How to Know You’re Having a Real Clairvoyant Experience

how to know you are having a clairvoyant experience

Signs You’re Having a Real Clairvoyant Experience

A real clairvoyant experience can come in all shapes and sizes.

Some clairvoyant psychics describe their experiences like tiny movies playing in their head. Others receive vivid dreams of departed loved ones or future events, while others see gorgeous twinkling lights or orbs.

So how can you tell you’re truly experiencing clairvoyance, and it’s not just your imagination?

Here are 5 without-a-doubt ways to tell if you’re having a clairvoyant experience.

1. You keep seeing the same image, vision, or symbol

If you keep seeing the same signs or images, it’s likely your clairvoyance is trying to tell you something.

For example, you might keep seeing the number 333 (like when you look at the clock and notice it’s 3:33).

If you’re not immediately sure what your clairvoyance is trying to tell you, don’t worry.

The important thing is that you’re receiving messages from your Spirit Guides and Higher Self. The meanings will become clearer as your intuitive gifts strengthen.

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2. You’ve had a premonition

If you have a knack for premonitions… like seeing things fly off the shelf just before your cat chases a fly up there, then you’ve had a clairvoyant experience.

The tricky thing is that clairvoyant experiences are like a box of chocolates. You never know what they’re going to be (but we’re all hoping for caramel, right?)

Maybe in the past you’ve had vivid psychic dreams that turned out to be right, but now you’re seeing symbols or having visions.

Either way, if you are prone to receiving clairvoyant messages, you’ll continue to receive them.

The bottom line: if you sense you are having a clairvoyant experience, go with it — even if it looks a little different than what you’re used to.

New ways of experiencing clairvoyance mean that your psychic abilities are developing.

3. It feels different than when you daydream

We’ve all been there. Your boss’ mandatory 4pm Friday meeting just won’t end.

Your mind drifts back to your Costa Rica vacation where you sipped Sangria on the beach and thought about never coming back.

That’s a lovely daydream, but not a clairvoyant experience.

While an active imagination is a sign that you’re a clairvoyant psychic, clairvoyant experiences are different from typical daydreams, and:

  • Are often set in the future
  • Can be very specific or vivid
  • Feel different than daydreams or reminiscing

4. It interrupts your thinking

Picture this: you’re halfway through your shopping list, heading for the frozen foods aisle, when **WHAM**, your sweet grandma’s face enters your mind’s eye.

Of course, this could be because butterscotch candy is on sale and she always carries those in her purse, but you feel like there’s more to the story. So, you pull out your phone and call grandma.

It turns out, her pup chewed up her glasses (again) and she can’t see to do almost anything!

Visions, symbols, or experiences that you see randomly throughout your day are a neon-green indicator that you’re having a clairvoyant experience.


If you’re going about your day-to-day life, mid-Bachelor marathon, and a vision or image suddenly appears in your mind, it’s a good sign you’re having a clairvoyant experience.

Tip: Think of clairvoyance (and all psychic impressions) as your spiritual team texting you. They have a message to get to you and will do this through visions, pictures, and symbols.

5. Your clairvoyant experience accompanies another psychic message

If you have other psychic abilities (like claircognizanceclear knowing, clairaudienceclear hearing, or clairsentience clear feeling), it’s possible you may have received another psychic message before your clairvoyant experience.


If you’ve had a feeling or a knowing about something, and then have an obvious clairvoyant experience telling you the same thing, you can bet it’s the real deal!

Your Spirit Guides aren’t ones to give up quick (thankfully!), so you may receive the same intuitive message in different ways.

6. You think it’s a clairvoyant experience

If you feel as though you are psychic, and feel that you are having clairvoyant experiences, you are!

Intuitively, you’ll know.

You just need to get used to trusting what you are feeling or seeing.

For the most part, psychic abilities are subtle. Think: A whisper in the wind instead of a full-blown hurricane.

To boost your confidence and learn to trust, I recommend keeping a journal of all your intuitive feelings for a week:

  • When you get a vision, a feeling, or have a sense about something, write it down in your journal.
  • Then, write down what happened in the coming hours or days. Was your feeling/vision/knowing right?

I bet your psychic impressions were right!

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