The Most Important Part of Giving a Mediumship Reading

To me, there are no sweeter words on earth than:

  • I love you
  • Would you like some coffee?

Let’s take coffee out of the equation and focus on the words I love you — specifically, what these words mean when you are giving someone a mediumship reading.

BTW, if you’re a mediumship newbie, this post will open your eyes wider than if the Kool Aid man burst through your door. Let’s dig in!

The most important part of giving a mediumship reading

The most important part of any mediumship reading is (drum roll please)…


Hands down. Period. Without a doubt. Season finale. The whole enchilada.

The absolute most important part of any mediumship reading is the message.

Of course, when communicating with Spirit, evidence is crucial too. By evidence, I mean things like:

  • personality traits
  • how someone passed away
  • the hobbies they had while they were living
  • stuff about their life (were they married/had kids/what kind of job they did)
  • their name or initials
  • anything that helps their loved ones know it is them

All of these things are awesome, amazing, and important.

But what I see happening with a lot of beginners is that they focus so much on evidence that they forget the message.

Stop and think about it for a minute. WHY do people visit mediums…

People get readings because they want to reconnect with their loved one in heaven. And when the mediumship reading is over, they want to feel like they had a VISIT with their loved one in heaven.

That means…

Bringing forth Spirit’s personality, etc. is important, but you also need to pass on a meaningful message.

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Getting a meaningful message

It’s great to pass on messages from Spirit like, “I love you,” or “I’m proud of you.” But most people know their person in Spirit loves them.

So, during the mediumship reading, you want to tune in to Spirit and get a meaningful message. And don’t worry — it does not have to be a profound message, or some secret of the Universe.

The message can be ANYTHING that is meaningful to your client. Even a seemingly simple message can be meaningful to the person you are giving the reading to.

Here’s an example:

Years ago, my mentor was giving a group reading (like John Edward used to do in Crossing Over) to about 500 people. During the reading, some of her students went up on stage to give readings to the crowd, too.

Well, one mediumship student was spot on with everything he said. For example, he told one woman how her husband passed away, what he did for a living, and the name of his pet!

It was beautiful!

But here’s where it gets interesting:

When the student was done, our mentor said to the woman, “I have one thing to add. Your husband says he’s glad you are using the yellow umbrella.”

Well, the woman burst into tears. The yellow umbrella had a LOT of significance to her.

It had belonged to her husband and, now that he was gone, she brought it to and from her car every day, just to remind her of him.

When the reading was over, the woman thanked my mentor for the message. Then, she went on and on about how amazed she was to hear about the umbrella. So… of all the things that came through (including the pet’s name), the umbrella message made her feel most connected.

The moral of the story: Don’t forget the message. :)

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