Being an Empath: 15 Tips to Make it Less Draining

Being an empath or clairsentient (the ability of psychic sensing) is wonderful.

There’s nothing like the look on your husband’s face when you start rubbing his shoulders — before he complains about how sore they are. Or knowing that your BFF can always come to you because you’re such a great advice-giver. (Being a good listener is also one of your best personality traits!)

But sometimes being an empath, and feeling all that energy, can be tough to navigate… Especially when you walk into a crowded mall or have family drama to deal with.


So somewhere between realizations of, “OMG that’s why I hate sad movies,” sensitive people may think things like:

  • How can I stop other people’s negative emotions from draining me?
  • What if I can never enjoy a concert or festival again? (Too many people. Ugh, energy drain!)
  • How do I stop feeling emotionally wiped out?
  • Why does family drama impact me so much?

Pro tip! If people say you’re too sensitive, read these signs that you’re an empath, and learn how to control clairsentient anxiety.

Never fear. Here are some real-life tips to help you thrive at being an empath (from my years of experience!)

being an empath, 15 tips to make it less draining

15 Tips for Being an Empath

Pro tip. Being an empath is part of the psychic gift of clairsentience. Learn all about it in this clairsentient beginner’s post.  

1. Deflect energy

Being an empath means that you can feel the energy of other people — including their negative emotions. This may sound exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, clairsentience is a beautiful psychic gift!

So, the next time you’re with someone who is emitting a lot of emotions, imagine that there are mirrors all around you — facing OUTWARD. This simple trick deflects energy away from you and back to the person.

Plus, it’s an easy way to set healthy boundaries when you’re around someone you can’t step away from (like your co-worker).

Pro Tip: I have one family member who’s an eternal pessimist. When I chat with her and start feeling drained, I say something positive to raise the energy. It works great!

2. Practice grounding

Energy overwhelm is real, and it can kick in pretty easily. One sad movie, and before you know it, everything seems like a bigger deal than it is.

Grounding is one of my favorite ways to deal with this, and can help you refocus and recharge. It’s a method of returning to the present — kind of like meditation!

Here are some of my go-to methods for grounding:

  • Eating some root veggies (or chocolate! Yes, for real!)
  • Taking an aura bath (the water is super calming)
  • Popping on your fav song and dancing around
  • Spending time outside (or taking a walk with your pup!)

Here’s my full blog post with oodles of grounding methods. They are good for your soul and mental health!

3. Surround yourself with white or pink light

You can use this tip anytime, anywhere. It’s totally incognito!

So next time you sense someone feeling sad, anxious, or upset, surround yourself with white light… and extend some to them as well.

Doing this acknowledges what you’re feeling, and sends them light and positive energy.

Pro tip! My empath survival post is full of more tips that highly sensitive people and empaths find helpful. 

4. Thank the universe

Yes, I know that sounds odd, but stick with me…

Whenever you pass someone who is suffering, thank the universe for the opposite. For example: if you pass by a homeless man and he feels afraid, thank the universe for protection and strength, and ask it to send him some.

You can also do this for yourself. If you feel sad, thank the universe for laughter, peace, love, and joy. And if you feel lonely, be thankful for love and peace. This will help raise your vibration, and spread your loving clairsentient energy.

5. Be aware of your perspective

Being aware of your perspective is my number one tip for being an empath. Numero uno!

Here’s the deal: as much as we wish we could, we can’t help everyone. It’s a simple concept, but not so easy, right?

So, the next time you watch the news and want to curl up and cry, remind yourself that you are a spiritual being, here to learn and grow.

And trust me, sensitive people weren’t born with intuitive gifts to be burdened by them. In fact, your psychic abilities are here to enrich your life and give you access to divine guidance.

You are always in control of your gifts. It’s just that you haven’t learned how to wrangle those ponies and set limits yet… but that’s why you’re here, reading this post. :)

This perspective will shift EVERYTHING. I pinky promise.

6. Like attracts like

The law of attraction is a real thing, and we each attract stuff that we’re not even aware of.

For example, my grandma is always having issues with her kitchen appliances. It’s a running joke in our family that whenever she wins at the casino, the dishwasher or some other appliance let’s go!

Seriously! She’s replaced them all in the last few years — more than once. But what does she say every time it happens? “It’s always something!”

Of course it is, if you truly believe that.

