Becoming Clairvoyant: 5 Easy Ways to Increase Psychic Seeing

being clairvoyant, 5 ways to increase psychic sight

Becoming Clairvoyant

Becoming clairvoyant (or developing any of the “clairs” that improve intuitive ability) is fun, and easier than you might think.

But just like with anything new, it takes some practice and patience to get the hang of it.

Do you think you could get a smokin’, ripped hot body overnight, without doing any work? If only! It’s the same with developing your psychic skills.

Building your “psychic muscles” is a process, just like working out. But in my opinion, it’s much more fun!

This is the third in my series on clairvoyance. If you’d like to learn the basics about psychic sight – like how it works and why you don’t have to be afraid of your gifts, read this post. Wondering if you are clairvoyant? Learn the signs here.

5 Ways to Increase Psychic Seeing

1. Practice Visualization

The term clairvoyant means “clear seeing”, so it makes sense that visualization is one of the best ways to increase psychic sight.

And it never gets boring, because there are tons of fun ways to visualize!

Yes, I know it sounds ridiculously simple, but it truly is the secret sauce of strengthening clairvoyance…

Remember: Clairvoyance connects you with your intuition through images and visions, so it’s helpful to learn to see images in your mind’s eye.

Spending a few minutes each day visualizing images, pictures and scenes in your mind’s eye is an easy way to develop clairvoyance.

Here are my favorite visualization exercises to get you started:

Flower Visualization for Clairvoyance

I love this psychic development exercise because it requires pretty flowers (which us third eye people appreciate).

Plus, the earthy elements used will help keep you grounded, which is wonderful for intuitive beginners!

What you need: A fresh flower, leaf, or pine cone

  • Hold the flower and run your fingers over it, noting the colors and textures.
  • When you are ready, put the flower down and close your eyes.
  • Take a breath and relax.
  • With your eyes still closed, picture the flower in your mind’s eye in as much detail as you can.
  • Recall everything you can about the flower for 20-30 seconds.

As you can see, it’s easy to learn how to develop clairvoyance with exercises like this that let you flex your third eye muscles! Let’s move on to another…

Imagination Visualization

What you need: Your imagination!

One of my favorite visualization exercises is to picture my perfect moment. Sometimes I’ve got my toes in the sand in Malibu with my husband smiling next to me; other times, I’m in the front row of an Adele concert.

Visualize your dreamy scene with the intent of opening the third eye chakra and improving your clairvoyant abilities.

Loved One Visualization

Get into a comfortable position, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, getting settled in your body. Once you feel stable, imagine the face of a loved one in your mind’s eye. Look closely and see their laugh lines, dimples — all of it!

Clairvoyant Number Visualization

Close your eyes and imagine the number one in your mind. When you can hold the image for five seconds, move on to the number two, then three, etc., all the way to 10.

Having trouble visualizing? Gather up some art supplies and draw a big number one on a piece of paper. Go wild and make it creative…  Cover it with glitter, or color it yellow and add stripes! Now, study your picture for a few seconds and THEN try the exercise again.

visualize to develop clairvoyance, psychic development tip

2. Play a Clairvoyant Game

Clairvoyant Game #1

Do you remember playing the game Memory as a child? You know, the game where you place all of the cards face down, then flip over one at a time, trying to make matches? Well, it’s about to take on a whole new meaning!

Pull out your deck of cards and lay three card pairs (six cards total) face down on the table.

Then, flip one card up, and try to find its mate… using your third eye.

As you play, keep envisioning the cards in your mind’s eye so that, when they are face down, you “see” where each card is.

Clairvoyant Game #2

Here’s another fun clairvoyant game.

  • Have a friend place 10 random items on your kitchen table (make sure you leave the room while she’s setting up).
  • When she’s done, study the items for 10-20 seconds.
  • Now, close your eyes and practice seeing each of the items in your mind. Try to see its location on the table, size, and color.
  • Last, open your eyes and look at the table to see how you did.


You can also do this exercise when you are alone. All you need to do is study your surroundings, then, close your eyes and picture your surroundings in as much detail as possible.

Clairvoyant Game #3

Zener cards are a fun way to increase clairvoyant abilities and:

Practice telepathically sending and receiving Zener card images to a friend.

I did this exercise years ago in a psychic development group, and my partner and I were able to get 100% correct. It’s pretty cool and it works!

Read:  Psychic Development Tip – Two Zener card Exercises

psychic development tip: use zener cards to increase intuition

3. Use Crystals to Open Your Third Eye

Crystals are a great way to open your third eye. Place them near you when you meditate or lay them near your forehead when you go to sleep.

You can also carry them in your pocket. This will help remind you of your intention to develop your clairvoyance throughout the day.  Plus, crystals are fun to carry. Period.

Both amethyst and fluorite are known for their abilities to open the third eye.

crystals to strengthen clairvoyance

4. Strengthen Clairvoyance While You Sleep

Your Higher Self and Spirit Guides are always available to offer you intuitive guidance for your highest good.

So, set the intention that you are open to receiving guidance, then ask that you receive clairvoyant messages while you sleep.

This is a nearly effortless way of strengthening your psychic sight (while enjoying some insightful dreams).

Clairvoyant dreams happen because our logical minds are relaxed when we’re sleeping. This allows us to receive intuitive insight without second-guessing ourselves.

As your intuitive abilities increase, you may start to notice patterns and symbols that are meaningful to you, or remember a past life!

For this reason, you should keep a dream journal near your bed and record your dreams as soon as you wake up.

Your dream journal will also help you see how your clairvoyance is increasing; and there’s no better inspiration to keep going than “seeing” how far you’ve come!

5. Third Eye Meditation

Your third eye (located between your eyebrows) is where you’ll receive intuitive visions, so it’s important for it to be open and balanced.

Meditation, like visualization, opens your third eye and gets the job done!

During this meditative exercise, you may experience a tingling sensation between your eyebrows. This is normal, and a sign that your third eye chakra is opening, which will allow your clairvoyant gifts to flourish!

Meditation to Strengthen Clairvoyance

  • First, set a timer for five minutes.
  • Then, get comfortable, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths.
  • Now, set the intention to open your third eye chakra.
  • Imagine your third eye chakra (Anja) opening. See it as a spinning wheel of majestic purple light that is perfectly balanced, allowing you to connect with your intuition through your clairvoyant gift.
  • When you are done with the meditation, blow into the palms of your hands to ground yourself to the earth.

Clairvoyant Takeaways

Using these tips, you will be able to develop your clairvoyance and increase your psychic sight.

Also keep in mind that your Spirit Guides, Higher Self, and other members of your spiritual family have your highest good at heart, so you can trust them to safely guide you through your intuitive journey.

As you practice, trust in yourself and your visions…

We’ve been taught to only trust in things that are tangible, so it’s easy to discount your intuition and go back to a “logical” frame of mind. It happens to all of us, so give yourself some grace.

Developing psychic abilities may seem “too easy” or different than what you expect.

But you are a spiritual being with natural intuitive gifts, so don’t think you can’t develop clairvoyance or be surprised when your ability expands… you’re on the right track!

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