Where Does Intuition Come From?

Ever wonder, where does intuition come from? I mean, all of this sixth sense goodness must come from somewhere, right?

And how do you strengthen your sixth sense, and trust the gut feelings that you get?

Today, I’ll teach you all this and more (which I promise is going to be super eye-opening). Let’s start with the basics.

where does intuition come from

What is Intuition?

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” – Albert Einstein

Reading the quote above, it sure seems like Einstein knew a thing or two about being intuitive!

So, what is intuition? A hunch? A sixth sense?

Yes and yes!

Intuition is an internal guidance system that connects you with your Higher Self (soul) and Spirit Guides, creating more clarity, more connection, and more joy in your life.

Everyone has intuition — you, me, your fav artist, and the kid that bags your groceries at the market. It’s your internal compass; a built-in GPS that can help you navigate through life.

Through your intuition, you may:

  • Have a gut feeling not to trust someone
  • Dream of something before it happens
  • Sense when someone is happy or sad (even when they try to hide it)
  • Feel as though your ‘inner voice’ is guiding you
  • Have an inspired idea pop into your mind
  • “See” something before it happens (a vision)
  • See auras
  • And more!

what is intuition definition

The magical thing about intuition is that it can guide you with everything from everyday decisions to super-important decisions, like:

  • What to buy your niece for her birthday.
  • What you should bring to the upcoming pot-luck dinner.
  • Which school would be the best fit for your kids.
  • The color you should paint your living room.
  • If you should take that new job across the country.
  • If it’s time to end your relationship.

Best of all, once you learn to increase your intuition, you begin living life with:

  • More clarity
  • Less stress
  • More happiness

Intuitive guidance can help with everything from deciding what to wear, to deciding if you should move across country.

Now, let’s talk more about where it comes from.

Where Does Intuition Come From?

Before you were born into your physical body, a team of spiritual advisors agreed to support you through your human experience. Their trusty guidance is wise, loving and always for your highest and best good.

Of course, it would be amazing if we could call or text our divine helpers, but since we can’t, they connect with us through our intuition. 

So, who are these wise and helpful beings? Let’s meet them now.

1. Higher Self

Your Higher Self is your spiritual self; your soul.

It’s also known as your Authentic Self or Inner Being, and is the true essence of you — it’s whole, loving, wise, and carries your past life memories, as well as a ‘blueprint’ of what you would like to experience in this lifetime.

Because it is part of you, you are always connected to your Higher Self, and nothing can break your connection with it. Even when you are not aware of the connection, it is still there.

Your soul is an infinite, non-physical energetic being. It communicates with you through intuitive feelings that help you through your human experience, and move towards joy.

In addition to your soul, you also have a team of Spirit Guides that offer you intuitive guidance each day. Let’s meet them next.

2. Spirit Guides

Part two of the answer to the question Where does intuition come from is: Spirit Guides.

Spirit guides are loving beings who work magic behind the scenes to support you through your human experience.

They love you beyond words and truly are your cheerleaders in spirit!

Like your Higher Self, they connect with you via intuitive thoughts and feelings, and support you in all areas of your life.

They are the movers and shakers of the universe, and can help with anything from getting a great parking space to putting the exact person in your path that leads to your dream job!

More About Spirit Guides

  • We each have a main Guide that stays with us for life. These are souls we knew in a past life and have a spiritual connection with.
  • We have other Spirit Guides that assist us with other areas of life, like parenting.
  • They can move in and out of our lives. Some advisors are with us for a short time, and some stay with us for a long time, depending on our needs.
  • It’s okay to request a Guide who has a particular skill set. During tax time, I asked for a financial Guide to help. (I was led to the perfect accountant for my needs!)

In addition to your Higher Self and Guides, your loved ones in heaven (and angels) connect with you intuitively!

Right now you might be thinking, “This is great, but how can I increase my intuition and trust the intuitive guidance I receive?”

Let’s take a closer look…

3 Ways to Increase Intuition

Now that you know where intuition comes from, it’s time to ‘tune’ yourself up a bit so you can start accessing and trusting this guidance.

That said, here are my top three ways to strengthen your sixth sensory feelings.

1. Ask for Guidance

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Honestly, you’d be surprised how many people wonder why they aren’t receiving intuitive guidance, but never ask for it.

So, start making a habit of asking for help with anything and everything, then, take notice of what feelings or signs you get!

2. Raise Your Vibration

Raising your vibration helps you feel more joyful and connected to your Higher Self.

Plus, it’s easy to raise your vibe! Anything that makes you feel happy raises your vibration:  Music, art, dancing, relaxing on a beach, woodworking, etc.

3. Meditate

Meditation raises your vibration and quiets your mind so you can receive the intuitive guidance being given to you.

It’s hard to hear your Authentic Self and spiritual team when your mind is full of ego-based thoughts. Meditation pushes all those thoughts aside and allows room for spirit.

How to Trust Intuitive Guidance

Best news ever? It’s super easy to start trusting the intuitive guidance you receive.

To get started, follow these two simple rules:

  • When you have a good vibe about something, it’s your Higher Self connecting with you and saying “Yes, this is in alignment with what you really want.” It resonates with your essence.
  • When you have a bad feeling about someone or something, it’s your soul nudging you, “No, this is taking you off course or there is danger — steer clear!”

These jumping off points will boost your sixth-sensory confidence in no time!

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Your soul and spirit guides will love and support you in all ways. A great first step in learning to use and trust your intuition is to take baby steps. Ask for intuitive guidance on a small issue, put your logic aside for a few moments, let go and trust what you are feeling.

Don’t get frustrated when you first start asking for intuitive guidance. Like Dory in Finding Nemo, just keep swimming.  You might feel like you are muddling around at first. But in time, the guidance will become easier and clearer.

I hope I’ve helped you answer the question where does intuition come from!

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