Why Do We Have Scary Psychic Dreams and Visions?

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Scary psychic dreams. Early on in my psychic development, I had a dream that a nightclub was on fire. The faces of the people in the building were crystal clear — and so were their screams.

I was so shaken that I got out of bed and put on the TV only to discover that a nightclub in a nearby town had burned to the ground. Several people had been trapped inside and died.

I was floored, sad, angry, and guilt-ridden.

  • Why would my Spirit Guides send me a dream like that?
  • Was I supposed to have done something to help?

If you’ve experienced or read accounts of scary psychic dreams or visions on the deep corners of the web, stick around because today, I’m tackling one of my most frequently asked questions:

Why do I see scary psychic visions and how can I stop them?

I promise that you will gain clarity (and feel better) once you’ve read this post.

scary psychic dreams

Why Do Scary Psychic Dreams Happen?

Receiving messages through clairvoyance (psychic seeing) in the real world isn’t scary.

The eerie stuff you see in movies has nothing to do with real psychic ability; it just sells movie tickets.

The truth is, psychic visions and images come from your Higher Self and Spirit Guides — both of which have your highest good in mind, always.

But on occasion, scary psychic visions and dreams do happen.

These images are not from your Higher Self or Spirit Guides, though — they are just energy you happened to pick up (more about this in a minute).

Once I was further along in my journey, I understood that my spiritual helpers did not send me that frightening dream, and there was nothing I was supposed to do, so…

If you’ve had scary psychic dreams or visions, rest assured in that fact and:

  • Let go of guilt
  • Send white light and healing to the situation

Now, let’s take a deeper look at why we have scary psychic dreams, and what they mean.

Scary Psychic Dreams and Energy

You know how you can walk into a place and sense that something is wrong?

That’s because energy is everywhere, and it’s easier to sense when you are in a relaxed state (like during sleep).

Scary psychic dreams happen when you unconsciously feel energy, and there isn’t necessarily anything you are supposed to do.

However (you knew that was coming, right?), uncomfortable images and dreams are a great indicator that it’s time to reconnect with yourself; they are a nudge to check-in and do some energetic ‘tune-up’ work on your aura.

Energy is all around us. So, just like occasionally catching a whiff of the lady at the next table wearing too much perfume, you may stumble upon psychic energy.

This is super important, so pay attention to this next part, okay?

How to Improve Your Energy

To improve your energy, follow these two simple steps:

Step 1. Ground yourself

Meditating will ground you and connect you with your spiritual (Higher) self.

So, calm your mind, put on some relaxing music, diffuse some lavender essential oil, and focus on your breath. (If you need help with meditation, read this step-by-step guide).

Once you’re relaxed, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there something I need to do that I’ve been putting off?
  • Am I anxious about something?
  • Is something going on that I’ve been ignoring (subconsciously, perhaps?)

Pay close attention to what your mind brings up during this time and:

  • Don’t second guess what you sense or feel.
  • Let the energy flow (don’t filter anything or worry that you are being silly).

At the end of your meditation, thank the Universe and allow yourself to feel refreshed and released of burdens. Then, move on to step two.

Step 2. Raise your vibration

Now that you’re spiritually grounded, it’s time to work on raising your vibration and improving your aura.

Plus, a high vibration leads to deep, genuine feelings of joy, harmony, and gratitude, so you can never go wrong by raising your vibe. Get my top tips for raising your vibration here.

Like attracts like. The higher your vibration is, the more connected you will be with positive energy, and the less that negative energy will affect you.

Other Ways to Improve Your Aura

1. Journal

I’m a huge advocate of journaling because it’s a great way to dig into what’s been going on in your mind and keep a record of it. Flipping back a few weeks or months can help you recognize some patterns or repeat messages.

2. Connect with your Spirit Guides

If a dream or vision is troubling you, don’t be afraid to reach out and seek comfort or ask for clarification from your Guides or angels.

The most important thing here is to set your intention and trust that the answers will be given to you. Your spiritual guides are standing by, ready to help you!

3. Do some spiritual grounding

There are oodles of ways to ground yourself besides meditation.

Grounding is wonderful because it balances the spiritual and physical energy in your body by connecting you with the earth.

One of my favorite ways to ground myself is by eating. Yep!

Dark, organic chocolate is great for grounding, and so are root veggies.

You can also plug into nature by spending time outside (even if it’s just to step into the yard with a cup of tea).

But a quick word to the wise: go barefoot if you can. Being barefoot in nature helps you connect to the earth.

Scary Psychic Dreams Takeaways

Your spiritual team connects with you through your psychic gifts and has your best interest at heart.

Any intuitive guidance you receive is meant to help and inspire you. So, if you do have a scary psychic vision or dream, take it as a cue to pause, and return to a high vibration.

Remember that like attracts like, and you’re always in control of your beautiful gifts.


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