11 Signs You’re Clairaudient (especially #7!)

There are many clairaudient people who don’t even know they have this cool intuitive gift. Are you one of them? Let’s find out.

This is the second of my four-part series about psychic hearing. You can get caught up on part 1 here: Clairaudience for Beginners (the link to part three is at the end of the post).

11 signs you're clairaudient (have psychic hearing)

Signs You Are Clairaudient

1. You hear someone saying your name when no one is around

Does it ever seem like you hear people talking, but no one is around? Maybe you hear soft voices in the background or could have SWORN you heard someone saying your name.

If this happens to you, it’s a good sign that you’re clairaudient.

You see, when you have psychic hearing, you can hear things that other people can’t. It may be a soft, subtle sound (like music), or something more dramatic (like a voice).

2. You enjoy and need quiet

The Beginner's Guide to ClairaudienceIntuitive people are usually sensitive, both emotionally and physically. Because of this, you may be sensitive to noise if you’re clairaudient.

For example, a loud party or TV may make you feel anxious. Personally, this is my only complaint about being clairaudient.

Too much noise may also make you feel:

  • tired
  • irritable
  • ungrounded
  • or give you a headache

And believe me, I know it can be frustrating when your family doesn’t understand how sensitive your psychic ability causes you to be, which is why it’s so important for clairaudients to have quiet time every day.

Tip: You can also try using noise canceling headphones or practice meditation.

3. You talk to yourself often

Talking to yourself often is another clairaudient sign. So let me ask you…

Do you have conversations with yourself in your head ALL the time? If so, it could mean clairaudience is one of your dominant intuitive gifts.

See, because you are already good at “being in your head,” it will be easy for you to connect with your psychic hearing.  

Tip: If you talk to yourself a lot, you’re probably getting divine guidance without even realizing it! 

4. Ideas and creativity flow through you

If you’re clairaudient, it’s normal to have creative or inspired ideas that flow through you. This is especially true when you are feeling relaxed, joyful, or grateful.

This is because when you are happy, your vibration is high, and you are most connected to your soul!

This is why clairaudient people need quiet. We intuitively know that we can connect with divine guidance when our mind is quiet.

Pro tip: It’s common for people with psychic hearing to get inspired ideas in the shower. Pick up a pack of bathtub crayons (yes, seriously!) so you can write down the guidance you get.

5. Your best friends were imaginary

If you’ve read my eBook, you know that imaginary friends aren’t imaginary. They can be angels, Spirit Guides, and even departed loved ones.

So, if you talked to imaginary friends as a child, you are likely clairaudient!

6. Music makes you feel connected to your soul

The other day, Tom Petty was on TV talking about how music comes from the soul. Yes!

When I’m stressed, it’s usually because my soul needs something and I’m not listening. That’s when I get in my car, hop on the nearest country road, and play music that I love. Within a few minutes, my vibration lifts and I feel reconnected to my soul.

If music moves you to this extent, you may be clairaudient.

If you have psychic hearing you may also:

  • Be musically inclined or play music by ear.
  • Write music. You may even hear the music before you write it, or feel that it’s inspired by a higher power.

Tip: If you see pictures in your head to match the song lyrics, it may also mean you are clairvoyant!

7. You’re the Dear Abby of the family

  • Do you enjoy guiding and uplifting others?
  • Do people say that you should charge money for giving advice or that you have a gift?
  • Do people call you to vent because your words are so soothing?

If so, you could be channeling divine wisdom without even knowing it. This is one of the most beautiful ways to use your clairaudient gifts!

8. Hear ringing or high-pitched noises in your ears

When I hear a high-pitched tone in my ear, I know my Spirit Guide is around.

If this happens to you (without medical cause), it’s because your Spirit Guides are around, too.

You may also hear buzzing or feel your ears “pop.”

But don’t worry. If it bothers you, ask your Guides to turn down the volume.

Clairaudience signs are super easy to spot if you know what to look for. See how many of these signs resonate with you, then click to read through to a fab post that will teach you all about psychic hearing (including how to develop it). intuitivesoulsblog.com

9. You are an auditory learner

Your preferred way of learning can be a clue about which psychic gifts you have.

For example, clairaudients often learn best through hearing.

So, if you enjoy listening to a story on Audible rather than reading a book, you might have this intuitive ability.

10. Clairaudients sometimes hear animals

Hearing animals doesn’t mean they start talking like Mr. Ed. It’s more like blocks of thought that pop into your mind.

