Are You Clairsentient? 12 Unmistakable Signs (especially #5!)

Clairsentient people have the gift of psychic sensing. So, if you can feel things about people (something is up with those two, I can feel it!) and places, or can’t figure out why you’re drained after going to the mall… read on…

Because clairsentience is probably one of your intuitive abilities!

And trust me, intuitive vibes are super useful in everyday life. It’s also a great gift to develop if you are called to go pro with your psychic abilities. :)

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Are You Clairsentient?

What experiences point to signs you’re clairsentient? There are quite a few, actually! In fact, most everyone has experienced clairsentience at some point in their life.

For example, have you ever felt like something isn’t quite right? Or someone isn’t telling the whole truth? If so, you’ve experienced clairsentience! You might have a psychic sense about a place, person, spirit or a situation.

Clairsentient Examples

  • You walk into a room and know that people were fighting, even though there is no evidence of it. Everyone may be smiling, but you can feel tension in the air.
  • You don’t shop at certain stores because of the energy. It may feel heavy and oppressive or so hyper that you feel overstimulated. (I always feel this way in Best Buy!)

Now let’s take a look and see how many clairsentient signs and “symptoms” resonate with you!

Pro tip! This popular post will teach you everything you need to know about clairsentience, including how to manage clairsentient anxiety, being an empath, what it feels like to experience psychic sensing, and even tips for developing your gift!

Signs You’re Clairsentient

1. You get drained around large groups of people

If you are worn out by being in crowds, even if you had fun while you were there — it’s a surefire sign that you’re clairsentient!

Clairsentients feel energy… strongly. So, imagine how draining it can be to engage with a large group of people for an extended amount of time!

Sensing everyone’s emotions, moods, and bad days could be the reason you want to leave work and swim to an island where you can be alone.

See, clairsentient people NEED to recharge as much as Aquaman needs water. Quiet time spent alone to rejuvenate is a must.

For example, when my daughter was 14, I decided to homeschool her. She was struggling in school, in part because she’s empathic and clairsentient. When someone is anxious, sad or happy, she can feel it. (Imagine how distracting it would be to feel your teacher’s stress in the middle of a math test?)

This is one of the hallmarks of clairsentience. Being around a lot of energy (like in a group of people for a long time) leaves you feeling tired or anxious.

Don’t worry though, you can totally learn how to manage and control clairsentience!

Pro tip: Clairsentients crave time alone — even from being “with” people online. So be sure to give yourself space so you don’t feel drained throughout the day.

2. Clairsentients have great instincts about people and places

Have you ever met someone and just known something about them (and turned out to be right)? From the sales guy to the stranger on the street… if you sense people’s intentions with no logical explanation, it’s a clear indicator that you are clairsentient!

Maybe your friends are always asking what you think about their potential partner. Or you’ve known to steer clear of certain people who turned out to be bad news. Either way, that’s your clairsentience at work.

Best yet? There are simple tips you can use to increase your clairsentienceeffortlessly!

3. You sense energy in the room if you’re clairsentient

Have you ever walked into a room after an argument and known something had happened?

Leftover energy is tangible to a clairsentient (which can make crowded places oh-so-draining). In fact, psychometry is an exercise that you can use to “read” the energy of an object. Pretty cool, right? :)

Pro tip! I always carry a black tourmaline crystal in my purse to protect me from energies roaming about.

4. You know when your friend had a bad day

If a friend has said, “How did you know I was sad/depressed/anxious?!” while looking at you with wide eyes, you might be clairsentient. Clairsentient people are like human emotion detectors!

Even if your bestie has a smile pasted all over her face, you’ll sense that she’s had a terrible day.

Pro tip! If you feel like your psychic senses are on overdrive, learn how to control your gift with these tips.

5. You need a box of Kleenex to watch the news (classic clairsentient sign!)

Because it’s soooo easy for empaths to pick up energy, news stories can be tough to watch. That’s why avoiding the news is a classic sign that clairsentience is one of your psychic abilities.

We feel the anxiety of the people who lost everything in the hurricane, or those affected by a recent law passed.

I stopped watching the news years ago and it makes a huge difference! I feel so much lighter. And of course, it gives me more time to binge uplifting TV and read inspiring books like The Four Agreements (OMG seriously a MUST read for anyone going through a spiritual awakening!).

Of course, it’s great to stay informed. But if you find yourself avoiding horrible clickbait stories, you’re not alone. Try going news-free for a week and see how you feel! 

6. Emotional movies leave you in tears

I simply cannot watch Forrest Gump ever again. (The scene where Mama tells Forrest she’s dying – Heartbreak!)

Of course, it’s Hollywood’s job to make us feel emotion, but if movies leave you wondering if it’s time to buy stock in Kleenex, you have clairsentient ability.

If clairsentience is one of your gifts, you may feel the emotions the characters are portraying. And after a couple of hours of that? Ugh. Exhausting!

7. You feel emotions that are not your own

If you experience sudden changes in your mood when you enter a new environment — don’t let your friends convince you it’s PMS. You may be clairsentient!

You see, energy is all around us, and as a clairsentient, you can feel it. That’s why sensing someone’s mood (even if they try to hide it) is a surefire clairsentient sign.

No need to panic, though. As you develop your ability, it becomes easier to manage. Here are my top exercises for clairsentience.

8. You are sensitive to your environment

Do subtle changes in your room or workplace impact you? Does clutter in your space feel like clutter in your mind? Clairsentient people are affected by their surroundings because places hold their own energy.

When I bought my home in 2007, it was because the energy in the house felt so amazing. Of course, it was super cute, too, but the loving energy in the house is what sold me!

So, if shifts in your environment throw you for a loop, and clutter makes you anxious — you might be clairsentient!

9. You feel other people’s pain (physical or emotional)

Have you ever felt the hunger pains of a homeless person? Or the dull ache of someone you’re visiting in the hospital? People who have clairsentience pick up on mental energy, but may pick up on pain, too.

If this happens to you, remove yourself from the situation if possible (i.e. volunteer to raise money for the shelter instead of working in the shelter).

10. People say you’re too sensitive

Are people always saying that you’re too sensitive? Have you been called empathic?

If you have clairsentience, this totally makes sense! People who can psychically feel are often empaths — and feel other people’s feelings.

So you may be clairsentient if you have these empath signs, too:

  • Friends and family describe you as sensitive.
  • People call you when they’re having a tough time because they know you’ll understand.
  • Strangers are drawn to you and may share their personal problems.

If this resonates with you, be sure to read my top tips for empaths.

11. You have strong gut feelings

If you’re known for spot on gut feelings, you might be clairsentient. Those with clairsentience can sense intentions, motives, and feelings without ever saying hello! 

They may also know that everything is going to turn out okay, or get a feeling that their new boss is cool before they order pizza for the whole office.

12. You can’t shop at thrift stores

I know that flea market flips and upcycling are all the rage right now, but if you JUST. CAN’T. do the whole antique/upcycling thing, it’s a crystal-clear indicator that clairsentience is one of your psychic abilities.

Remember, even an OMG gorgeous vintage ring carries a ton of energy from the former owner that you can feel — even if you don’t realize it.

Clairsentient Signs Takeaways

Clairsentience is a beautiful intuitive gift to have. And with the surefire signs you just read, it’s nice to know that your psychic ability is real — and not all in your head! But don’t worry. With just a little practice, it’s easy to develop and manage your clairsentient ability!

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