How to Trust Being a Psychic Clairvoyant… in Spite of Doubt

how to trust being a psychic clairvoyant in spite of doubt

How to Trust Being a Psychic Clairvoyant

Psychic clairvoyant experiences are amazing. You get to see images, symbols, and even little “movies” in your head.

what is clairvoyanceBut even if you feel mostly awesome about your abilities, there will still be times when you doubt yourself.

We ALL have doubt sometimes — especially in the beginning when our intuitive gifts are first awakening.

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Does this sound familiar?

One day you know it’s all real and you feel like you are walking on sunshine! You feel aligned with your soul and oh-so-bubbly!

You smile at the grouchy teenager who bags your groceries and send her loving pink light.

Then, you pick up your bag of carrots and bounce out of the market.

Psychic clairvoyance rocks!

The next day, you feel… doubt.  


You wonder if you REALLY have psychic clairvoyant ability.

  • Is this all in my head?
  • Am I just making it all up?
  • I’m not very good at this.

I know, it can be tough to trust your experiences when the world around you perceives right-brained people as flakes… and it’s not like we can see or touch our intuition, so it’s doubly tricky!

But I PROMISE, you CAN learn to trust your psychic clairvoyant abilities.

I was THE Queen of Doubt, and if I could learn to trust, so can you. Here’s how:

5 Tips for Trusting Psychic Clairvoyant Experiences

1. Have Faith in Yourself… Just for Now

Did you ever stop and think about how much we abuse ourselves with negative self-talk? A lot!

Decide that just for this week, this day, or even this hour, you are going to trust the messages you get.

  • Take Away: Today, give yourself the benefit of the doubt and have faith in yourself and your psychic clairvoyant abilities. Then watch for, and EXPECT, amazing insights to come to you.

2. Ask For It

Would you give a kid in kindergarten a calculus book? No way! You’d break out the flash cards and teach them that 1+1 = 2.

Starting today, ask your Spirit Guides for images and signs that you will be able to easily interpret.

  • Take Away: Your spiritual team is thrilled that you are learning about, and using, your psychic clairvoyant gifts, so they won’t mind being asked for a sign (or 10!)

3. Trust Your Spirit Guides

Sometimes, you may get messages that seem just plain weird and wonder what your Guides have been smokin’.  

For example, I was giving a mediumship reading once and saw a glass eyeball in my mind’s eye.

As my client sat across from me, I convinced myself that this vision was completely wrong, that I was not psychic enough, and that I should go back to school for accounting. But guess what?

She knew exactly what the glass eye was all about!

It can take practice to learn how to interpret intuitive messages, so be patient with yourself.

If you don’t understand a message, ask your Guides for help clarifying what you saw.
  • Take away: You can trust your Spirit Guides. The main job of these loving beings is to guide you, so know that whatever they send you is golden.

4. Share Wisely

It’s exciting when you start seeing your intuitive gifts progress, and it’s easy to overshare.

For example, you decide to quit the job you hate and become a freelancer. You’ve always wanted to do this, but finally feel ready because of the guidance you’ve received through your psychic clairvoyant abilities.

That’s awesome, hugs and smiles!

But the truth is, not everyone will understand.

Some will think that you’re so open minded that your brains fell out. You’re listening to your clair-what? 

So, it’s a good idea to think carefully before sharing too much with certain people… You know the ones.

They live solidly in their left-brained, logical world and won’t understand about feeling intuitively called or guided.

It’s not that they want you to be unhappy; it’s that they don’t understand. They haven’t opened up to their intuition so they can’t relate. It’s like they speak a different language.

  • Take away:  It’s so easy to second-guess yourself during this phase. Keeping certain info on a “need-to-know” basis allows you to share with the people that will encourage you — not the ones who won’t.

5. Journal

Okay, you’ve asked for help from your Spirit Guides and you are choosing to trust yourself. Now what?

You are going to start getting messages, believe it!

One easy way to learn to trust your psychic clairvoyant gifts is to keep a journal of your experiences.

Write down all of the intuitive guidance you get, including dreams, visions, and the vibes you feel about things.

  • Take away: Your journal will be a huge help during those times when you feel doubt because you will be able to read how many times your intuition has been spot-on! Plus, it’s a confidence-booster to see the “facts” in black and white.

It’s also fun to be able to go back and read your journals later on!

6. Raise Your Vibration

To get messages, it’s helpful to have a high vibration. Remember, all energy vibrates at a certain frequency. Spirit energy vibrates really fast (because it’s not weighed down by a physical body or negative energy).

When your vibration is high, you’ll feel how much easier it is to receive and TRUST the psychic clairvoyant messages that you are receiving.

Raising your vibration is easy: Do more of what makes you happy and stay away from negativity when you can. You might be thinking, but have you met my in-laws?

Many people (myself included) have trained themselves to make joy a priority. I’ll be honest, it feels strange in the beginning, but it starts to feel more natural the more you do it.

  • Take away: A high vibration helps you be a clear clairvoyant channel.

7. Practice

With practice and more successes, your confidence in your clairvoyant ability will grow. Practice can be as simple as asking for guidance for yourself, then following it:

  • Ask for guidance, and write it down in your journal.
  • If you don’t get an answer at first, ask for signs. Write down any signs you receive in your journal also.
  • Take away:  Make practicing a part of your day, every day. You won’t believe how quickly you’ll start trusting your psychic clairvoyant insights!

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