How to Deal with a Psychic Vampire… While Still Being Nice

So you know a psychic vampire (or 3), do you? Me, too. Let’s talk about how to deal with them… while still putting good vibes into the Universe AND protecting your precious energy.

Have you heard, “Aww, you’re soooo nice!” your whole life?

Do people often tell you things like, “Be careful! I’m nice, but the wrong person may take advantage of you”?

  • Can you not help but go over and help that man with a cane cross the road?
  • Are you often found doing random acts of kindness?

If you’re blushing and nodding “yes”, good for you!

Your kind soul and sweet spirit makes the world a better place. However, it also put you at risk for a psychic vampire attack.

Yikes! I realize how terrifying that phrase sounds – so before you hide your head under the covers, let me explain:

Here's how to handle a psychic vampire, while still being nice and keeping a high energetic vibe

What are psychic vampires?

Psychic vampires are toxic people who drain our energy, attention, and life source. Pleasant, right?

To make matters worse, they often are found preying on those chalk full of compassion. Fan-tastic… [insert sarcasm here].

Here is where you brace and wait for me to tell you, “Armor up! You need to get tough in order for you to protect yourself. No more acts of kindness!”

Um, no. Hopefully you know me better than that, but just in case, let me reassure you: that is not where I’m heading.

I wrote this in-depth post especially for all of you empathic and sensitive souls.

The tips that follow will allow you to continue being your loving self AND help you recognize the signs that a psychic vampire is invading your energy space, OK?

Psychic Vampire Signs – and How to Deal with Them Nicely

1. Lots of Public Requests

Facebook is a great tool to get a message out fast! It’s also great for researching…

Let’s say you’re enjoying your evening latte and Fig Newton and notice a post from an acquaintance in your newsfeed. It seems like she is having a rough time.

OMG you guys! My house needs to be fumigated! Charlie, Dixie, Stuart and Me have NOWHERE to go!

BTW: Charlie, Dixie and Stuart are her 3 Golden Retrievers. Sure, you have a couch that she could crash on for a few nights, and you could take some Benadryl for your fur allergy….

So of course, being the loving soul that you are, you’re tempted to help her out. After all, she needs help – and you’re able to help


Before you offer up your living room sofa:

  • Scroll through her page a little more. Take note of any other recent posts requesting things. If you see more than 1 or 2 in the last few months, proceed with caution!
  • Is her profile drama central? If her posts are loaded with drama and negativity, also proceed with caution!… You don’t want to be a part of that hot mess!

This may be a “repeat offender” (a classic psychic vampire sign) who’s counting on getting new people in their contact book (do people still use those?) to call when they’re in trouble.

They need new people because, well, they burnt out the old ones! Yikes.

How to Deal with This Psychic Vampire:
  • Send them love and white light. (White light is one of my favorite psychic protection methods.)
  • WAIT A DAY. Assess the situation again tomorrow. Do things look different in the light of day? If so, you may have just avoided an encounter with a psychic vampire.
  • If you’re not sure what to do, tune into your heart during a meditation and ask your Higher Self for guidance.

2. Lack of Boundaries

Let me assure you… A psychic vampires is not concerned with you or your life.

For this reason, they often overstep their boundaries or intrude into your space in obvious ways.

If you notice someone constantly doing things like:

  • Messaging you late at night/early in the morning.
  • Making you jump through hoops to do them a favor.
  • Showing up unannounced, etc…

Take note – this could be the start of a draining and toxic relationship.

Tip: It’s VERY easy to miss this sign. You could  justify it as, “Oh, they’re just a little eccentric, it’s harmless!” So be careful, it’s a slippery slope.

How to Deal with This Psychic Vampire:
  • Let’s be honest here. Even our kids and other family members can be psychic vampires. You can’t pick your family, but you can choose what they take from you.
  • Study their patterns. When do they call? What do they need? Understanding their patterns will help you come up with loving strategies to protect your energy.

