Claircognizance Exercises and Tips – Mega List!

Claircognizance exercises to develop your psychic inner knowing.

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned psychic feeling pro or a claircognizance newbie, everyone can benefit from a tips and tricks cheat sheet.

Save this post and let it be like your notecards right before the SAT — whip it out and use it as a reference guide whenever you want to blend claircognizant practice into your day!

claircognizance exercises and tips to increase inner knowing

Claircognizance Exercises

“Cheat sheet” of all the claircognizant exercises that my students deem their favorites. (Seriously, you have to try #5!)

1. Practice automatic writing

Automatic writing is one of my favorite claircognizance exercises because it connects you with your inner knowing.

So, what is automatic writing?

Basically, it’s when you sit down, clear your mind and start writing — without holding yourself back or judging what’s coming out. It’s a fun and productive way to see the intuition that’s rolling around in your brain.

You see, in the beginning of your psychic development journey, it’s normal to second guess your gut feelings… but writing it all down lets you know for SURE what messages you’ve been receiving.

Best part? In time, you’ll KNOW that the answers you’re writing are straight from intuition, Higher Self and Spirit Guides. 

Sure, some of it will be gibberish at first, but after a bit of practicing, the messages will become clearer, and it will be easier for you to trust them.

2. Act on your gut instincts

In order for your inner knowing to get stronger, you need to use it. So, start acting on your gut instincts.

For example, the next time you know that neighbor can’t be trusted, or you should take another route home from work… follow your intuition!

The more you trust your gut, the easier it will be for you to be confident in your claircognizant ability. Of course, that doesn’t mean abandoning logic — just be aware that sometimes, your brain will try to come up with ways to ‘logically’ explain what you know in your soul to be true.

3. Increase claircognizant abilities with music

You know when you’re at spin class and they have a mixed playlist going? Well, the next time you’re there, imagine that you know which song is going to play next. But here’s the important part — don’t worry if you’re right or wrong.

The point of this exercise is to raise your vibration by listening to music, which connects you with your intuitive gifts. Plus it sparks creativity and lets your mind take a break, allowing your inner knowing to strengthen… without you second-guessing yourself!

Tip: Playing high-vibe music (i.e., any music that makes you happy) while you clean can also boost your energetic vibe! So, jam out while you load that dishwasher!

4. Connect with your Spirit Guides

Your Spirit Guides are your spiritual cheerleaders, and they are just waiting to help you develop your claircognizant ability! They want to connect with you through your intuition, and can’t wait to offer you all sorts of golden nuggets of wisdom.

But they can’t just pick up their iPhone and text you (don’t we wish). So, the next time you sit down to meditate (which you should do daily), chat with your Guides. Ask for their guidance as you develop your inner knowing!

5. Practice Visualization

I love visualizing… In fact, I visualized a gorgeous sapphire ring into existence with meditation and my vision board. I love it because you can imagine anything at all — the sky’s the limit.

Usually, visualization exercises are associated with clairvoyance (psychic seeing), but it’s also a powerful claircognizance exercise.

To get started, imagine yourself being in-tune with your inner knowing…

You know when your package has arrived at the front door without looking… you know that your daughter’s friend is allergic to peanuts before she comes over for dinner. Imagine using your inner wisdom to help everyone you love, and enrich your life.

6. Meditate

Meditation works, and it’s important for all psychic development, especially claircognizance. Here’s why:

If your mind is like a jam-packed freeway, it will be hard for you to recognize and trust your intuition. But a quiet and clear mind allows you to notice claircognizant messages.

Here are some posts to help you start meditating:

Tip: Try reciting a mantra during meditation, such as, “I trust in my inner knowing,” or “Divine wisdom flows through me.”

7. Eat high-vibrational foods

Yes, there is such a thing! Think: rich, green veggies, nutrient rich smoothies, and even organic, dark chocolate. Adding high vibration foods to your diet will help your mind and body feel good. And keeping a high vibe means you’re more connected to your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, and positive energy.

