How to Ground Yourself – 19 Techniques and Exercises

Learn how to ground yourself with these 19 techniques and exercises for spiritual grounding

Today we’re talking about how to ground yourself.

Grounding is the act of balancing your spiritual and physical energy by connecting yourself with the earth.

It’s awesome to know how to ground yourself because it brings your attention to the here and now, and makes you feel truly present (mindful). 

And I think we’d all agree that it’s getting increasingly harder to be present these days with the millions of things on our to-do list.

Grounding is great for anyone, but knowing how to ground yourself is especially important for energy workers, mediums, psychics, and those having a psychic or spiritual awakening.

What is Spiritual Grounding?

When I first started developing my psychic gifts, no one taught me about grounding and how important it is.

And it was long and intense psychic development class with a lot of shaking and crying that left me wondering, “Why am I feeling like this?”

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Signs that you’re not grounded

If you’re doing any kind of energy work (including intuitive readings, tarot readings, or developing psychic ability) and experience any of the following, you need to learn how to ground yourself.

Signs that you are not grounded include:

  • Lightheadedness
  • Feeling flighty
  • Being very tired after doing intuitive work
  • Feeling shaky
  • Having a feeling of being disconnected
  • Feeling dazed 
  • Feeling like you are floating

So, why all the weird feelings?

These are all feelings and sensations that happen when you have excess energy running through your system from doing energy or psychic work.

Knowing how to ground yourself can relieve excess energy and get you back in touch with the earth and your physical body. 

Now it’s time to get to the spiritual grounding exercises, where I’ll teach you 19 techniques on how to ground yourself.

what is spiritual grounding

Tip: What works for me may not work as well for you and vice versa. Try different exercises and techniques to discover what works best for you.

How to Ground Yourself – 19 Techniques

1. Go on a walk or do something physical

This is one of my favorite ways to reconnect with myself and stay grounded.

Walking and exercise are great because they allow you to focus on and connect with your body while expending energy.

Yoga is especially wonderful because it centers you on a spiritual and physical level.

Bonus points if you include your pup in your yoga session — they’ll appreciate it, and studies have shown that being with your pet relieves stress!

2. Do the dishes (or clean)

Ditto the sentiment above about getting up and moving, but this tip also gets your personal space clean!

When your space is clean, your mind is calmer and more at ease. It gives you room to think and breathe.

Plus, you’re caring for and claiming ownership of your area, which grounds you to the earth and your space.

3. Have sex

Intimacy not only brings you close to your partner, it also brings you into the present moment. This (and most physical activities) releases endorphins — AKA the natural pain reliever!

So, you will get wind up feeling not only grounded, but ready to take on what’s next.

4. Eat something

Eating is great for grounding. (I always eat after giving intuitive readings.)

Eating reminds us that we have a physical body, and digestion helps bring energy down from our crown chakra and third eye chakra.

Root vegetables are especially good for grounding (more on this below). Plus, they are high vibe foods and won’t dull your psychic gifts.

Personally, I go with what feels right. Sometimes it’s healthy and sometimes it’s ice cream!

When learning how to ground yourself, it’s important to not force it (or any of these tips, for that matter).

5. Watch TV and eat popcorn

Hey, I don’t have to tell you twice, right?! In the age of Netflix, we’ve all become great binge-watchers (well, I’ve already started another episode so…).

TV puts us in a different frame of mind and allows us to “check-out” for a little bit. This way, when we step back in, we’ll be refreshed and maybe even have a different perspective!

Oh, and don’t forget the snack. Eating is a great way to ground, too!

6. Call your best friend

I’m talking about having a good old fashioned gab fest.

Chatting with a friend lets you mentally relocate for a while and grounds you — because talking is physical.

Who knew that learning how to ground yourself could be so much fun!

7. Soak your feet in warm water

How good does that sound right now? I may have to hop in on this action.

Add some Epsom salts, Himalayan Sea salt, and/or a couple of drops of essential oils to really amp things up.

The act of soaking your feet will bring the energy down and away from your head (crown chakra) and into your body — which will ground you.

My favorite:

8. Go for a pedicure

They will soak your feet which gives you the benefits mentioned above.

Then, get a bright color polish (like red, the color of the root chakra for grounding) that reminds you of your experience and then every time you see it, intentionally focus on being present in the moment.

PS don’t forget to bring your friend!

9. Eat root veggies

Ayurvedic medicine folks believe root veggies are good for grounding because they grow underneath the surface of the earth; therefore, they can make you feel more connected with Mother Earth. And of course, they are delicious when they’re roasted!

  • Grounding recipe: Chop up a roasted red pepper, 2 red potatoes, 2 carrots, half of a butternut squash, and a few cloves of garlic. Drizzle with enough extra-virgin olive oil to coat. Stir. Cover with foil. Bake in a 400-degree oven for about an hour (stir occasionally). This is such a great grounding recipe for days when you are giving psychic or mediumship readings and OMG, it tastes divine!

