Becoming a Medium: What to Expect on Your Journey

Becoming a medium is one of the most wonderful things a person is called to do.

There is something about connecting with the spirit world that is truly magical, and it can leave you with a feeling of peace like no other.

It’s not only an inner peace, but also a physical sensation of peace, acceptance, and pure love.

Professional mediums will tell you how rewarding it is connecting people with their loved ones in the afterlife, and that is certainly true.

Today, I’m going to share with you about the day I knew becoming a medium was what I was supposed to do. This will help ease your mind, and shake off any doubt you may be having about awakening your intuitive gifts.

becoming a medium what to expect in your psychic awakening

Connecting With the Other Side

If you are on the journey of becoming a psychic medium, you may have realized by now that there are moments in your spiritual development that stand out above all others.

I’m talking about BIG moments that are game-changers where something profound happens.

Maybe it was an insight about yourself or your work, or a time when your gifts helped someone.

One of my big moments was my first experience with spirit communication. Even though this happened way back in 2001, I remember it like it was yesterday.

My first experience with spirit and the afterlife

I was sitting on my couch one warm summer day with my kids. I remember feeling so grateful that day that both of my children were healthy.

In addition to feeling thankful, I was also excited.

I had been having a lot of intuitive experiences and precognitive dreams since the birth of my daughter, and had been taking psychic development classes for almost a year. (Learn the signs that you’re a psychic medium.)

Everything about intuition and spiritual mediumship fascinated me, and I wanted to learn as much as I could.

Suddenly, as I was sitting with my kids, I heard a woman say the name, “John”.

The voice was so soft and sweet that it didn’t frighten me at all, but it did surprise me. I listened carefully to see if I would hear it again, and again, the voice said, “John”.

At that moment, I knew that someone from the Other Side (heaven) was trying to connect with me. I was so nervous that I was shaking, but I was also very excited!

Connecting with spirit

I was a mediumship beginner at that time, so I did what I had been taught at my intuition development classes:

  • First, I relaxed and did the ‘opening’ exercise I had been taught, where I imagined a flower opening in my mind’s eye. This would help me ‘link’ with the energy of the spirit.
  • Next, I took some deep breaths, and the spirit’s energy started to flow.
  • At this point, I could feel the spirit, and intuitively knew things about her. All of a sudden I realized that this was the sister of my friend John (whom I had never met).
  • The interesting thing was that I felt like she was talking to me, but this time, instead of hearing her voice, I heard her in MY voice, in my mind… kind of like I was talking to myself. (I later found out that this is a common way to experience clairaudience – psychic hearing.)
  • I grabbed a pen and a piece of paper, and wrote down everything that I felt, heard and sensed (including a spirit message for my friend). The experience lasted about 15 minutes. When it was over, I felt… different.

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What Becoming a Medium Feels Like

Once the spirit communication ended, I felt different. It’s hard to put into words what I felt, but the best way I can describe it is as a feeling of complete and utter peace.

This was a sense of peace that I had never known before. I could feel it in my soul, but there was also a physical sensation of peace in my solar plexus.

It was also a knowing that I was connected to something divine, and a reminder of my own spirituality.

It’s not a dramatization to say that, for the first time in my life, I felt a sense of awe.

It was like my entire being had been wrapped in unconditional love. Thinking about it now still brings tears to my eyes.

I remember going for a drive to the beach later that evening and sitting at a picnic table so I could be alone and revel in the feeling.

The whole world was moving around me, but I was in my own world of pure bliss. I wanted the awestruck feeling to last forever.

It was dusk by this time, and as I sat absorbed in the feeling of unconditional love, watching the sun go down over the ocean, it was enchanting.

becoming a psychic medium tips

Asking My Mentor About My Experience

This feeling of awe started to fade after a few hours and I could not wait until my next psychic development class to ask my teacher if what I experienced was normal.

At this time, I was taking a mediumship development class at Women of Wisdom in Massachusetts, and the respected Rita Berkowitz was my mentor.

When I asked her about the experience, she smiled and said, “That is how you feel when you connect with spirit. Pretty amazing, huh?”

Pretty amazing, indeed.

Becoming a Psychic Medium: Beginner Tips

Each time I do a reading for a client, whether it’s a mediumship reading, intuitive reading, or Akashic Records reading, I experience this feeling. Giving readings always brings me a sense of peace and connection to the divine like nothing else can.

So, if you’re on the fence about exploring your gifts, I say, go for it! 

  • An easy way to begin strengthening your gifts is to raise your vibration through meditation and journaling. This will help you connect with your intuition, your soul, and feel a sense of inner peace. I also suggest you create a mediumship ‘symbol book’.

Oh, and if you’re wondering if I told my friend about making a connection with his sister in heaven, I did, and it was a very healing experience for him!

Now, 20 years after that experience, when someone tells me they are called to become a psychic medium, I say, “You’re going to love it!”

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