8. Ask for claircognizant guidance while you sleep

This is one of those perfect claircognizance exercises for days when you are super busy and forget to check in with your inner knowing. Here’s the scoop:

Your logical mind isn’t second-guessing everything while you’re sleeping — it’s relaxed, which allows you to connect with your intuitive ability. So, before you fall asleep, think of an issue you need guidance on. Then, set an intention that the answer comes to you in your sleep.

You might wake up with an inspired or ‘out of the blue’ answer to a problem you’ve been having… except that out of the blue answer is really your Higher Self guiding you.

9. Open your crown chakra

If you’re not familiar with the seven energy centers in your body (chakras), you’ll want to get familiar with them. For this exercise, you’ll be working with your crown chakra, which is the one at the top of your head, and most connected to the universe.

Here’s what to do:

  • Get comfy and close your eyes.
  • Bring your attention to the crown of your head.
  • Now, imagine your crown chakra. See it like as a pinwheel, opening up and spinning.
  • Next, imagine yourself receiving intuitive guidance from your Spirit Guides and the universe.
  • When you are done, blow into the palms of your hands to ground yourself.

10. Use crystals in your claircognizance exercises

None of us can deny that crystals are beautiful! But did you know that certain crystals strengthen claircognizance? Labradorite, topaz, and citrine are great for increasing your inner knowing.

You can:

  • Sleep with one of these crystals under your bed (or set up a crystal grid) to benefit from their energetic properties as you sleep.
  • Place the crystal of your choice on your third eye chakra or solar plexus chakra during meditation.

It can’t get any easier than that, right?

11. Diffuse essential oils

To boost any of these claircognizance exercises, pop a few drops of lavender, rosemary, or bergamot essential oil into your diffuser during practice. Try a lavender filled room while automatic writing! A few drops of rosemary diffusing during meditation!

12. Trust that it’s not all in your head

Nothing will kill your psychic buzz quicker than doubt. But I know it can be hard to trust, especially when you are a beginner.

And I know that claircognizance can be extra hard to trust because it has to do with gut feelings — and knowing stuff without knowing how you know.

To develop confidence, remember that intuition is your birthright. We can all access intuitive guidance and develop clairvoyance, and the other psychic gifts. Next time you feel doubt, remind yourself that psychic ability is natural. All you need to do is reconnect with it!

My free guide can help you embrace your gifts. It’s been read by tens of thousands of people. Plus, once you sign up for the book, I’ll stay in touch with weekly tips that I only share with my community.

13. Use Zener cards

Zener cards are a fun way to increase psychic ability, especially claircognizance. You might remember these cards from the movie Ghostbusters with the wavy lines, circle, and star on them. I have a full blog post on how to use Zener cards here.

14. Ask your gut when making decisions

Truth: Being psychic isn’t really something that you do — it’s a state of BEING. (I know, aha moment, right?) To embrace this idea, start incorporating your psychic gifts into your daily decision making.

So, the next time you have to decide something, ask your inner knowing. Start small… which cereal should I buy? Should I go to bed or binge-watch Netflix? Should I have fish or eggplant for dinner?

Once you see that your claircognizance is dependable, you’ll start to trust it for the big issues you need guidance on.

15. Take a psychic development course

This is important for intuitive development (including claircognizance). Because this ability is often ‘unseen’, those developing it can feel a little isolated or un-validated. I used to feel the same way.

It wasn’t until I took my intuitive gifts seriously that my abilities increased, and I was able to go on helping others and give readings.

Plus, learning from a trusted mentor gives you a safe, loving environment to learn and grow.

If you’d like to learn from me, here is the best place to start:

Claircognizance Exercises and Tips Takeaways

Just because claircognizance is a less obvious psychic ability (compared to clairsentience -inner seeing or clairaudienceinner hearing) doesn’t mean there aren’t all kinds of tips and tricks you can use to develop it.

The most critical thing you can do is learn to trust yourself and your abilities.

In the beginning, your logical brain will try to come up with some excuse for WHY you know what you do (that’s it’s job!). But once you learn to trust your inner knowing you’ll be able to look past that and understand where your messages really came from.

To continue learning, read: 5 Foolproof Ways to Tell Your Inner Knowing is Spot On

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