22 Spiritual Awakening Signs

When you hear the words spiritual awakening you may picture the clouds parting and the heavens shining light down, but in real life, awakenings are deeply personal and often quiet.

In fact, you may even question if you are actually having an awakening. In this post, I’ll teach you 22 surefire spiritual awakening signs, so you can know for sure, and begin to embrace this transition.

spiritual awakening signs

Spiritual Awakening Signs

1. You’re running away from drama. When your friends are discussing what they can’t believe so-and-so did, you may find yourself clamming up when you used to be the one dishing the scoop!

2. You feel the need to meditate. When you’re feeling “off” you may now feel the urge to meditate and check in with your Higher Self (go you!). This is a strong spiritual awakening sign, especially if meditation never interested you before.

3. You want to eat lighter, healthier foods. And not just because that’s what Carrie Underwood’s personal trainer recommends. A draw toward these higher vibrational foods means that your body connecting with your intuition and Higher Self.

4. You’re dusting off that journal. If you find yourself journaling more, take note. As you go through this shift, a lot of things are changing so it’s natural to have more or different thoughts than usual or want to jot them down on paper.

5. You’re more sensitive to negativity. Are you more susceptible to negative energy lately? Do you feel the need to shield yourself from certain places or people? Without a doubt, this is one of the key spiritual awakening signs. As such, it’s especially important to listen to your gut feelings so you can keep a high-vibe and not get drained.

6. You have started to see a bigger picture. Did you ever notice that spiritually healthy people always seem Zen? That’s because they stay focused on the overall big picture, instead of the juice their kids just spilled in the backseat of the car.

During an awakening, you’ll notice yourself starting to think about bigger topics like the human race, love, the environment, and the Universe.

7. You feel ready to get to know yourself. Dissecting the inner workings of ourselves and our motives can be tough (did that time your pants ripped at school really cause all your trust issues?), but during a spiritual awakening you may want to get up close and personal with yourself. Take advantage of that! Journal, meditate, reflect, and enjoy learning about your soul and authentic self.

8. You are more self-aware. You may start to notice things about yourself that you never did before such as how you feel energetically, bad habits you want to nix, etc. In addition, those things may stir-up certain emotions in you, so be sure to practice good self-care and understand this is a time of growth and positive transition for you.

9. You are more in-tune with your intuition. This is another key spiritual awakening sign. As your shed negativity and embrace your journey, your energetic vibe increases. And as your vibe increases, your connection with your Higher Self strengthens, making it easier to access intuitive guidance. Cool, right?!

You may feel more in-tune with your:

  • gut-feelings (claircognizance)
  • intuitive senses and feelings (clairsentience)
  • “little voice” within (clairaudience)

During a spiritual awakening, you naturally reconnect with a part of you that you may have been out of touch with for a long time — your intuition.

10. You feel more connected to nature. It’s normal during this time to begin to notice of how genuinely beautiful nature is! You may feel drawn outside to sit and enjoy your surroundings or suddenly feel passionate about protecting the earth and environment. You may want to hug a tree or feel the need to spiritually ground yourself.

11. You’re ditching your tendency to judge. It’s easy to hop on the bandwagon and wonder how anyone could not get the flu shot. But as you become more spiritually aware and connected to your Higher Self, you will find yourself less judgmental and more accepting of people as a whole. You’ll likely start to notice yourself judging yourself less, too (which is a good thing!)

12. You feel more hopeful and less worried. Are you typically a “glass half empty” type of person? During a spiritual awakening, your mindset and perspective shifts, leaving you more on the optimistic and “trusting the Universe” side of the fence. You’ll also start to feel generally more positive and hopeful as you understand the bigger picture in life.

13. You’re more able to focus on (and have peace) in the present. Between work, dinner, kids and relationships, it’s easy to spend more time in the future rather than in the present. Throughout a spiritual awakening, though, you may notice yourself focusing more on the here and now. Rather than feeling anxious that you’re missing something, you’ll likely find peace and calmness in the present.

14. You’re asking bigger questions. During a spiritual awakening, you will find yourself pondering bigger questions than how much frosting you can take from the cake without it being noticeable. You may find yourself asking things like:

  • What was I put on this earth to do?
  • How can I make this a better place for my kids?

15. You’re more aware of your negative habits. Judging, gossip, jealousy, unhealthy food, self-bullying and negativity… as you become more spiritually aware, you will naturally outgrow some old, negative habits.

16. You feel a deeper connection to others. As you explore yourself and your spirituality, you may experience a strong sense of connection to people around you. It could come from a place of gratefulness or a place of understanding as you realize we’re all on a journey through life and need each other’s support.

17. Your sleep patterns have changed. A spiritual awakening creates energy; hence, your sleep patterns may be disrupted. If you suddenly find yourself with more energy or needing to nap more often, make sure you’re meditating and journaling so that energy has an outlet.

18. You’re distancing yourself from negative people. Shallow topics and hurtful gossip may have entertained you in the past, but during in a spiritual awakening, you will feel less inclined to hang out with negative people. Tip: trust that the Universe has fulfilling new connections lined up for you!

19. You feel a personal calm or bliss. As you become vibe increases and your aura strengthens, you may notice that you feel calm during all different kinds of situations. Spiritual health allows us to live life in a more peaceful and less stressful way, which leads to joy and inner bliss.

20. Your reactions are noticeably different. When we’re spiritually healthy, we understand humanity better. This means we’re likely to let little transgressions go and see the other side of arguments (even if you’re totally sure your husband said 7pm, not 6pm so it’s definitely not your fault you’re late…). You may find yourself responding to things that would normally set you off in a calmer and more enlightened way.

21. You notice the small things… in a good way. During your spiritual awakening, you’ll likely notice and appreciate the small things in life, like your daughter’s laugh, that gorgeous wildflower patch on the highway median, and the way your hair tickles your shoulders when it falls. This shift makes you mindful, present, and will feed your inner bliss.

22. You crave alone time. A spiritual awakening comes with a lot of energy, so you may find yourself wanting to seek time alone to process everything, meditate, and journal. Give yourself plenty of time to digest things and be sure not to judge anything that pops up.

Next Steps

First, enjoy you’re new awakening. It’s a very special time that can improve the quality and joy in your life!

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Third, download my free guide, 7 Real World Steps to Embracing Your Intuition. It will give you great, practical advice on how to get the most out of this special time in your life!

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