Why Do I See and Hear Spirit When I’m Falling Asleep

If your mediumship or psychic abilities are opening up, you might notice that when you snuggle up in your bed and close your eyes:

  • You see start seeing random faces, places, objects, or “scenes” in your mind’s eye. It’s like having a little TV in your head that won’t turn off.

You may also notice this happening when you’re in a meditative state or any time you feel super relaxed.

Of course, this phenomenon can make you feel curious, scared, or even annoyed. So what’s it all about?

First, you should know that this is REALLY common, especially if you’re feeling called to work with your intuitive gifts.

I remember the first time it happened to me.

I was just drifting off to sleep when I saw the face of a woman in my mind’s eye. It startled me so much that I sat up in bed — which scared the socks off my husband!

Here’s why this happens:

1. Your clairvoyance and clairaudience are awakening

If you’re:

  • Seeing spirit faces, your mediumship gifts may be opening up, too!

These are all wonderful intuitive gifts to have, so yay!

Why am I so “open” at night, but struggle with my intuitive gifts during the day?

In a nutshell, it’s easiest for Spirit to connect with you when you’re in a relaxed state because you are not resisting.

(That’s why meditating is SO important when you want to develop your psychic or mediumship abilities. If you’re having trouble with meditation, these tips will help.)

Resistance happens when you:

  • Feel doubt or fear about your abilities
  • Find it hard to trust the information you get when you give a reading or do practice exercises, such as psychometry (psychic readings via touch)

You let go of resistance when you allow yourself to be fully relaxed (like during meditation).

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I want to get some sleep. Will this ever go away?

Oh absolutely! You can learn to control your gifts by working with your Guides and through meditation.

For me, what worked is falling asleep with the TV on.  I know, I know, doctors don’t think it’s a good idea, but it works for a lot of highly intuitive people.

2. Astral Noise

Some believe these experiences happen by accident. That it’s just astral noise and a spirit is not trying to connect to you. Why would that be a possibility?

We’re all spiritual beings first and foremost.

And some believe that the main reason we need sleep is to reconnect with our Higher Self and the spiritual world.

Could this be true? Maybe. Many people (myself included) have had experiences of astral travel.

Is it Spirit or Not? Try this Exercise to Know for Sure

Meditate for 20 minutes. If you start sensing spirit, ask them questions.

If you find a two-way communication takes place between you and spirit – it could be a Spiritual Guide, angel, or loved one on the Other Side – then you know it’s not by accident. You know that Spirit is detecting your beautiful, bright shining light!

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