4 Surefire Tips to Meet Your Spirit Guides

4 tips to meet your spirit guide

Tips to Meet Your Spirit Guide

Meeting your Spirit Guides and the rest of your spiritual team is a fun and powerful way to increase your psychic abilities.

Your Guides are wise, trustworthy and can help you find clarity in every area of your life... your intuitive journey, making decisions — anything!

But many beginner psychics get overwhelmed because they feel like they can’t connect with their spiritual helpers.

Believe me, I get it, but consider this…

If you met someone you were interested in, or wanted to rekindle your romance with your spouse, you might:

  • Plan a romantic dinner followed by a cozy evening with popcorn and a movie.
  • Get to know someone while sharing chili cheese fries at your fav restaurant.

Like any relationship, it can take a little time to connect with, and get to know your Spirit Guides — but it’s SO worth it!

What Are Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides are souls that offer us spiritual guidance in our daily lives. Their sole purpose is to guide us through our human experience.

Along with your guardian angels, loved ones in heaven, and Ascended Masters, they’re part of a divine support team that nudges you in the right direction and watches out for you.

But, unlike your bestie, you can’t just fire off a text to them the next time you need advice. Instead, you need to connect with them through your intuition.

Best yet? It’s easy to do this.

To get started, carve out 15-30 minutes to hang out with your Guides. Then, get comfortable and try one of these intuitive exercises:

psychic development tip spirit guides

1. Set the Intention

Meeting your Spirit Guides starts with one simple thing: asking them to be a part of your life.

Of course, these wise souls are already around, but by setting an intention, you are letting them know that you want to connect:

  • You can say something as simple as, “I am thankful that my Spirit Guides are part of my human experience.” You can also write it down on a piece of paper and place it under your pillow or wherever you’d like.
  • Next, take a moment to imagine how good it will feel to be connected to your Guides. Allow these positive feelings and emotions to wash over you… Imagine yourself surrounded in pink light and feeling the divine love.
  • Last, blow into your hands to ground yourself.

Over the next few days, pay attention

Do you notice that you are having more hunches or intuitive nudges? Is that little voice inside guiding you to try something new? If so, great! These are signs that you are connecting with intuitive guidance.

If not, don’t worry. With a little practice and trust, you’ll bring a touch of the divine into your daily life.

2. Use your Imagination

Imagination is a wonderful way to open your psychic abilities and meet your Spirit Guides because it gets you out of your thinking mind.

So, splurge and get yourself a fabulous journal and fancy pen. Next, use your imagination and ask yourself questions as you write in your journal:

  • What name(s) come to mind when I think about my Guide(s)?
  • When I close my eyes and think about my Guide(s), what do I see?
  • Was I in a past life with them?
  • What does my Guide(s) want me to know right now?

Allow yourself to relax, and don’t rush the process. Take time to explore and get to know your spiritual helpers over several journaling sessions.

  • The first time you try this, you might just get a “sense” of your Guide'(s) energy.
  • Next time, you may get a glimpse of their face, or a sense of their personality.


If you feel stuck, imagine that you already know your divine helpers. Remember, on a spiritual level, you are already connected with your spiritual team.

So, let your imagination flow, and you’ll strengthen your intuition and bond with your spirit family!

meet your spirit guides with this intuitive tip

3. Name Your Spiritual Guide

With the right guidance, meeting your Spirit Guides is easy!

In fact, in can be as effortless as giving your Guide a name and starting to chat with them.

And in case you are wondering, gender doesn’t matter. These spirits have masculine and feminine energy, so name them whatever resonates with you.

Once you’ve given them a name, start a conversation with them.

With a little practice, you’ll be able to sense when they’re around, chat with them, and access their loving guidance every day!

4. Draw

spirit guide art
Spirit Guide Art by Bridgette

Drawing can be a fun way to meet your Spirit Guides.

Like the tip above, it helps you set doubt aside and unlock your intuition via your imagination.

Plus, the pictures are nice to hang in your space so that, when you’re meditating, you have a visual image of them.

And hey, if you can only draw stick figures, don’t let that stop you.

The picture might not be frame-worthy, but it can still help you connect with your Guides!

A friend of mine drew one of my Guides, and he looked like a cross between Bob Ross and Jesus (see picture). I used to watch Bob Ross every day when I was a kid, so I burst into happy tears when I saw the drawing.


Your Spirit Guides want to connect with you — that’s why they’re here. 

You can move forward with confidence because they are already around you, working their magic. On a daily basis, they offer you loving, divine wisdom. They are here and always have been, since the moment you were born (and even before that!)

It’s just that, in our crazy-busy lives, we don’t always notice them — kind of like dust. Dust is always in the air, but we don’t notice it until it’s covering our TV stand and our partner asks, “Um, are you gonna break out the Swiffer any time soon?” 

All you need to do is use one of the exercises you just learned to access intuitive guidance and enrich your life.

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