Why Do We Have Scary Psychic Dreams Sometimes?

Scary psychic dreams. Early on in my psychic development, I had a dream that a nightclub was on fire. The faces of the people in the building were crystal clear… and so were their screams.

I woke up terrified – to say the least.

I was so shaken that I got out of bed and put on the TV. They were reporting that a nightclub about an hour from my home had burned to the ground. Several people, trapped inside, had died.

I was floored… and sad… and angry… and guilt-ridden.

  • Why would my Spirit Guides send me a dream like that?!
  • Was I supposed to have done something to help?

If you’ve had scary psychic dreams, too, we’re going to answer these questions so you can relax, knowing that all psychic info is from the Light.

I pinky-swear promise – by the end of this post you are going to totally understand this whole phenomenon.

Why do we have scary psychic dreams sometimes?

What’s the Deal With Scary Psychic Dreams?

Now that I’m further along in my journey, I understand that my Spirit Guides did NOT send me that dream.

There was nothing I was supposed to do.

If you had scary psychic dreams, please rest assured in that face and:

  • Let go of guilt.
  • Send white light and healing to the situation.

So back to the original question, WHY do we have scary psychic dreams? What do they mean?

Scary Psychic Dreams and Energy

You know how you can walk into a place and sense that something is wrong?

That’s because energy is everywhere, and it’s especially easy to “pick up” or detect it when we are relaxed (like in the dream state).

Scary psychic dreams are simply YOU detecting energythere is not necessarily something we are supposed to do with them.

However (you knew that was coming, right?), they can be a great prompt to reconnect with ourselves. I use scary psychic dreams as a sign or subtle nudge to check in and do some ‘tune up’ work on myself.

This is of grande importance, so soak up this next part, okay?

How to Get Reconnected With Yourself

There are a ton of ways to do this, but here are some of my personal favorites:

Meditate on these questions

Curl up in your spot, put on that soft music, and dive deep with intention. Once you’re relaxed, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there something… a feeling or energy that’s been trying to get your attention?
  • Is something going on that you’ve been ignoring (subconsciously, perhaps?)

Pay close attention to what your mind brings up during this time and:

  • Don’t second guess what you receive from your Higher Self during meditation.
  • And don’t filter anything, just let it all flow.
  • At the end of your meditation, thank the Universe and allow yourself to feel refreshed and released of burdens.


You can do this in your meditation spot or not. I love journaling in nature (unless it’s snowing! I don’t like nature that much). I’m a HUGE advocate of journaling because it’s a great way not only to dig into what’s been going on in your mind, but to keep record of it. Flipping back a few weeks or months can help you recognize some patterns or repeat messages.

Here’s a journaling post that will help get you started:

Connect with your Spirit Guides

Remember those wonderful souls whose job it is to guide you? They want to hear from you! If your dream is really troubling you, don’t be afraid to reach out and seek comfort or ask for clarification and clues.

As with all spiritual things, the most important points are to ask for what you need (set your intention), and trust that it will be given to you. Your Spiritual Guides are just waiting to help you!

Here are some cool ways to reach out to your Spirit Guides:

Do some spiritual grounding

Grounding balances the spiritual and physical energy in your body by connecting you with the earth. One of my favorite ways to ground is eating. Not even kidding… Chocolate works great (for almost everything, right?) but so do root veggies!

I also love to plug into nature but going for a walk (or even just stepping out on the back patio for some tea). But a quick word to the wise – make sure you’re barefoot. This helps you connect to the earth. You can also hop in the garden if that’s your style.

Scary Psychic Dreams Takeaways

Psychic dreams can be terrifying (I know), but once we understand that Spirit did not send them to prompt action on our part, we can come out of ‘alarm mode’.

Take them as a gentle nudge to do some work connecting with yourself and raising your vibration – because that’s never a bad thing to do, right?

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