11 Effortless Ways of Developing Intuition

Developing intuition…

  • It’s that soft voice in your ear when you are still.
  • Or the feeling you need to do something – without really knowing why.
  • It’s that knowing that it’s the right time to take action, even when logically, it’s not.

It’s your intuition… and NOT developing it is like wasting a super power! Seriouslyintuition is so amazing that it can totally and completely change your life for the better. 

If we all worked on developing intuition, we’d lose a LOT of the overwhelm and confusion that life throws us on an almost daily basis.

And who can complain with those results?

That’s how powerful your intuition is.

So what’s the problem?

11 effortless ways of developing intuition

The problem is, we’ve gotten so used to living in our heads…

  • They teach us calculus in school, but not how to meditate. (If only *swoon*)
  • We learn how to heat up Ramen noodles and use Snapchat, but not what a Spirit Guide is.

But, just because you’ve gotten used to ignoring those subtle feelings or acts of synchronicity – when everything seems to fall into place (like when you need shoes and you accidentally discover a shoe warehouse on your alternate route home!)  you can (and should!) develop your intuition.

After all, you were born with a powerful tool that can guide you more smoothly through life than a GPS.

So let’s get into the nitty gritty, shall we?

What is Intuition?

In a nutshell, intuition is the way that your Higher Self (also known as your soul) communicates with you.

Huh? Why would I need to communicate with myself?

Well, m’dear, we are ALL spiritual beings with souls. And most of us are sitting here in these gorgeous physical bodies (yeah right, I haven’t even combed my hair today), and forgetting about or soul…

I mean, think about it…

  • Are our souls just hanging out on the Other Side waiting for us to come back Home?
  • Is it taking a nap?


Our soul is really the TRUE version of us. It’s our spirit – the part of us that never dies…

It’s the BEST, most loving version part of us. It’s true perfection… like an airbrushed version of yourself!

These physical bodies that we’re in… they are just a small part of us – a blip on the radar.

They’re temporary, like the Pinto my mom had in the 70’s. But your soul “is forever” – just like a De Beers diamond.

With that being said, don’t you think it’s pretty important to work on developing intuition? That way, you can actually communicate with – and get guidance from your soul/Higher Self? 

Here’s how:

11 Effortless Ways of Developing Intuition

1. Be Aware

Being aware that you are an intuitive being is the first step in developing your intuition. We just covered that above. So you can check #1 off the list :)

2. Be Still

Our society is addicted to doing. My dad is a perfect example of this. The minute something goes wrong, he wants to jump in and fix it. He’s a superhero, but… Developing intuition requires you to be still.

Shh… hear that?

It’s that still, small voice, your Higher Self.  You can’t hear it if you’re always in “Go” mode.

Get in the habit of taking some time each day to be alone with yourself. Go inside and listen to what your soul has been trying to tell you.

3. Surround Yourself with Positive Influences

The other day my husband and I went out for pizza. We were staring into each other’s eyes when… Yeah, right! He was checking the football score on his cell phone. But I digress…

As we were eating, we overheard two of the waitresses complaining about customers.

When you can’t even enjoy some ravioli in peace… Sheesh!

Negative people are EVERYWHERE.

They can make us feel lousy and drained. And when we feel blah, it lowers our vibration and makes developing intuition harder.

Starting today, put a ban on drama.  Make an effort to put space between you and negative people.

I know it’s hard to escape it, but at least don’t engage in it. When Cindy and Peter at the office are gossiping, walk away. Spend your break meditating or relaxing with a delicious cup of coffee or tea instead.

Other Positivity Tips:

  • Surround yourself with positive, loving messages… Pin some inspirational quotes on Pinterest.
  • Pick up a book by your favorite spiritual teacher and spend time reading each day.
  • Unfollow negative people on Facebook and other social media.
  • Color mandalas in a grown-up coloring book.

Trust me, even a few minutes of “positive time” each day can start to transform your vibration and make developing intuition easier.

4. Journal

The written word has power! There have been many times when my intuition has revealed itself through my journaling. It’s like I already know the answer, but I have to get there through writing it all out.

That’s because I do already know. So do you.

You don’t have to journal everyday—just when you feel the urge to. That’s your intuition telling you that you have something to discover.

5. Meditate

This doesn’t have to be a formal, lotus position, 2 hour big thing. When people hear “meditation,” their minds often go to an ancient guy in a diaper chanting, “Ommm” for hours at a time.

Meditation is useful in developing intuition because it makes us be still.

Here are some meditation tips to get you started:
  • Set a timer for 10 minutes.
  • Find a comfy place to sit. Close your eyes and stay quiet.
  • Listen to your breathe without trying to alter it. Just BE.
  • When your mind wanders, just focus on your breath.

In that quiet space, you will be developing your intuition without even trying! (Here’s a full post on How to Get Started Meditating.)

6. Be Grateful

It’s easy to grumble and complain when things don’t go exactly as planned. But we truly have so many things to be grateful for!

Every day, take a minute to focus on three things you are grateful for. It’s amazing how this simple practice can instantly lift you up, raise your vibration, and open you up to Divine Guidance.

And why not take it a step further? Did the barista at Starbucks make you the yummiest latte ever? Take a moment to let her manager know. Spread the good vibes around :)

7. Ask for Guidance

Ya gotta ask, right? If you’ve read other parts of my blog you know that our Spirit Guides are always ready and willing to help us out.

On Dancing with the Stars, the stars always ask the public to vote for them after their scores are revealed. Plus, it’s fun for us to get involved! It’s fun for our Spirit Guides to get involved in our lives, too. They kinda live for that stuff.

Developing intuition is FUN when we ask for help. Ask your Guides, Angels, loved ones in heaven. Call in all the troops.

8. Look for Signs

Okay, so you’ve asked your Spirit Guides for assistance. Now what?

You have to listen. You have to “tune in” and make yourself open to what they have to tell you.

Be on the lookout for signs. They can come in the form of songs, the next thing a stranger says… or anything!

Tip: Don’t worry if you feel like you missed something. They’ll repeat it :)

9. Act on Gut Feelings

Did you ever take a test in school and, even though your gut instinct told you to answer “A”, you answered “B” instead and got it wrong.

Yeah… don’t do that.

When you feel suddenly inspired to do something, do it. Right then. Don’t give yourself a chance to second guess or analyze it.

Analysis is the death of developing intuition.

Tip: Intuition is for our highest and best good. So obviously, it won’t tell you to do mean stuff.

10. Listen to Your Body

There’s a reason why we use the expression “gut feeling.” It’s because our digestive tract is full of tiny nerve receptors that get information from the brain to determine how they should behave. Crazy, huh?

Your body and mind are interconnected in ways that even Sheldon Cooper can’t understand!

A little psychic ninja secret is that our bodies can help in developing intuition. Notice your breathing or tight places in your body when you make a decision to gauge whether you are tapped into your intuition or not.

11. Be Patient

How long have you only been using your rational, reasonable mind? My guess is probably since you were in kindergarten. Developing intuition takes time.

So does learning to make a chocolate souffle…

Building a house…

Planning a wedding…

It’s going to take some time to develop a consistent connection with your intuition. So don’t give up.

Don’t think, “I’m not doing this right,” or let your brain tell you this is a waste of time and energy. That is the opposite of everything that intuition represents.

Continuing to take regular time to tap into that unseen, but all-knowing intuition will pay off in ways that you can’t even dream of yet!

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