For example, one day, I was petting my cat when a thought entered my mind about my daughter telling him secrets. I mentioned this to my daughter and she shrieked, “Did he tell you what my secret is?”

You might be hanging out with your dog one day and feel inspired to switch up his food, or be guided to call the vet and schedule his annual physical.

11. You get ‘signs’ in song and speech

Signs can make you feel validated and connected to the spirit world, and are fun to look out for. And best yet? Signs can come to us in so many different ways.

So, try asking your Spirit Guides or loved ones in heaven for a sign. Then, take notice of how they come through for you. 

Does the guidance you’ve been seeking come through in the next song that plays on the radio? Or do you find yourself saying, “Funny you should say that” when a stranger says exactly what you need to hear? If so, these are traits of clairaudience.

So, what do you think? Are you clairaudient? How many of the signs do you have?

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22 thoughts on “11 Signs You’re Clairaudient (especially #7!)”

  1. hi thanks for the information it was very helpful. for the past couple of weeks after i go to bed and just before i fall asleep i have heard bangs and voices speak to me. I heard a woman say hi in my right ear and it was clear and loud i wasnt frightened but shocked. I also heard my name being called and it woke me from my sleep. I was not asleep when i heard the woman. Last night i heard a mans voice saying remove? Can u plz give me ur thoughts on this. idreally appreciate it!

    1. Hi Donna! Sure! I’m sure you’ve noticed the pattern of hearing the voices while you are relaxed, before going to sleep. That is the key here. What happens when we are in a very relaxed state is that our vibration raises – which means our energetic frequency – and makes it easier for us to connect and sense Spirit. Spirit has an energetic frequency that is much faster than our own. So when we relax, our frequency (vibration) raises, and makes it easier for us to detect or hear their presence. It’s like we are “tuned into” their wavelength. I hope that makes sense and that you find this helpful. Lots of love, Jessica <3

  2. I feel like I have this ability. I always hear things that others don’t hear. Then if I try to explain to my friends or family they will act like I am insane! I have also had doors close and I saw a blue ball of light when I couldn’t get to sleep. I was very confused and I saw it very clearly. I also need a lot of alone time. If I spend too much time with my family I become emotionally drained and physically exhausted. I started taking naps a lot.

    I have a question. What is considered normal dreaming. Every night I have dreams that are from all different perspectives. a lot of times I am not even in my dreams. Sometimes I can hear “radio stations” in my head. It sounds crazy but its true.

    1. I don’t think you are crazy at all, Sophie. I think it’s beautiful that you felt safe enough to open up here. I applaud you :) As you probably know, being intuitive is our natural state of being. The blue ball of light you mention could be some sort of spirit energy… a guide, a loved one. Something loving and wonderful, I’m sure!

      I also feel emotionally and physically drained if I’m around people too much, even family. You probably feel that way because you are an empath and a sensitive soul. It’s awesome that you recognize that you need time alone. I admit, I fall short in the self-care department sometimes, putting everyone else first.

      Normal dreaming – I don’t think there is such a thing. :) They could be past life memories or you could be astral traveling. Esther Hicks has a perspective on dreams that I really like – in a nutshell, it says that our dreams can tell a lot about what we are manifesting in our lives at this time – what we are thinking about, where we are emotionally, etc. You might want to check out some of her videos on YouTube along with the word “dreams”. Thank you again for opening up and sharing <3 Jessica

  3. These totally freaked me out because all of them are me except one! Wow. The sign’s in the music and how I feel the music in my soul gave me chills! :)

  4. Hi all the signs I have had all my life and I can see spirits and I have the ability to heal others and myself. I have in many ways awake asleep seen the future. The past I know wen someone is sick or gonna die or if there gonna live.I can levitate float. I don’t know what I am. All my life its been this way.wen I meet someone I know there good and bad stuff they done.yes I hear spirits who have died and who are still alive. What am I catarizied as I don’t know.

    1. I don’t think you should worry about labeling yourself, Melissa. :) As for the spirits and sense of knowing, that’s all part of being a psychic medium if you want to call yourself something. The levitation sounds super cool and the first thing that popped into my mind when I was reading that was my research on Atlantis and how they were all very developed psychically. I don’t know if you have ever been drawn to explore that topic, but you might find it interesting. Thank you for your comments :)

  5. Hi,
    I found this interesting. I think all the above applies to me…. I do have a question that I’m hoping you can help with….

