Giving Intuitive Readings: Quick Tip for Empaths

Today, I’ve got great advice for those giving intuitive readings, or beginning their spiritual journey. This tip is especially helpful if you have clairsentient psychic ability, or are empathic.

When I was developing my mediumship and intuitive abilities, I took part in about 100 spiritual development classes, and got to work with some amazing mentors.

My mentors were encouraging, and guided me on my journey of helping others through intuitive readings.

But there is one piece of advice that tripped me up for years.

I’m here to share the story with you, so you don’t struggle the way I did in the beginning.

giving intuitive readings - quick tip for empaths

The Worst Advice a Mentor Ever Gave Me

I was sitting in mediumship class one day with about five other people. We were taking turns connecting with those in spirit and giving each other messages from heaven.

Then, one of my friends was giving me a message and started to cry.

And as soon as she did, our mentor said, “No, no… the medium never cries!

She said it in such a way that it made us all sit straight up in our seats. I remember getting really nervous and hoping I wouldn’t cry when it was my turn!

She continued to explain, “It is your job to pass on the message. Doctors don’t cry, lawyers don’t cry, and neither do mediums.”

Case closed. End of story.

At that point, I wrote a note to myself:

“No crying while giving readings, ever… Even if you hear the most heartwarming or heartbreaking story, don’t cry.”

I’m empathic by nature, so this was going to be a huge challenge for me.

My First Years as a Spiritual Medium

For the next several years, I never shed a tear during a reading, not even when I worked with grieving parents; and not even when I worked with the mom who lost BOTH of her daughters.

Not. One. Tear. Ever.

Don’t get me wrong, I cared deeply about my clients. I would hug them, hold their hands, and make them tea while we sat in my cozy kitchen.

I wanted to comfort them — that was the reason I became a spiritual medium.

To me, the work was sacred, and the people that came to me were beautiful souls that were allowing themselves to be vulnerable during their grief.

Throughout this time, though, my mentor’s advice was always in the back of my mind — the medium never cries. 

After a LOT of practice, I somehow learned to disconnect my emotions from my readings, but for years, something felt ‘off’.

The day it all changed

It was around 2010 when I learned about the Akashic Records, and had my first Akashic Records reading. The reading was like none I had ever had before.

It was so loving, authentic and emotional.

Many times during our session, Christina (the Akashic reader) told me how emotional she felt because she could sense the things I had been through.

She allowed herself to be totally immersed in the reading, and because of this, I felt like she connected with my Higher Self on a deep and healing level.

It was a life-changing reading for me for two reasons:

  • I was immediately called to the Akashic Records and began studying the Akasha. (I studied the Akashic Records with the renowned Linda Howe. I highly recommend her step-by-step guide, How to Read the Akashic Records.)
  • I started opening my heart, and pouring my soul into the readings I gave. If emotion came, I welcomed it.

Being Vulnerable During a Reading

I remember the first time I allowed myself to feel emotion during a reading. I was giving a mediumship reading to a mom who had lost her only son. Understandably, she was extremely emotional.

As I continued to make a connection with her son, she cried. I cried.

There was such a connection between me, this amazing woman, and her beautiful son in spirit.

The reading was just like a visit from the other side, full of love and laughter.

When the session was over, I felt complete and whole.

Allowing Yourself to Connect During Readings

Spiritual work is soul work — and the soul feels.

Since studying the Akasha, I let myself be immersed in the reading, including celebrating all of my clients’ joy. When they are rocking life, I want to give them a high-five and toss confetti!

Bottom line:

When you are giving intuitive readings, don’t filter yourself. Let yourself connect deeply, on a soul and human level.

If you feel emotion, it’s okay.

Let your walls down. Be real. Connect.

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  1. This is such a beautiful post! Showing your heart and soul is so important in any healing or therapeautic work, I think – heck in any human relationship. I am not an intuitive healer or reader, but a health & happiness coach but it is very important to me to connect through the heart & soul during sessions. No, of course, as you said, it is not about me crying during the sessions. Neither are the sessions about me, but always 100% about my client, but connecting with love, being real, loving, heartful and heartfelt is crucial. Thank you for sharing your journey :)

  2. Yes, yes and YES! I’ve cried because the messages I was sharing were so moving and so full of love that my body couldn’t contain it all and had to release the energy. It’s a lovely moment when it happens. Thank you, Jessica, for sharing this.

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