Third Eye – 6 Easy Exercises to Open that Baby Up

Your third eye isn’t a spooky cyborg eyeball in the middle of your head. (Though I could have used an extra eyeball yesterday when my daughter had an “incident” with the stove and some burnt hair…).

Your third eye is your psychic eye or mind’s eye.

And one of the most common emails I get about it is: Can you pretty please write a post about how to open the third eye?

Yes, absolutely!

In this post, I’m going to teach you six psychic development exercises to bring you from “Third Eye Blind” (great band, BTW) to Third Eye Open. I’ll also show you three special clairvoyance meditations!

Open your third eye and develop clairvoyance with these fun and easy exercises!

What is the Third Eye?

Your third eye is your 6th chakra. It is also the center for clairvoyance (psychic seeing), which is where you receive intuitive visions and images.

So, if you’ve ever felt like there’s a teeny TV inside your head, that’s your third eye in action!

Where Is Your Third Eye Located?

Your third eye is located between your eyebrows, a bit above the bridge of your nose. Go ahead and put your finger on it. I know you want to. :)

To be clear, all of your chakras are important… but if you want to increase your psychic eye, this is the one to open and keep balanced.

Your psychic eye will help you:

  • Sense higher energies (like Spirits and angels)
  • See auras
  • Connect with your Spirit Guides
  • See psychic symbols, visions, and images

You may have also heard that your pineal gland is connected to your third eye. Let’s talk about that next.

third eye definition

Third Eye and the Pineal Gland

To be clairvoyant, you don’t need to know tons about the pineal gland, but I’ll explain a bit about it so you get the idea.

Okay, so the third eye corresponds to the pineal gland where our body makes the melatonin needed to regulate our sleep and circadian rhythms.

The pineal gland’s power (and thus, the third eye’s power) was recognized as early as the 1600’s. This is when the  philosopher, Descartes, said the pineal gland is the “principal seat of the soul.” 

That’s a powerful statement, right? I mean, the guy was on to something, for sure!

Now that you know what the pineal gland is, let’s talk about how you can access your intuitive gifts via your psychic eye.

minds eye definition


How to Open the Third Eye

One thing I love about psychic ability is that there’s more than one way to do everything. And that includes developing your gifts!

Awakening your gifts is like getting chocolate chip cookies:

  • You can bake them from scratch or get them from the bakery
  • Or you can buy pre-made dough and bake them at home (like I do)

The bottom line is that all roads lead to cookies. And it’s the same with opening your psychic eye. Yep, that means there are several ways to awaken it and develop clairvoyance!

So let’s get into the third eye exercises now. You can try one or these or all of them. Keep going until you find YOUR cookie, you know?

Third Eye Exercises

First, during any of these exercises, you may notice a tingling sensation in your third eye area. This is normal and a great sign that it’s opening!

Second, you might be amazed how soon you feel your clairvoyance expanding…

OR you might find it hard to see with your mind’s eye at first. If that’s the case, don’t worry. Everyone can do this. It’s just that some people need a little more practice than others, and that’s totally okay! So don’t give up.

That said, here are my top psychic eye exercises:

1. Touch your third eye

Level: Easy

Yes I do know that touching your third eye sounds weird, but stick with me.

You know how Beyoncé sings “If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it.” Well, your third eye is like that commitment-phobic guy she’s singing about.

So if you want to develop clairvoyance, you’ve got to set the intention. And it’s soooo easy! Let’s do it together right now.

Take your index finger and place it on your third eye. Then:

  • Hold your finger on your third eye and imagine it activating or…
  • Lightly move your finger in a circular motion while imagining your chakra opening or…
  • Gently tap the area and imagine activating it

Maybe if Beyoncé had told that guy she wanted a ring he would have given her one. Maybe she needed to set the intention. The point is: be aware of your mind’s eye.

2. Use essential oils

Level: Easy 

I LOVE essential oils and have a drawer full of them. Plus, they have SO many benefits, including opening, cleansing, and balancing the chakras.

Best yet?

It’s easy to find integrate essential oils into your life. And not only are they good for your chakras, they also smell amazing!

So take a whiff of some Myrrh, Sandalwood and Chamomile — or a nice combination of them, to open and maintain your third eye.

Besides that, you can also place a tiny amount of oil on your third eye area. (Be sure to use a carrier oil so you don’t get a rash — and for the love of Pete, don’t get it in your eyes.) I use various oils (including lavender) on my third eye and it’s super calming!

3. Breathe mindfully

Level: Easy

Most of us have a bad habit of breathing shallow and only using the top 1/3 of our lungs. That’s like watching an episode of The Walking Dead and shutting it off before the end. So bad!

You see, shallow breathing creates stress in the body and doesn’t allow it to be oxygenized the way it needs to be.

But breathing deeply from the belly can open and maintain healthy chakras, including, you guessed it, the third eye.

How are you breathing right now? Is your belly expanding? It should be.

Tip: Check in with your breath throughout the day. Proper breathing is important in energy work. Plus, your mind and body will thank you for this healthy habit!

4. Meditate

Level: Easy

I knew you were waiting for me to add this one, so I put it lower on the list. ☺ All meditation is beneficial, but some are especially fab for opening the third eye.

And you only need to do one of these for a few minutes each day to start noticing a difference!

  • Color Meditation

Close your eyes and breathe deeply for a few moments until you start to feel relaxed. Now, imagine a deep blue or purple ball of energy on your forehead, between your eyebrows. Hold this colored ball image in your mind’s eye for a few moments.

  • Clairvoyance Meditation

This meditation works wonderfully, but if it’s hard for you to visualize, you may want to start with one of the others on this list first. Remember, you want this to be fun, not frustrating. :)

  • Relax your mind and body by breathing deep and even for a few minutes.
  • When you are ready, imagine the number 1 in your mind’s eye. Then, hold the image for a few seconds.
  • Next, imagine the number 2 and hold the image in your mind.
  • Continue on for as long as your concentration holds, until you reach the number 10.

Tip: you can also envision other things, like flowers or letters because the outcome will be the same… an opened third eye!

  • Crystal Meditation

I experienced this when I was working with my niece (an energy healer) and it knocked my socks off!

First, get a small amethyst crystal that will lie comfortably on your forehead. Then, lie down and meditate with the amethyst on your third eye.

Tip: you can also combine amethyst with one of the other meditations above. And here are other crystals for clairvoyance.

Need Meditation Help? No problem!

5. Do yoga

Level: Advanced

Yoga keeps your body’s energy centers clean, clear and working at top performance. So of course, I have to add in some of the top yoga postures, or asanas, to help you open the third eye.

They are all pretty easy and can be practiced by beginners.

If you aren’t sure how to do these poses, there are tons of You Tube videos available to see exactly how. Just Google the poses and you’ll be set!

6. Practice seeing auras

Level: Intermediate 

Because seeing auras is a visual experience, learning to see them is a cool way to open your third eye. And if you’ve never worked with auras before, this post will teach you how to see your aura in minutes!

Third Eye Opening Takeaways

Learning how to open your third eye is an important part of psychic development. And there are lots of easy and effective ways to do this.

So allow yourself to experiment. Have fun trying different techniques or combinations of them. For example:

Use some essential oils while doing yoga asanas or meditating.

Wear amethyst jewelry instead of putting it on your forehead. You’ll still get the benefit of it’s healing powers! When you have a few moments, close your eyes and imagine the jewelry on your third eye.

Using these exercises a few minutes daily will move you closer to recognizing your psychic gifts!

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