    I was awakened last night to the sound of rustling paper, not regular paper but the gift wrap kind, I guess cellophane is what it’s called. I actually yelled at my elderly cat as I thought she was playing (which she never does these days, so I was quite surprised that it was waking me up). The noise continued after I was awakened. I got up, turned on my Iphone flashlight and went to the corner of my bedroom where the noise was coming from. Nothing there. No cat. I went into the living room and found my cat asleep on her cat-bed, sound asleep in fact – she was barely roused by my activity. I noticed the time on the clock was 1:11. My numerology numbers are 7 and 11. I have awakened in the past, and smelled roses – which I learned was a visit from Mother Mary. Wonderful as my mother had recently died and she connected to her regularly. But this rustling cellophane noise has me stumped. No activity in any other spot, and nothing of note / movement to explain the sounds.
    Any thoughts ?

    1. Hi Mel! Maybe it was your mom or another spirit – another family member or friend. You might want to take a few minutes and think if you’ve heard that sound before associated with anyone in spirit. Hope this gives you a little something to help. Jessica :)

  6. Hi, Jessica!

    I got interested to read more about clairaudience recently and have come across this post. I read it and I was laughing to myself as I find out what the signs are. Not that it all sounds silly to me, but because most of the signs listed here are me, most of the time.

    I haven’t experienced a few signs you’ve written here, although, most of my experiences that got me curious about this psychic ability are related to music.

    Whenever I put music on, I’m simply not in the present moment but in a totally different world. Some songs are about something I haven’t experienced myself, but I can relate to them in a way that even I cannot figure out. Also, I occasionally wake up with a song playing in my head and I have to listen to it or it’ll play in my head all day long (hahaha). And one of the most interesting things that happen to me is when I turn on the shuffle mode and the next song will play in my head just before the current song finishes and actually plays the song that was in my head a few seconds ago.

    Spiritual things/stuff always sound interesting to me and so I am planning to hone this psychic gift of mine. Thanks to you, I am now convinced and totally believe that I am a clairaudient!

  7. Hey jess. Im new to all this spiritualism, its exciting and confusing. Exciting because its like having superpowers, confusing because people are calling it different things. I’ve recently been dealing with some auditory concerns that fit your descriptions; I heard my name so loudly, I thought someone screamed in my ear (it was deep and powerful), my ears pop everyday (the first time it happened it felt like a bullet entered my left ear causing me to flinch), and I’ve been hearing frequencies. And to top it off I’ve been seeing these dot/particle things and colors (sometimes around people, othe times out of nowhere). My question is how do you know if its a spirit or an angel? I thought they were the same. Also how do you enhance or grow with your gifts? Can you have more then 1 of the 4 intuitive abilities?

    1. Hi Jay! My question is – does it matter if it’s a spirit or an angel? :) I wouldn’t worry too much about that now if you’re still new to all of this. The main thing is that you are opening up, and that’s awesome. In time, you may discover that you’re really drawn to mediumship – perhaps you’ll start seeing Spirit in your mind’s eye, etc. Or, you may become really drawn to angels and want to start giving angel readings. It’s helpful if you can let that part unfold and not get too bogged down thinking about who’s who right now. Make sense?

      Yes, you can have all of the intuitive abilities, for sure! There are a bajillion ways to enhance them. Here are a couple of posts that might help: 5 Exercises to Develop Clairaudience, 4 Ways to Strengthen Clairvoyance
      Hope this helps, Jess :)

  8. Thank you for your website. I need clarity!
    I’ve always sensed the presence of spirits around me my entire life. So, I would just talk to them. (Mainly my maternal grandmother) I would look at a candle flame that was still and ask my spirit guide (aka Grandma) to talk and suddenly the candle flame would bounce and move about.
    I can see my dreams in full color and can remember those who have passed away visit me in my dreams, but it wasn’t until the last 6 months that I can clearly hear them.

    I can hear them talk to me when I ask a question. It is audible while I’m alone because I’m actively listening. It is most prominent when I’m driving home, in the shower, at bed time. But I can hear them at work too. (Like if I’m about to go into a meeting, I’ll hear them tell me “It’s okay, you are protected and surrounded by many”). They always say my name, except for God. He says “My Child.”
    I feel that I requested the extra support from God because I’ve been under a great amount of stress and simply asked for higher support to come through to me. Since then, I’ve heard my Maternal Grandmother numerous times, my first boyfriend, my father, my sister-in-law, etc. Each one has a distinct voice sound and each shared a bit of information that only “we” would know. (It helped to ground me so I knew who was talking to me)

    The obvious thing to me is that I’m surrounded by a ton of people who do not have the same experiences and I’m not comfortable talking to anyone in fear that they might judge me and my gifts. I don’t have anyone to talk to about this. Any suggestions for someone like me?

