Becoming a Spiritual Medium: 10 Things No One Tells You

becoming a spiritual medium: 10 things no one tells you

Becoming a Spiritual Medium

Becoming a spiritual medium is a path that will lead to enlightenment and growth. But the truth is, the journey can seem hard when you’re a beginner.

I’ve been an intuitive medium for 20+ years, and today, I want to help you by sharing some of the things I wish someone had told me when I first started.

1. Doubt is Normal at First

As a beginner spiritual medium, your confidence will be shaky at first.

For example, the first time you give a reading and someone can’t validate what you’re saying, you will doubt your abilities.

Just know that this is normal and all mediums struggle with their confidence in the beginning.

There are many reasons why someone may not be able to validate what you are saying at that moment. It happens to all of us sometimes, and doesn’t mean that you’re not psychic enough.

Learning to trust is part of the process; it might take a little time — but you WILL do it!

There are many resources and lots of support available to you these days (like online courses and blogs), so learn from those who have walked this path before you.

2. You Will Feel Joy and Connection

You will have so many good moments throughout your intuitive journey, and many empowering days where you think to yourself, “I can do this! Spirit communication is amazing and THIS is my calling.”

If you are having a challenging moment where you doubt yourself or feel afraid, remind yourself that this is just a little bump in the road.

To keep the positive vibes going, write down special, breakthrough moments in a journal and look back at them on ‘off’ days.

This simple tip will help you stay ‘high-vibe’, and aligned with your purpose.

3. Becoming a Spiritual Medium is a Journey

Learning to strengthen your clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance) is an important part of your journey.

But it’s not just about developing your clairs and you’re done.

You’ll continue to experience personal growth throughout your journey and:

  • Learn to access and trust your intuition every day
  • Gain clarity about your life and purpose
  • Meet amazing people that will inspire and guide you
  • Feel more peace and love in your heart
  • Experience a touch of the divine every day

4. Once You Realize It’s Not About You, It Gets Easier

One of my mentors used to say, “Get your ego out of the work”. This frustrated me because I didn’t really understand what she meant.

Then one day, it clicked.

She meant that the work isn’t about ME.

As a spiritual medium, your job is to connect with those in spirit, and give them a voice by passing on their messages.

Once you embrace this perspective, you will feel lighter and more confident — and things will be easier!

5. Listen to Your Body

In 2014, my daughter was sick for several months. I was exhausted and knew that I couldn’t help anyone at that time. My heart and Higher Self were telling me to take a break.

As hard as it was, I canceled all mediumship and intuitive readings for the next three months.

For me, nothing is more important than being fully present for the people I serve; and I wasn’t present at that time. 

Intuitive work is energy work. To serve the highest good of others, listen to your heart, body and soul. Rest when you need to and pace yourself. It’s all part of the journey.

6. It’s Okay to Set Boundaries

I used to feel pressured to give six readings a day, five days a week, because I wanted to help everyone. But this led to major burnout.

I also thought I had to work around everyone else’s schedules (even when it was inconvenient for my family).

But eventually, with the support of my mentors, I learned to:

  • Honor myself
  • Honor what I feel
  • Set healthy boundaries (like no intuitive readings on Sundays)

It took practice, but once I got the hang of it, I felt more joyful and aligned with my purpose.

Learning to honor yourself and what you feel is a natural part of the process — and very empowering!

7. Don’t Worry About Skeptics

Not everyone will believe in, or support, what you do. It’s alright though, because we are each on our own path.

Focus your energy on the positive: the Light, the healing, and helping others.

You’ve got more important work to do than turn skeptics into believers!

What are you most excited about? Make a list of the 10 things that excite you about becoming a spiritual medium. Refer to and update your list often, and hold those thoughts in your heart.

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8. It’s Okay to Charge a Fee as a Spiritual Medium

Money is energy and is meant to flow. Yes, I know it’s hard to think of money as energy when you only have $1.99 in your checking account, but it really is just energy.

Charging money does not make you a less caring spiritual medium.

Trust me on this.

I did not charge money for the first 10 years I did this work. Then one day I gave a woman a free reading and she said to me, “Love, I need to pay you.”

That woman was such a gift and taught me about energy exchange. She reminded me that things cost money in our physical world, and explained that she felt uncomfortable NOT paying.

Think of money as an energetic exchange for your time and service — not your intuitive gifts.

9. Be Yourself

You are a beautiful soul and should let your unique personality shine through in your readings.

The people you read for want to connect with the real you!

When I started my first blog I was afraid to be myself, but hiding my (quirky) personality made me miserable.

So, let your divine light shine and bring your personality into your spiritual medium readings.

When you stay true to YOU, your Spirit Guides and the universe work their magic!

10. Your Higher Self is Important

One of my students said to me, “I had no idea how important soul connection was when I first started doing this work”.

It’s true. A connection with your Higher Self, and tuning into your own intuition is key. And using your intuition every day is a great way to strengthen your natural psychic gifts!

13 thoughts on “Becoming a Spiritual Medium: 10 Things No One Tells You”

  1. Hi Jessica,

    I’m not a psychic medium (though my wife used to do readings) but I really appreciated reading your post and getting to peek in at a mostly unfamiliar world. And as a coach I certainly relate to your section on energy exchange and charging. :)

    1. Thank you, Dave. I didn’t know your wife used to do readings! Yes, as you know, it’s so important to talk about money in a way that’s not taboo because it’s certainly not a bad thing :)

  2. Hi Jessica, I saw your blog and from within I began to hunger, literally I instantly began to feel refreshed.
    This I believe actually feeds my inner self that it may grow to maturity and lead me into the greater realms of reality that my cranial self can’t get to. There is so much inside that I want to get out.
    I have a desire for being accurate. Words of wisdom and the word of knowledge do operate through my life but I never even thought that the word psychic would have been calling me. I too understand
    About money being energy or as I call it by the term given, currency. The ability to flow, an unending river
    That has the same ending as its beginning. Wow, see I could go on and on. This is not how I communicate on a normal bases but when I feel ignited in my inner self I get the opportunity to be and express what I AM.

    1. Hi Raymond! Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I think it’s awesome that you feel ignited to express who you really are. :)

  3. Jessica Thompson

    wow, this is amazing. I have learnt a lot from reading this, I am a Pyschic Medium and I am trying to develop more. You have written a very inspiration blog and i am saving this page as a favourites of mine to always reflect on. You have a kind and calming nature to all around you. I can certainly relate to most of the messages, and I know understand that It isn’t about me, and i love the quote ” I define my job as giving a voice to those in spirit”. Thank you.

  4. I am now starting to realize that I can help people via the Spiritual paintings I do, the awesome conversations I have with other like-minded people and just by being me and listening and watching Spirit as they float by. It is a journey and a wonderful one at that <3

  5. Thank you for your blog your articles have made so much of my life make sense. I have recently realised that I am an empath and that makes so many things that have happened in my life make sense. Thank you for showing me that.

  6. heyJessica i’m kind of worried i’m really confused i can control the wind by using my mind and i think i saw my spirit guide or an angel or mother nature in a dream i don’t know if i can talk to the dead…Im scared of myself Im scared of my abilities and i don’t want to do any protection spells but i’m scared of demons and the devil…Maybe if u can grant me protection or get one of your guides to help protect me or something this whole thing gives me the creeps…i also can feel other peoples emotions but usually only the negative ones which causes me to have panic attacks for no reason…please if you could reply and help me that would be so helpful :) ( I can also tell when i’m going to see someone at the shops)

    1. Bridgette Franitti

      Hey! I wanted to share a few posts about protection and fear :)

      I think these might help you feel better.

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