9 Surefire Signs You’re Claircognizant

claircognizant signs

Are You Claircognizant?

(Pronounced clair-cog-ni-zent)

Ever wonder, “Am I claircognizant?”

This divine ability means you have a sense of inner knowing that surpasses logic and reason. You may know that your son shouldn’t eat his first strawberry without an allergy test, or that you shouldn’t take your normal route home from work (before seeing the traffic-jam on the news).

Because this ability is connected to your solar plexus chakra, it can feel like a “gut feeling”.

These intuitive nudges come from your loving Spirit Guides and Higher Self, and can feel like downloads of information, or random thoughts that just ‘pop’ into your head.

If you have strong gut instincts, or your friends use you as an intention detector, stick around to learn about this powerful ability, its meaning, and how to strengthen it.

Claircognizance means clear knowing (also called divine or inner knowing). Those with this psychic ability know things intuitively.

Those with inner knowing may describe this ability as:

  • As obvious to them as if someone presented an undisputable case.
  • An out-of-the-blue message.
  • “Look, I can’t explain it. I just know!”

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What’s the difference between claircognizance and clairsentience?

Because clear knowing can present as a gut feeling, it’s important to distinguish it from clairsentience (clear sensing).

  • Those with clairsentience can feel and sense things; this gift is associated with the heart chakra.
  • People with claircognizance know things to be true, without logic or feeling; this gift is associated with the solar plexus chakra.

I know this seems like a simple thing, but it is an important distinction.

what is claircognizance

Signs You Are Claircognizant

Do you ever just know things, but don’t know how you know them? If so, clear knowing may be one of your psychic abilities!

Claircognizant people tend to be analytical and wise souls. They like researching new topics, thinking deeply, and having thoughtful, “meaning of life” discussions.

They also have an equally strong sense of intuition. In fact, their inner knowing helps them solve problems in creative ways!

More claircognizant traits and characteristics:

1. You know when someone is being insincere

Friends say you’re a human lie detector because you know when someone is being fake. You also have a nose for insincerity and can spot it a mile away!

2. You’ve woken up with the answer to a problem

When we sleep, our frontal lobe takes a rest, allowing our intuition to break through and guide us.

Whether it’s an inventory issue at work, or something else, your inner wisdom solves problems in insightful ways. Great reason for a midday nap, right?

3. You get messages out of the blue

This is one of the hallmarks of claircognizant ability. Maybe you were heading to the store or relaxing in the tub when a random idea interrupted your thought pattern… “My dinner plans are going to be canceled,” or “I need to check on grandpa”. 

These seemingly random thoughts are actually claircognizant experiences!

4. You’ve known what the outcome of a situation would be

If you’ve received bad news (like your friend has come down with an illness), but have been reassured by knowing the outcome, thank your inner knowing!

5. Claircognizant psychics have gut instincts

You know not to trust that guy, or eat that sushi from 7-11 (okay, maybe that one’s just self-preservation).

No matter how many times you have to say, “Look, I can’t explain it, I just know,” your instinct is accurate.

6. Friends trust your opinion

Because of your clear inner knowing, friends like to get your opinion. You may even be asked to give your input at business or school meetings.

7. You’ve known things that turned out to be true

Whether it’s that your normal route to work is backed up, or your best friend is going to have a baby, having ‘spot-on’ experiences is a surefire sign that you are claircognizant.

8. You get gut feelings

You may describe this ability as a gut feeling. This is partly because it’s tough to explain why you know something with no logical reason — but a gut feeling is something most people can grasp.

Also, these messages do feel like they come straight from your gut (or solar plexus)!

9. You receive intuitive messages in other ways

For example, you may be clairvoyant, clairaudient, or clairsentient!

That means, you may see psychic visions or images in your mind’s eye, feel the emotions of others, hear intuitive messages, and more.

Is Being a Claircognizant Psychic Scary?

Let’s be honest. It may not sound like fun to receive intuitive messages that you can’t explain.

And it’s probably not great for your social life when you yell, “Stop,” to someone who’s about to eat a sushi roll that you know is bad (though they’ll thank you later).

Intuitive nudges come from your spiritual helpers. 

None of them want your BFF to be in bed with mercury poisoning for weeks, either!

Once you are far enough along in your psychic development, you’ll begin to get a sense of where the message is coming from.

It might be from:

  • Your Spirit Guides
  • Your Higher Self
  • Spirit (a loved one in heaven)
  • any member of your spiritual family – such as an angel or ascended master

Until then, trust that these experiences are for your highest and best good.

Claircognizant Development

If you’re thinking it would be awesome to strengthen your inner knowing, you’d be right!

That said, here are the best methods to develop claircognizance.

1. Ask your spirit guides for help

Seems so simple, right? Your Spirit Guides want to communicate with you, but they can’t just pick up their iPhone and shoot you a text. (If only, right?)

But if you ask them to help you enhance your claircognizance (or any ability, including clairsentience) they’ll happily oblige.

One of the best ways to strengthen your ability and connect with your guides is through meditation.

  • Set aside 10 – 15 minutes of quiet time
  • Next, set the intention to connect with your Spirit Guide
  • Ask your Guide for guidance on developing your inner knowing; then, pay attention to the answer

2. Trust yourself and your claircognizant abilities

Honestly, one of the best ways to start developing your psychic abilities is to acknowledge that they exist!

The more intuitive experiences you have, the more you will trust and start believing. So…

The next time you feel like you’re having a claircognizant experience – go with it!

Call your grandpa, veto your daughter’s sleepover plans, and toss out those leftovers. Learning to recognize when you’re receiving an intuitive message is an important part of psychic development.

In the beginning, your logical brain will want to come up with a million reasons why you needed to call your grandpa, but in time, you’ll begin to trust and rely on your inner knowing.

3. Automatic writing exercise

Automatic writing is a fun exercise to enhance your intuition and discover what messages you’ve been receiving.

  • Grab a pen (sparkly, optional) and pull out your notebook.
  • Ask your Higher Self a question, and then write whatever comes to you — even if it sounds like gibberish!

The first few times may clear out your subconscious and sound like a whole lotta nothin’.

But after a while, your claircognizance will kick in and tell you what your Higher Self wants you to know.

4. Meditate every day

I know, I sound like a broken record, but meditating works to enhance psychic ability.

Not only does it help you develop claircognizance, it also helps you control it. 

You see, clear knowing requires you to be in tune with your mind. If your mind is like a jam-packed freeway, and you’re chasing every thought in sight, it will be tough for you to recognize intuitive signs.

A quiet mind gives you the opportunity to connect with your inner knowing.

5. Visualize

During your meditation, try practicing visualization!

Option 1:

Focus on your third eye, and imagine being connected with your inner knowing. See it as a superpower!

For example, imagine you know when your spouse is coming home early, or when your order is ready to be picked-up at the store.

Imagine using your inner knowledge to help everyone you love, and using it to enrich your life.

Option 2:

Close your eyes, and bring your focus to the top of your head. Imagine receiving information from the universe into your crown chakra. Picture it spinning like a beautiful pinwheel.


  • Claircognizance comes from the French words clair (meaning clear) and cognizance (knowledge or awareness). It means ‘the ability to connect with your intuition through knowing or gut feelings.’ In English, it means clear knowing. (The other clair abilities are clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance).
  • Having gut feelings, knowing that you can’t trust your new neighbor, or waking-up with inspired ideas or insights are all signs that you have this gift.
  • You can develop this ability through automatic writing, journaling, meditation and visualization. Crystals can also enhance claircognizance.

Signs you have claircognizant psychic ability

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