How to Develop Clairvoyance – 4 Exercises to Try Right Now

How to develop clairvoyance. Clairvoyance was popular long before Raven (in That’s So Raven) foresaw her parents busting her for dressing up like her aunt and skipping school.

In fact, clairvoyance is usually what people think of when they hear the word “psychic”. But despite being one of the most recognized psychic abilities, clairvoyance is universally misunderstood.

In a minute, we’re going to dive in to how to develop clairvoyance. Trust me, it’s super easy and really fun, too! (Psychic development should always be fun and never scary or a boring snore.)

how to develop clairvoyance, 4 psychic development exercises to try right now

First, let’s lay the groundwork and talk about what clairvoyance really is and how to know that it’s one of YOUR intuitive gifts, then… we’ll get into some exercises that will develop your clairvoyance (also known as opening your third eye).

What is Clairvoyance? (For Real)

Clairvoyance is the ability to receive intuitive information through visions, pictures, and symbols. It’s also known as “clear seeing” and often called the “gift of second sight.”

A clairvoyant experience is kinda like watching a movie in your head.

But unlike Hollywood’s version, these visions aren’t scary (who else lost a sleep after watching The Sixth Sense?) or over-the-top.

In fact, clairvoyant visions are just ONE of the many ways that Spirit and/or your Higher Self communicates with you! (The other ways to receive intuitive/psychic messages are through clairaudiencepsychic hearing; clairsentience – psychic feelings; claircognizance – psychic knowing.)

I like to say that…

Clairvoyant abilities are like GIFs for the psychic world!

Clairvoyance does not stop you in your tracks or make you look like a wackadoodle in public. In fact, psychic visions  can be REALLY subtle!

Clairvoyant visions may come in the form of:

  • Vivid dreams
  • Sudden flashes or light
  • Twinkly/sparkly lights (you might see these out of the corner of your eye)
  • Seeing a color or “glow” around someone (their aura)
  • Brief mental images or pictures that flash before your eyes
  • Visions of symbols or objects
  • Mental pictures of a place or person
  • The image of something happening, right before it does

While movies and crime shows have commonly attached psychic abilities with scary messages (especially when it comes to the third eye), that is rarely the case because…

Our trusted Higher Selves, spirit guides, angels, and loved ones in heaven are the ones who send us information through clairvoyance.

So, there’s no need to be worried about where this psychic info is coming from. :)

Tip: As you continue learn how to develop clairvoyance, you’ll soon be able to know where the vision is coming from – whether it be one of your spiritual advisors or your late Aunt Susan.

Signs that You’re Clairvoyant

Right about now, you may be realizing that you have experienced clairvoyance throughout your life, not realizing what it was. That’s kind of exciting, right?

Here’s another cool fact… everyone has the ability to develop clairvoyance. All you need is a little guidance as to how (which is what we’re going to talk about next).

Remember: We are all intuitive beings which means that we ALL have the ability to connect with and develop our psychic abilities. That said…

Here are some common signs that you’re a clairvoyant psychic:

  • You’ve seen flashes of colored light, orbs, or twinkles.
  • You OMG LOVE beautiful things. Everything from interior design to sparkly crystals light you up!
  • Vivid dreams are common for you. (Yes, even if you can’t remember them!)
  • You’re “artsy.” A walk through an art museum or coloring mandalas soothes your soul!
  • Visualizing is easy for you. When I say picture Jon Hamm in your mind, you can totally see him.

Here’s a full blog post with all the signs that clairvoyance is one of your gifts.

If you’ve never had any of these experiences, no worries! We’re going to talk about how to develop clairvoyance now (and it’s going to be a lot of fun!)…

How to Develop Clairvoyance

First things first, you’ll need to follow the golden rule of psychic development: believe you can, and trust what comes.

Our brains are trained to keep out bologna. Our frontal lobe just loves to doubt what pops into our mind and keep us “logical”.

Clairvoyance defies what we’ve come to accept as logical. So your first instinct may be to think, “Oh, I just dozed off for a second, that wasn’t a vision”. But once you get started developing your psychic abilities, TRUST WHAT COMES… it’s there for a reason.

The second rule of thumb is to be patient! These exercises WILL teach you how to develop clairvoyance, but don’t except to become Mr. or Mrs. Psychic Olympian on the first go round :)

Clairvoyance Exercises:

How to Develop Clairvoyance with Flowers

I love this psychic development exercise because it requires pretty flowers (which us third eye people appreciate). But, if you’re like one of my best friends, who can’t stand the smell of real flowers in the house, just grab a few fake ones from the craft store.

What you need: A few different types of flowers.

What to do:

  • Take one of the flowers and run your fingers over it.
  • Note the colors, textures, and imperfections.
  • Once you think you have a good picture of it, close your eyes and put the flower down.
  • Take a breath and relax.
  • With your eyes still closed, recall everything you can about the flower… Picture the flower in your mind’s eye – down to every detail.