    Thanks for the insight.

  9. Hi! Thank you for sharing. Only until recently have I found out about clairaudients… I knew about clairvoyants… I am one along with small medium abilities… Im planning on enhancing them, but anyway.
    Last two weeks, I’ve started to meditate again to enhance my abilities since we live in such a busy world I have to find time to unwind and relax. So.. the two incidents that made me look up and find clairaudients were:
    (Back information: I get messages and visits from dreams a lot… that’s how I work with spirits, gods, spirit guides, etc.)
    1) I was in this dream where I was in my room about to wake up when I heard a little girl say “Moses Poses” and then began to hum a lullaby. As I was waking up from my dream state I heard her voice still loud and clear in my left ear
    2) this occurred a few days ago where again I was in my dream state but then I woke up to what I heard my cat meowing a distress call outside of my bedroom door. It was odd because both of my cats were in the basement the night before (they sleep down there for certain reasons…) I was confused so I woke up and shuffled my way to open the door to find no cat, I look inside the room next to me and found nothing.. and that was the morning (7:45 am) where I began to search “hearing spirits” and that’s where I found out about clairaudients.
    There was another incident that happened 4 years ago where I first began to meditate and become entuned with my spirit side. I was listening to heavy rock music with my headphones and it was the guitar solo that came up. That was when I heard a “Hey” in my left ear. It was a rusty masculine voice. Ever since then my ears would always ring… no medical issue… the ringing can be high pitch or gentle and smooth…

    1. Bridgette Franitti

      Hi Roy, thank you for reaching out! It definitely sounds like you are having clairaudient experiences, yippee!! My ears ring very often too, and when they do, I feel like my guides are trying to get my attention. Notice what you are doing when the ringing starts, you might start picking up on what it means for you. In the mean time, keep having fun with this wonderful gift! Enjoy <3

  10. Shoniqua Conklin

    This was actually interesting to read! I have these kinds of experiences happen on a near-daily basis, In fact, I sometimes go over the dialogue I’m going to put into the writing material (yes I’m a writer) and because most of my family members were musicians, music has become basically my other half and I consider it the ground in which my family were planted together. I get the high-pitch noise in my ears, the sensitivity to sound, everything. :)

  11. Music reaches me like nothing else. Often I sit at the symphony and cry because it is beyond beauty. I must sit in the front row to be “in” the music. Going to a high energy concert like Springsteen leaves me totally freaked out for 24 hours, I want to stay in the music. Admittedly it is a good freaked feeling. It reaches m soul. A few times I have Heard a voice by my side. Often a song on the radio answers a question I am having. Is this clairaudience? Or does music just mean more to me than most others? Thx

    1. Bridgette Franitti

      Hi Joyce, thank you so much for reaching out! Your experiences with music truly inspires me! I would say that you are definitely having clairaudient experiences. Music is one of the easiest ways for Spirit to reach us, it’s so good to hear that you listen. <3

  12. Hi
    I read this with so much interest,thank you for the article.I have just recently moved to a new city,and the past few days,i’ve been hearing a ticking sound,(external).Its not my watches,its as if the sound comes from outside, and I hear this noise when i’m upstairs in the bedrooms or bathrooms, before I go to bed at night.My apartment is next to a river, so there is constant running water noise.My question is, how do i harness this clairaudience gift, and what does the clock sound mean?Looking forward to a response. God bless.

    1. Bridgette Franitti

      Hi Tony, thanks for reaching out! I have no idea what the ticking sound could mean but, I can tell you how to strengthen your clairaudience! It really is as simple as setting the intention to strengthen it. Spending time in meditation or just relaxing in silence, focus on the sounds.. try to stretch your hearing muscles! You can also ask for messages to come through for you via clairaudience. Hope this helps, and good luck in the new city! <3

  13. Bridgette Franitti

    Hi Herman! Sounds like your grandma was very intuitive! If you’re feeling fear, ask your guides, angels and higher self for comfort and clarity. Read only material that feels good to you, anything that doesn’t, discard. Trust that your peeps have your back and try to be open to their love and guidance. Hope this helps <3

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