What’s it Like to Communicate with Spirits?

One of my mediumship students asked me an interesting question. She was getting ready to give a reading to someone that wanted to connect with her dad in heaven.

The problem: Her client’s dad was Portuguese and never spoke English. And the medium doesn’t speak Portuguese.

Her client asked, “How are you going to communicate with my Dad if you don’t speak his language?”

The answer is super interesting! Read on to learn what real spirit communication is like.

What's it like to communicate with spirit? What if they don't speak my language?

Spirit Communication is Universal

First off, I do know a little Portuguese because of my Vovó (Portuguese grandmother). I know the words “egg head,” “silly girl,” and “sit down.” How I know these phrases is a story for another day.

It doesn’t matter, anyway…

As a spiritual medium, you are not limited to connecting with spirits that only spoke English.

Spirit communication is universal; it is based on vibration and telepathy, not the spoken word.

So, don’t worry. You don’t need to sign up for that Rosetta Stone course just yet!

Communicating with those in spirit is much different than having a conversation with someone who is still living.

Those in heaven will communicate with you via:

  • Feelings (physical and emotional). As a medium, you may feel a twinge in your chest if someone had angina. Or you may get a sense of their emotional well-being or personality. This is known as clairsentience.
  • Sight. Also known as clairvoyance, spirit may communicate by showing you images or moving pictures, which are usually seen with your mind’s eye. Going back to our angina example, you may see a spirit with their hands on their chest to indicate heart issues.
  • Download of information. Known as claircognizance, you may just know something about this spirit. It may feel like you were suddenly imprinted with information or have a strong sense of knowing. For example, you may know what the person did for a living or how many children they had.
  • Spirit communication is telepathic. In most cases, you won’t hear a spirit voice out loud; psychic hearing is subtle and sounds like when you are talking to yourself. Though I have heard a few German and Russian words from the other side (mostly names), my Guides do a wonderful job of helping “translate” everything in a way that I can understand. Yours will, too. This way, you can focus on your most important job — passing on messages from the other side.

Spirit communication can feel like playing a game of charades. You can have a two-way communication with those on the Other Side, but it’s much different than communicating to the living.

Bottom line: If you have a client whose loved one in heaven doesn’t speak the same language as you, no worries. Remember, all those in the spirit realm speak the language of love, which is something we can all understand.

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