Psychic Development in Pictures

Hola, amigos! Because I LOVE pretty things, I thought it would be fun to have a post with lots of psychic development pictures all together.

Grab a coffee, tea, or delicious protein shake, kick up your feet, and read, Pin, and unwind.

Below each image is a link to a post where you can get more info on each tip.

psychic development tip

psychic development

psychic development tip, spend time with your Spirit Guides

Psychic development tip, increase clairsentience
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psychic development tip using Zener cards

psychic development tip to strengthen clairvoyance
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Psychic development tip, get the benefits of meditation by spending time in nature

Psychic development tip

Psychic development
Do you have any antiques around the house? If so, why not use them to develop your clairsentience (psychic feeling and sensing)?

Psychic development

psychic development exercise

psychic development exercise

psychic development tip, practice giving readings

Psychic and mediumship development tip, read old family photos and notice what you sense about your ancestors

  • These are my great-grandparents :) If you don’t have any photos of your own, you can use this one to practice on. What can you learn about them by looking in their eyes? What do you sense, hear, see? Do you get a sense of their personality? Or what type of work they did?

psychic development tip to develop clairsentience

Psychic development tip, be sure to journal often to connect with your Higher Self

Psychic development tip using telepathy

  • You can also practice telepathy using Zener cards. Here’s a post that teaches you how to do this super fun psychic development exercise!

Psychic development tip, being psychic is a spiritual journey. Prayer keeps you feeling connected and supported by The Divine.

Stay tuned for the next tips… in the meantime, check out the 28 Tips List.


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