10. Eat chocolate

I love chocolate and has many spiritually grounding benefits.

Chocolate is natural and grows in pods on the theobroma (cacao) tree – therefore, it’s very “earthy.”

(I know, that’s the best news EVER, right?!)

The best chocolate for grounding yourself is raw cacao, followed by high-quality chocolate like Green and Blacks.

While it’s more bitter than the drug-store chocolate that many of us grew up eating — the health benefits and grounding properties are worth the sacrifice.

If you’re not ready to venture into the land of raw cacao, start with dark, organic chocolate, such as Green & Black’s. You’ll get the same effect.

11. Walk barefoot outside

I’m serious — get out there! When is the last time you put your feet in the grass and really felt the earth?

When we were kids, we did this all the time. And weren’t we much more grounded back then? So, kick off your shoes and talk a walk outside.

Plus, the warm sun will do your soul well and the exercise will bring you to the here and now.

PS — walking on the sidewalk won’t cut it (and ew, gross). You have to actually get your feet in the dirt, sand, grass, or ocean.

12. Do anything outside

While you’re out there, feeling the grass beneath your toes, be still.

The warmth of the sun, the fresh air, the nature… it all adds up to a pretty grounded spirit.

So, sit in the sun. Put a lawn chair in the snow (I had a friend that did this once to ground herself. It was hysterical, but she says it worked). Or grab a hammock. If you can do yoga outside – doubly awesome!

13. Hug a tree

This is literally taking nature by the trunk and saying, “Give me your energy!” And hey, it works.

Take a deep breath (or a few) and just be with the earth. Allow yourself to connect with the earth.

14. Get gardening

Bonus points if you grow some root veggies for roasting! This is the same concept of walking barefoot in the earth.

So, ditch those garden gloves and put your hands in the dirt. It also gets you active and moving, just like cleaning, so your brain becomes more engaged and grounded.

15. Take a salt bath

I don’t ever need an excuse to do this, because I love it. Salts have natural healing properties and water cleanses energy so combine them and you’ve got a really “how to ground yourself” winner!

Sea salt, Hawaiian salt, or Himalayan salt (my personal fav!) are excellent choices for this method. Add about a cup or so to the warm, running water. Sit and enjoy for 20 – 30 minutes.

My favorites:


  • If you’ve been around negative energy, a salt bath is a great way to wash that energy off you.
  • Scents can also help with spiritual grounding, so adding some essential oil to the water can be nice, too.
  • If you don’t have a tub (or time to soak), use a salt-based body scrub in the shower instead.

Here is my favorite salt bath choice:

(If you make a purchase through this link, I make a small commission, which helps keep this site running. Thank you!)
Aztec Sea Salt – Gourmet Unrefined Coarse Sea Salt – Better than Himalayan Salt – 100% Natural & Kosher

16. Meditate

Meditation is wonderful for just about anything, and spiritual grounding is no exception.

To start, sit upright in a comfy chair with your feet planted on the floor (this part is important for grounding). Imagine your feet have roots (like a tree) and are anchoring themselves deep into the earth. Breathe and allow yourself to be balanced.

If you want a guided meditation, I recently downloaded an app called Headspace and I’m loving it! If you’re a meditation newbie, this guide will give you lots of tips.

17. Hold a grounding crystal or stone

This is about the simplest thing you can do when learning how to ground yourself. You can carry a crystal or stone in your purse, pocket, or even wear them as jewelry! I keep a few in my desk at home (where I spend a lot of time).

Great grounding crystals/stones:

18. Use essential oils

I’ve mentioned before how much I love essential oils — so this shouldn’t be a surprise. Aromatherapy oils (like lavender) help you relax and receive the grounding.

Just pour a few drops into your diffuser or salt bath and get your grounding on! (If your an essential oil newbie, this post will help you learn the ropes.)

My favorite:

  • Diffuser (I use this one every day and love the timer feature)

19. Sing and dance

Sometimes when I’m feeling ungrounded, I fire up my Dirty Dancing soundtrack and magic happens! I sing and channel my inner “Baby”.

The act of singing and dancing gets your body and energy moving, which grounds you. It also has the added benefit of being fun and making you feel so happy!

How to Ground Yourself – Final Tip

The most important thing to keep in mind is that not every tip will work for every person.

So, what grounds me might not ground you, etc. Keep trying different techniques (or a combination of them) until you find what’s most helpful for you…

For example, how about:

  • Busting a move to I’ve Had the Time of My Life while diffusing some essential oil?
  • Running your essential oil diffuser while you take a salt bath? Or add a few drops of essential oils to you salt bath!
  • Meditate with a Red Jasper stone placed under your chair?
  • Eat some raw cacao or dark chocolate while watching your fav movie?

The possibilities are endless! Well, that’s about all I have for you, friends. I hope you have a better handle on how to ground yourself now.

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