How to Do Automatic Writing: 4 Steps to Increase Intuition

Automatic writing is a fun way to connect with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. But if you’ve found yourself unsure about it, read on. I’ll show you how to use this skill to effortlessly write and increase psychic ability.

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What Is Automatic Writing?

Hint: it’s not what your 8-year-old self dreamed of when you wished your science paper would write itself.

Automatic writing is a way of connecting with your subconscious mind, your Higher Self, and Spirit Guides.

You see, our logical minds demand an answer for everything, but our subconscious is warm and cozy with the spiritual world (that’s why it’s easy to get signs in our dreams — our logical mind is on vacay!)

Automatic writing is like a brain dump of all the goodness that’s been stockpiling in our subconscious mind… cool, huh?

how to do automatic writing to increase intuition

How To Do Automatic Writing

Here’s the deal: you can only move on to this part if you pinky promise that you won’t judge what you write.

Letting a stream of thoughts flow out is a critical part of the process. 

For example, say you wanted to take a nice, hot bath. You picked a bath bomb, poured a glass of wine, grabbed a fluffy towel, and put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door.

At this point, would you turn the faucet on half-way and watch the water trickle out, or would you turn the knob all the way and fill the tub with wonderful, steaming hot water?

Let the goodness flow, right?!

The same concept applies to automatic writing.

There are all kinds of amazing thoughts mulling around in your head ready to pour out, so don’t judge them as they come out or hold them back.

“Let it go… Let it goooo!”


Great! Let’s jump in.

Step 1: Choose a journal

Sure, you can grab any old piece of paper hanging around your house, but I love to keep my automatic writings in a special journal. It keeps them all together, makes it easy to reference, and creates a special keepsake.

So go ahead; channel your inner Marie Kondo and pick a journal that sparks joy.

Step 2: Give yourself permission

It’s not often that we let our brain run around unbridled. We’re always on the go, thinking about what needs to happen next, what to make for dinner, and how to get grass stains out of our kids’ uniforms.

So, when you set aside time to do automatic writing, your brain is likely to revolt. It will want to think about the grocery list, be appalled that you didn’t spell something correctly, and try to make sense of things as they come out.

Give yourself permission to write from the heart, and to ignore your logical mind for the time being.

Step 3: Invite your Spirit Guides in

Now that you’ve given yourself permission to let the words flow from your heart and soul, it’s time to invite your Spirit Guides in.

Your Spirit Guides are the loving souls that are here to support and guide you through your human experience. They have been with you since birth, and will always be with you.

  • Close your eyes and imagine connecting with your heart.
  • Now, imagine yourself surrounded in a soft, pink light.
  • Next, invite your Spirit Guides in, and ask them to connect with you through your writing. For the invitation, you can say something as simple as, “I invite my Spirit Guides into my journaling session, to assist me for my highest good.”

Step 4: Start writing

Remember, automatic writing is just that — writing automatically. So, put your pen to paper, and let it start flying!

Sure, it may come out gibberish at first, but over time, it will start to make sense and you’ll trust what’s coming out.

Don’t give up the first time because nothing made sense to you.

Pro tip: Remember to be intentional during your writing session. Remind your wandering mind that you’ve set this time aside to write, and invite your Spirit Guides and Higher Self to give you a message.

To make your journaling session even more powerful, use the following prompts and ideas. They will strengthen your psychic ability, and help connect you with your intuitive gifts!

How to Increase Intuition with Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is kind of like meditation. You can totally freestyle it, but it can be helpful to have a prompt — especially when you’re first starting out.

Clairvoyance (psychic sight) exercise

At the top of your journaling page, write “Clairvoyance”.

Now, ask your Spirit Guides to show you a picture of what your life can look like if you are developing and using your clairvoyance. Ask them how your day would look… Imagine being so in-tune with yourself that you know exactly which outfit to wear for the day — one that perfectly reflects your aura!

Then, ask them to show you another moment. What will it look like when you can use your intuition for guidance in your everyday life? Write it all out in detail, and imagine how wonderful it will feel to have a clairvoyant moment!

Next, write down the positive ways your life will be affected once you start using and trusting your clairvoyance!

Exercise to strengthen clairaudience (psychic hearing)

Quiet your mind and ask your Spirit Guides and Higher Self what signs you should look for when having a clairaudient moment. At the top of your journaling page write, “How will I know when I am experiencing clairaudience?”

Then, relax and allow yourself to go with the flow. Jot down whatever comes to mind.

For example, does your favorite song suddenly pop into your head? What do you think your Guides are trying to tell you with this? (Hint: that you can receive clairaudient signs through music!)

Don’t be afraid to ask them to get specific! And remember, just keep writing, even if it sounds like gibberish at first.

Exercise to expand clairsentience

At the top of your journaling page, write “Intuitive Moments.”

Now, ask your Spirit Guides to tell you more about your clairsentient (psychic sensing) ability.

Imagine a time when you had an intuitive feeling about something. Maybe it was about someone you just met, or something else. Now, ask your Spirit Guides to help you gather more information about that moment… What signs or symptoms did you experience? How did you know you could trust your intuition?

Invite them in to show you even more ways that you can learn to trust your intuition and clairsentient ability.

Exercise to strengthen claircognizance

Claircognizance means inner knowing or having a gut feeling. Imagine what your life would be like if you were acting on your claircognizance (gut feelings) and trusting it fully.

Ask your Spirit Guides for guidance about how you can start to connect with, and trust, your claircognizant ability.

For example, do you feel guided to read a certain book, meditate, or take an online course? Let your pen flow freely and write out everything you feel in as much detail as you can, as if your Guides are there, talking directly to you.

Feel free to doodle on your journaling page and ask your Guides any questions you would like! You can ask them what signs to look for when they are around, or anything your heart desires!

At first, automatic writing can feel like a whole lotta nothin’. But after a while, your intuition will kick in and relay what your Higher Self and Spirit Guides want you to know!


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