3. Anger When You’re Unable/Willing to Comply

Unfortunately this sign may signal you’ve already entered a toxic relationship.

If a psychic vampire is used to you jumping to their tune, they won’t react well when that dependence is taken away – even if it’s unintentional (you’re out of town and can’t help).

If this happens even ONCE, it may be time to cut ties with this person. The relationship is no longer healthy.

Sometimes, not enabling them is the kindest thing that you can do (for your sake AND theirs).

How to Deal with This Psychic Vampire:
    • Set boundaries and empower yourself. Otherwise, those stomach knots won’t go away!
  • Take notice. When does this person usually reach out to you? What do they want (rides, to “vent”, etc.)? Plan for it with the next step.
  • Think of some kind ways you can let them down gently. For example, if they want to vent and their venting drains you, don’t feed into the negativity. Find a way to put a positive spin on the conversation. Eventually, these psychic vampires will move on because their needs aren’t met.

4. Manipulation

Psychic vampires may use different forms of manipulation to tap into some of your tasty life force, like:

  • Desperation
  • Pleading for help
  • Charm
  • Victimization
  • Anger

Pay close attention to this especially if you have noticed another red flag.

How to Deal With this Psychic Vampire:
  • Be honest with yourselfbrutally honest… about which behaviors you are NOT willing to accept.
  • Get out your journal and sparkly pen and WRITE THAT JUNK DOWN. For example, if you have a family member that constantly yells at you on the phone, write that on your list, “I am no willing to accept being yelled at by ____________.”  Come up with an “exit” strategy, such as telling them, “I’ll talk to you later when you calm down.” If time permits, meditate for 5 minutes to soothe yourself.
  • Keep your guidelines somewhere where you will see it every day.
  • Send the person white light and love.
  • Send YOURSELF white light and love.

Once you start empowering yourself, you will be a lot better at recognizing who is taking advantage of you energetically.

5. Unable to Accept Responsibility

Because their emotional maturity level is lower, energy vampires are typically unable (or unwilling) to accept responsibility for their poor actions.

Take note if you seen someone behaving in what you would consider an immature way:

  • Rants on Facebook
  • Loud fights at parties
  • Pouting
  • Blaming others, etc.

Even if none of this is directed at you, it is a telling sign of their character and go-to responses.

How to Deal with this Psychic Vampire:
  • The good news is that this psychic vampire is pretty easy to deal with. “Unfollow” them on social media, politely decline their invitations, don’t rush to answer their calls. Being around this kind of energy isn’t going to do your spiritual journey any favors.

6. Trouble and Attention Seeking

At the end of the day, psychic vampires love attention more than Khloe Kardashian. Actually, they need it.

Their need for attention and energy stems from not being able to provide those things for themselves.

Be wary of anyone you CONSTANTLY see involved in drama. They will always seem to be right in the middle of some sort of mess or trouble… getting just what they want – attention!

How to Deal with This Psychic Vampire:
  • Unfollow this psychic vampire on social media.
  • For the love of all things green, STAY OUT OF IT. Don’t give an opinion (good or bad) or you’ll be sucked into their drama landmine in an instant!
  • If they vent to you, and you MUST listen, stay neutral. “I’m sorry that you’re going through this,” always works well. The most important thing is not to feed into the negativity or you’ll become the sounding board for this psychic vampire in the future.
  • Send them love and light.
  • Surround yourself with white light.

Psychic Vampire Takeaways

Okay my compassionate souls, take these tips, watch out for red flags, and stay your same ol’ loving selves!

I know it’s tough to think anything but the best in people, but at the end of the day, there are some toxic people out there.

They may not be bad people. And they may have gone through something terrible to make them the way they are now.

But regardless, they can be draining for you and your sensitive soul. Letting them suck your energy up leaves none of your goodness for the rest of the world. Always remember that! 

So be aware that psychic vampires are out there, but don’t change what makes you, you!

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