, don’t do that. There are plenty of wonderful, capable psychics, mediums, tarot card readers, healers, and all other sorts of lightworkers in this world that love using their gifts… and it’s okay if you’re not one of them.

Maybe you feel like the energy is too much. Or maybe you’re shy, anxious or scared. Maybe you’re called on another path or it’s just not the right time.

Whatever the case:

I don’t believe we should sacrifice our happiness to do work we feel obligated to do.

There are plenty of ways to use your intuitive abilities and spread loving vibes into the world without becoming a professional psychic. Let’s talk about them now.

Other Ways to Use Your Beautiful Gifts

1. Let your natural energy shine bright!

Did you ever stop and think that just spreading your awesomeness around wherever you are, whether it be working for public TV, McDonalds, or the President, is enough?

Or that maybe that big, beautiful aura of yours affects everyone you come into contact with? Well, it does!

Just because you don’t want to give readings or study mediumship doesn’t mean you can’t inspire others with your beautiful energy. A calm, kind word, a loving gesture, or a smile can go a long way towards putting positive energy into the atmosphere.

2. Never say never

Who’s to say that you won’t feel called to use your gifts later on? So, maybe it’s not a Namaste-no… maybe it’s a Namaste-not-right-now.

I’ve got a black Coach purse in my closet collecting dust. I treated myself and splurged a couple of years ago when it was 50% off (I know!). But right now, I’m really digging my ivory purse. One day, I might change my mind. One day, you might change your mind, too. The door is always open.

3. Your abilities don’t define you

Remember that being a psychic or medium doesn’t define you. I talk to a lot of people that get freaked out about the thought of being psychic.

Honestly, it’s just one part of you, like having a great sense of humor, or loving yoga. Personally, I have lots of other interests besides being a psychic medium. I love interior design, puzzles, mysteries, and reading books about finance and investing.

No Matter What, You Should Do THIS

You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, but I would encourage you to use your intuitive gifts for yourself.

God gave us this beautiful thing called intuition, and it can help you be more joyful and peaceful, make decisions easier, and generally guide you through life.

Just because you don’t want to be a professional psychic doesn’t mean those gifts should go to waste. You can even learn to utilize your intuitive feelings, inner voice, or inner knowing to connect with your Higher Self.

I think we should all get to know our spiritual selves, for sure! That’s where our true essence and authenticity lies. Unleashing that can be incredibly powerful.

Everyone has intuition; it’s our birthright. So why not connect with your inner knowing to lead a more joyful life?

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