I Want to Develop Psychic Ability, but I Feel Stuck!

develop psychic ability

Develop Psychic Ability

“I want to develop psychic ability, but I feel stuck!”

Hey there… I get asked about this a LOT. This post will take the pressure off you, and help you get unstuck — almost effortlessly!

I received the following email from a member of the Intuitive Souls community. My answer is below.

Q: I’ve still not met my Guides after more than a year and feel like I’m walking this path alone. There’s not one development circle around where I live. Every ounce of my learning comes from blogs and books. I’ve tried and practiced every tip and trick for more than a year now, but I just feel stuck.

Read on. I’m going to teach you how to get unstuck.

Why Spirit Guides?

You’ll hear me say over and over that connecting with your Spirit Guides is important during your psychic development journey.

Your Guides connect with you via your intuition, are wise, and can empower you with their divine guidance — so of course it’s a good idea to get to know them.

But connecting to your Spirit Guides can seem like a really abstract idea. I mean, how do you build a relationship with them? It’s not like you can have a meet and greet!

The good news is that there are many ways to connect with your Spirit Guides (starting with setting the intention to do so), but the tip I’m going to give you today is the easiest to get started with.

In fact, you can do it as soon as you’re done reading this post!

If I were you, this is what I would do to develop psychic ability and not feel stuck:

Step 1: Name Your Guide

This is so easy and works very well.

Pick a name for your Spirit Guide. 

Of course, you have many Guides, let’s connect with one for starters.

It doesn’t matter that you don’t know who they are on a conscious level (yet), because you DO know them on a spiritual level.

Simply choose a name you like. You could name your Guide after your favorite TV or movie character, or your imaginary friend from your childhood days. When I created this exercise in 2001, I chose the name Esmerelda.

The point is to take the pressure off yourself, because:

It’s easier to strengthen your psychic abilities when you trust your instincts and go with the flow. In fact, allowing yourself to trust and go with the flow is key to increasing your intuitive gifts.

By the way, gender doesn’t matter, either.

If you have a sense that your Guide has a masculine or feminine energy and want to name accordingly, great. If not, no worries. They don’t mind, I promise.

So, Esmeralda might be a Nate — he won’t mind.

Tip: If you want, you could pick a gender-neutral name, like Peyton, Riley, or Avery.

Got your name picked out? Great, let’s move on to step two.

Step 2: Start Talking to Your Guides

Once you’ve named your Spirit Guide it’s time to start talking with them. You don’t need to sit down and meditate, just have a casual chat.

And no, you don’t have to go around talking to yourself; you can chat it up with your Guides in your mind because spirit communication is telepathic.

So, next time you are standing in the kitchen and have no idea what to make for dinner again, ask for intuitive guidance:

  • In your mind, imagine talking to your Guide as if they are with you (they are).
  • Ask about the topic you need guidance on. Then, pay attention.
  • Do you have a nudge to check out your fav cooking blog, only to find out that they’ve posted a new recipe with the exact ingredients you have on hand? Or maybe you feel inspired to take a little bit of everything and create something new! Perhaps you get the feeling to call your sister and invite her over for pizza — only to discover that she really needs to talk.

Practice asking for intuitive guidance each day on big and small issues…

Where should I park? Should I buy one pound of apples or two? 

Then, be mindful of nudges, gut feelings, inspired feelings, and that little voice inside.

Doing this will strengthen your intuition and get you unstuck in your psychic development.

Once you start doing this every day, it will start to feel natural, and you will begin trusting the intuitive guidance you receive!

Bonus: Intuitive Exercise

Intuitively sensing/reading the energy of old family photos is another great way to develop psychic ability.

  • Grab a photo of a great grandparent or ancestor you never met.
  • Sit in a quiet space with the photo, a pen, and paper.
  • Allow yourself to relax; sit with your feet up and sip tea if you want to!
  • As you look at the photo, be mindful of what you are thinking and feeling.

Do you:

  • Get a sense about the person in the photo, such as their personality? (clairsentience)
  • Have a sense of knowing? Maybe you know that this person loved to sing… but aren’t sure how you know. (claircognizance)
  • Feel any emotions (empathic)?
  • See any images or visions in your mind’s eye? (clairvoyance)
  • Hear anything in your mind, like words or sounds? (clairaudience)

If you feel stuck, imagine you already know things about this person because intuitively, you do!


You’re sitting on the couch — herbal tea in one hand, photo of your great-great-grandpa in the other.

You sip your tea as you look at the photo, but you don’t feel any psychic vibes.

It’s okay; keep looking at the photo…

He looks like he was a nice/strong/gentle man. Let me write that down.

What else? He was a little bit heavy – I wonder what his favorite foods were. I imagine he liked pie. What kind?  Lemon, no – apple!

What was he like as a child? I imagine he was curious and mischievous!  Hey, an image of a lake just popped into my head. I bet he liked spending summers at that lake with friends that lived down the dirt road. Let me write that down…  

Do you see how powerful this exercise can be to develop psychic ability?

You can go on and on with this (and even use the same technique with psychometry).

By allowing yourself to relax and go with the flow, you’ll shift into ‘right brain’ mode where you can access your intuition.

Develop Psychic Ability Takeaways

  • Name your Spirit Guides and chat with them throughout the day to access intuitive guidance in a stress-free way.
  • Use the bonus exercise a couple of times a week. If you aren’t getting anything, imagine you already know the answers. This gets you into right-brain mode, where your psychic ability resides.

5 thoughts on “I Want to Develop Psychic Ability, but I Feel Stuck!”

  1. I thought this looked familiar! Turns out I’m the “super nice lady” (you’re so sweet!) who emailed you with these concerns! After talking with you I began to try these exercises and lo and behold things started to flow and become “unstuck”. I don’t feel nearly as stressed about my development and have actually started to build a relationship with my guides! I am so grateful for all of your wonderful advice! You’re amazing!

  2. I loved this post! I’ve been chatting with my spirit guides for about 9 months now. Usually in my head, but sometimes out loud. I know they always hear me and answer in the best way they can. Sometimes a song pops into my head, I find a feather, or I come across an answer through reading information. My favorite is through dreams though. I let go of my expectations and the signs pop up everywhere!

    I also wanted to say Thank You! You are my favorite blogger! Whenever I read your posts, it feels like advice from a friend. Your love for what you do shines through your posts! So Thank You again!

    1. You’re examples of connecting with your Spirit Guides are perfect, Dee! That’s exactly what I’m talking about :) It’s wonderful that you are letting that guidance in – awesome! And aw, thank you for the compliment. Lots of love, Jess

  3. Hi Jessica- I am hoping you can help. I was and still am in a very difficult job that is causing my me a huge amount of stress. In bed one night I desperately asked my mother who passed years ago to help me find another direction and she appeared that night in a dream and next to her was someone I used to know years ago who was sitting next to her on a couch dressed in a suit whom I knew to be a writer (published novelist).

    Then I remembered that he was working at my company in another division. I contacted him and he is in a position at my company where he gets to write for a living. In addition, he said it was a coincidence that I contacted him because his division had a few new openings coming up. I was excited and applied for a position. I had a great interview (I thought) but found out that someone else was hired for one position and that the other positions were not approved due to budgeting.

    My question is- how do I know if that dream was really my mother trying to help me, especially since it did not pan out? I am still under extreme stress at my current position and feel I can’t wait forever for another position to open up in the writing division and hope that I get the job.

    Could it be that she tried to help me but she can’t really “see the future” where she is?

    Should I try to connect with a spirit guide instead? My intuitive abilities are not very good I’m afraid!

    I am very anxious right now. Any help you can give would be appreciated.

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