The universe will deliver what you expect. The point is, we are all conscious creators who have the ability to attract stuff into our experience. And sometimes, people have to experience things for spiritual growth.

7. Avoid negative energy (and people) when you can

Ugh. You know that ONE coworker who is always complaining? Skittles could rain from the sky and she would say they’re the wrong flavor. Yep, being around them is exhausting, and it takes a while to recover from that interaction.

So, try to stay clear of these people and surround yourself with those who are positive and like-minded. This is super important for sensitive people! Remember that like attracts like.

8. Set energetic boundaries

Of course, you may not always have a choice of whether to interact with a negative person (hello, sister!) But you do have a choice in what they take from you.

If this is someone permanently in your life, study their patterns. Recognizing the behaviors that drain you will help you determine how to protect yourself!

Also, don’t be afraid to set boundaries. Ensuring you’re not drained allows you to bring your best self into all your intimate relationships.

Pro tip: If you need help setting a healthy boundary, I recommend the books by mental health professional, Judith Orloff, M.D.

9. Don’t watch the news

Nearly everything in the news nowadays is beyond draining. Keeping up with current events is important, I get it. But for me, it’s not worth the yucky way I feel after watching a stream of war, famine, political rhetoric and violence.

So, if you’re an empath that finds your emotions on the fritz after a sad news story or movie, avoid them. And if you do see something that bothers you, follow it up with something that makes you smile (like your fav episode of Friends).

10. Improve your aura

Our aura (the energy surrounding us) is a direct reflection of our emotions. When you’re at your tippy-top best, you’ll have a bright, gorgeous aura. But when you encounter negative emotions, your aura can get dull, ripped, or damaged.

The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and try to get a physical sense of where your aura is. Does it feel all spread out around the room? Imagine pulling it close and making it feel light and healthy again.

11. Spend some time alone

Hey, sometimes you need a breather! For days when you just can NOT listen to your sister’s drama for one more minute, make taking a break a priority. Honor the way you feel and practice self-care.

Some fun time-out ideas:

  • A bubble bath (with lavender oil — always!)
  • A walk in the park
  • Crank up your favorite music
  • Indulge in your go-to flavor of ice cream

12. Meditate

Yep, you knew this was coming. That’s because meditating is a staple in empath mental health. Seriously, don’t leave your overwhelmed brain to its own devices. Take this opportunity to hop on your floor pillow and try a meditation.

Meditation pulls you out of the moment and gives you perspective (yes, please!) It also allows you to enter into a “witness frame of mind” which pulls you out of overwhelm.

If you’re too flustered to enter into your own meditation, try a guided one! The apps Calm and Headspace have great guided meditations.

13. Use crystals to clear negativity

Using crystals is one of my favorite tips for thriving at being an empath. It’s also one of my go-to ways to clear negative energy! I have crystals all over my house, but I also stash one in my pocket when I’m going out.

My favorite energy-clearing crystal is black tourmaline, but there are other powerful ones, too.

Some great negative energy-clearing crystals are:

  • Snowflake and black obsidian
  • Amethyst
  • Apache tears
  • Smoky quartz

14. Wash off negative energy

If you’ve been in a situation that’s left you feeling drained, freshen up and change your clothes as soon as you get home.

Putting on clean, comfy clothes, and washing your hands and face (or hopping in the shower) helps get negativity off you and freshens up your energy! This is a simple way for sensitive people to deal with intimate relationships.

15. Sage yourself

I love sage cleansing! LOVE! I spruce up my home, my car, and MYSELF with sage… yep, myself! I fell head over heels for this sage spray.

Whenever I need an energetic pick-me-up, or to get rid of negative energy, I spritz a little sage spray around me. It’s super easy and I can give my house a quick spritz of sage whenever it needs!

Develop Clairsentience

Now that you know it’s possible to manage being an empath, you may want to further develop your clairsentient gift. I’ve got you covered with these fun and easy posts:

Being an Empath Takeaways

Years ago, I felt like being an empath was a big, fat drain. But once I learned how to manage being an empath, and set limits, I see it for the gift it is.

And once you start using these tips, you’ll see what a gift being an empath is, too!

We all know that the world needs more beautiful, loving energy. And that’s something that we, as clairsentients and empaths, can give to the universe!

If you loved this post, I invite you to download my free guide and audio which will help you embrace your intuitive gifts. xo Jessica

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