Once you have gotten one flower down, move on to a different flower.

Alternate clairvoyance exercise: Try this visualization with a leaf or pine cone.

The bonus of this exercise is that these earthy elements will help keep you grounded – which is wonderful for psychic development beginners! :)

As you can see, it’s easy to learn how to develop clairvoyance with exercises like this that let you flex your third eye muscles! Let’s move onto another…

How to Develop Clairvoyance with Visualization Exercises

Practice makes perfect, so everyday, practice visualizing different things. I know this sounds ridiculously simple, but it truly is the secret sauce of how to develop clairvoyance…

Remember: Clairvoyance is all about seeing via your third eye.

Soooo, in order to have super strong third eye abilities, you need train yourself to easily see images in your mind’s eye. This way, when your Spirit Guides send you a message via your clairvoyance, you’ll be able to see it with ease!

Visualization Exercise #1

What you need: Your imagination!

What to do:

One of my favorite ways to do this, is to picture my perfect moment. Sometimes I’ve got my toes in the sand in Malibu with my husband smiling next to me. Other times, I’m front row at a Taylor Swift show, jamming out to Gorgeous.

Whatever your moment is, visualize it with the intent of opening the third eye chakra and improving your clairvoyant abilities.

Other visualization ideas to strengthen clairvoyance:

You can visualize anything you want for this exercise… Places, numbers, symbols, or faces. The key is to get used to visualizing objects or whatever in detail.

Visualization Exercise #2

You can also get crafty to help yourself get started:

  • Grab a piece of paper and a few vibrant craft supplies (glitter, markers, paint, washi tape, etc.).
  • Draw your initials on the paper and then get creative decorating it.
  • Cover the paper with glitter, color it purple, or add polka dots! The more stuff you add, the better for this exercise.
  • Stare at your awesome creation for 30 seconds or so.
  • Now, close your eyes.
  • With your eyes still closed, try to recall everything about your design and hold it in your mind. Tip it side to side to see the glitter color change, and note the way the polka dots create a shadow on the page.

Also read: How to Develop Psychic Sight While You Sleep :)

How to Develop Clairvoyance Playing Games

These are super fun (even if you’re not working on how to develop clairvoyance), so invite a friend over, heat up some hot chocolate, and play on!

  • Memory. Remember that game your teacher had you play when it was raining and you were stuck inside for recess? Well, it’s about to take on a whole new meaning! Pull out your deck of cards, and have your friend lay 3 card pairs (6 cards total) face down on the table. Flip one card up, and try to find its mate… using your third eye.
  • Kitchen Recall. If you don’t mind your friend digging through your kitchen (and seeing your junk drawer), have her pull 10-15 items out and lay them on your table. Leave the room while she’s doing this, and then come back in to study what she’s done. Take a good look at the items, and then close your eyes (or leave the room). Picture what was on the table and how it was arranged. You can also write everything down, in detail, so you can open your eyes and see how you did!
  • Play Zener. Pick up a pack of Zener cards, and then practice telepathically telling your friend what card you have! I did this with a partner years ago in a psychic development group. We were able to get 100% correct. It was AMAZING! (Here’s a blog post on how to use Zener cards.)

How to Develop Clairvoyance through Journaling and Meditation

You should know by now that I rarely leave a blog post without telling you to do these two things… but it’s for a good reason! They are the 1-2 punch power couple missing from your life.

Meditation to open the third eye.

The third eye is where you’ll receive all your visions from, so it’s super important to have it open.

  • You don’t have to do anything elaborate here… you can simply close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and then start set your intention (to develop clairvoyance/open your third eye).
  • Focus on your third eye and clairvoyant abilities. Imagine it opening and you receiving visions. You will probably experience slight tingling between your eyebrows (third eye chakra – Anja). This is normal and a sign that your third eye area is opening, further allowing your clairvoyant gifts to flourish. Yay!

Strengthen your clairvoyance with a dream journal.

Because clairvoyant visions can come through in your dreams, it’s nice to keep a dream journal. So start to keep your journal next to your bed to record your dreams as soon as you wake up.

After a while, you may start to notice patterns and symbols that are meaningful to you! Just be wary of the really “out-there” dreams that come after a late night Taco Bell run. ;)

How to Develop Clairvoyance Takeaways

Using these tips, you will be able to develop your clairvoyance and increase your psychic sight.

As you practice, don’t forget to fully trust yourself and your visions. It’s sooo easy to discount them and go back to a “logical” frame of mind.

Developing psychic abilities may seem “too easy” or different than what you expect.

However, we are all intuitive beings and therefore have natural intuitive abilities. So don’t think you CAN’T do it or be surprised when your visions start coming more frequently and easily… you’re on the right track!

I hope you’ve had fun with this post about how to develop your clairvoyance :)

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