7 Crystals to Increase Psychic Abilities

crystals to increase psychic abilities
Increase psychic abilities. Let’s go ahead and state the obvious, shall we?

Crystals are gorgeous. In fact, I’d still have them all over my house, even if they didn’t have anything to offer other than their looks.

But the truth is, crystals are also packed with protection, clarity, and guidance. We can even use them to increase psychic abilities!

I mean, how much easier can it get?

Why Use Crystals to Increase Psychic Abilities

Crystals are super powerful and have been used in a variety of ways for centuries.

They were hugely popular and mainstream in Atlantis. (hint: if you have a love affair with crystals, you may also have an Atlantis past life connection!)

Their strong energy easily affects the human body and psyche and should never be overlooked.

Because of their deep connection with both us and the Universe, they’re the perfect tool to use when developing your psychic ability.


Sure, crystals have been around for a long time. But they are not an ‘outdated’ way to connect with our intuition and the Universe. So, if you are imaging an old lady in a turban waving her way-too-long fingernails over some crystals — kick it out.

Crystals are modern, gorgeous, and powerful!

what are crystals

How to Choose a Crystal

Crystals are fab for a lot of reasons, but one of the coolest reasons is that they tend to choose us. Yep… “You had me at hello” style.

Their powerful energy can connect with our energy and draw us to them!

Obviously, they won’t drop a neon sign off the edge of their form and announce they’ve chosen us, but as you’re shopping you may notice yourself feeling drawn in a certain direction.

If that happens, go with it — and trust that your intuition is far more capable of choosing a crystal than you may realize!

Speaking of intuition…

Letting your intuition and Higher self do the heavy lifting is a great way to choose a crystal! After all, you are trying to increase psychic abilities, right?

How to Use This List

As you review this list, take notice of what crystals seem interesting to you or draw you in.

Don’t over-analyze it.

There’s no exact science to choosing a crystal, so have some fun with it! (BTW, have I ever told you NOT to have fun with something?)

  • If you are picking out crystals in person, hold them in your hands. Notice how certain ones make you feel. You’ll likely notice a difference!
  • When picking out a crystal online, take a deep breath and center yourself. Look at the crystal and ask yourself, “How does this crystal make me feel?” (Or you can just buy the ones that you think are pretty. Anything, including beauty, may draw you in!

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The Best Crystals to Increase Psychic Abilities

Here’s the deal: all crystals have energy that can help awaken your intuition and psychic gifts.

So, if you find yourself drawn to a crystal that’s not on this list, go with it… there is a reason you’re feeling that way.

That said, here are the best crystals to increase psychic abilities:

1. Azurite

We all have this really cool thing in-between our eyebrows called the third eye. It’s the eye that houses a greater sense of intuition, and even clairvoyance (psychic seeing).

Azurite is said to vibrate at the level of our third eye.

In other words, it’s one of the best when you’re trying to “wake up” your intuitive gifts, especially clairvoyance.

2. Amethyst

Be still my heart! You would probably recognize this iconic crystal anywhere — it’s known for its deep purple color and shimmery insides. SO GORG!

It’s also known to energize the heart chakra! We have 7 chakras that serve different purposes in our body.

The heart chakra enables us to feel love and connection to ourselves and others, which is really important when we are opening up our psychic gifts or having a spiritual awakening. 

3. Quartz Crystal to Increase Psychic Abilities

The nickname for this crystal is the “universal crystal,” so right off the bat, this makes it a good choice to increase psychic abilities. But nicknames aren’t everything (thank goodness my middle school one didn’t stick).

The properties of a quartz crystal are extremely powerful for enhancing psychic vision (clairvoyance).

Place it on your third eye during meditation to open clairvoyant ability!

Tip: Quartz is also great for enlightenment and energetic protection. You’ll definitely want to add this versatile crystal to your collection!

4. Iolite

Not only is this stone fantastic for enabling untapped psychic abilities, it can also help clean and balance your aura (a cluttered aura can leave you feeling unbalanced, ungrounded, or frustrated).

Iolite is good for helping people get in touch with their spiritual side, and those who are having a spiritual awakening.

Plus, if you’re looking to increase psychic dreams, it will definitely lend a helping hand. (Make sure to have your dream journal on your nightstand!)

5. Bloodstone

When you think of strengthening your psychic abilities, you may think lofty or airy thoughts (which is great!).

Bloodstone helps give you a nice balance of being open but grounded, which is important in your journey.

You may feel drawn to bloodstone if you are worried about any kind of negativity during your spiritual journey.

It’s also great for activating the root chakra, which is responsible for feeling secure in our basic humanity: shelter, food, sex.

When our root chakra is out of whack, so are we; it’s our foundation, and without a secure foundation, we can feel “off”.

On the flip side when our root chakra is balanced, we feel much more capable of fulfilling our dreams and desires!


If your root chakra feels closed or off, try placing a crystal grid of bloodstones under your bed while you sleep.

6. Fluorite

Not only ultra-gorgeous, fluorite can help protect your energy from those psychic vampires in your life (someone who makes you feel like they suck your energy and it totally exhausts you).

You can even wear fluorite jewelry for when those Negative Nancys come knocking!

Fluorite is well known for its ability to offer energetic protection and sanctuary from negative and stale energies. (Tip: Keep some fluorite in your pocket when you sage-smudge your home.)

Fluorite is also said to:

  • Open your intuition
  • Strengthen your spiritual connection (mediumship)
  • Increase psychic ability
  • Balance any of your chakras

In other words, this is a complete “go to” crystal.

7. Turquoise

I’ll admit, this crystal is one of my favorites. Even if it wasn’t one of the best crystals for developing psychic ability, it may have ended up on this list anyway.

But thankfully, turquoise is a fantastic stone for enhancing and increasing psychic powers.

It’s also used for clearing all chakras and removing negative energies.

Any way you slice it, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful stone.

Crystals to Increase Psychic Abilities: Tips

The vibrations of each individual crystal will differ, even if they’re the same variation of stone:

  • As you make your selection, note how you feel when you hold one crystal verses another.
  • If you’re shopping online, use your intuition and clairsentience to sense the energy of the crystal. (I always set the intention that the Universe will send me the perfect stone!) Also: Make sure you’re buying from a reputable store that cleans and cares for their crystals before they ship them. I’m VERY picky when it comes to crystals and get mine from Energy Muse*.
  • Once you’re done using your crystal, sage it to keep it clean and charged. If you don’t have sage, you can also set it in the sun or bury it in a plant!

Using crystals to increase psychic ability is not only a fun way to see how far your gifts will go, but also a great way to receive all of the other benefits crystals offer (like protection and healing).

*If you purchase through one of my links, I may earn a small commission, which I’ll use to buy a caramel latte. :)

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