5 Foolproof Ways to Tell Your Inner Knowing is Spot On

Unlike other psychic abilities, inner knowing (known as claircognizance) can be tricky to figure out… “Is this really a psychic vibe? Is it all in my head? Ugh, IDK!”

I mean… claircognizance is totally different from other psychic gifts, like clairvoyance, where you see unmistakable visions in your mind’s eye; or clairaudience, where you hear audible prompts out of the blue.

Recognizing your inner knowing (psychic knowing) can feel like recognizing that the dreamy-eyed guy in the leather jacket is bad news… it’s only obvious after the fact.

But the truth is, learning how tell if your inner knowing is spot on (i.e. you’re having a claircognizant experience) is something you CAN do (just like learning that nice guys are stellar too)!

Here are 5 easy ways to tell your inner knowing is accurate – and you’re not just imagining stuff in your head!

5 ways to tell your Inner Knowing is spot on

Example of Inner Knowing:

Like I said, inner knowing can be one of the trickier psychic abilities to learn to recognize and trust. My dad, who is super intuitive, had a great example of a claircognizant experience several years ago…

He was at the hospital being prepped for surgery. He’s had umpteen surgeries in the past, so he’s a pro and knew exactly what to expect.

Suddenly, out of the blue, he KNEW not to go through with the surgery.

Yes, he was completely embarrassed (and the doctor wasn’t too happy), but thankfully, he trusted his inner knowing, got dressed, and rescheduled the surgery for another day. (The rescheduled surgery went great!)

To this day, he says he doesn’t know why, but he just knew not to have surgery on that day!

And don’t worry, inner knowing can be super blissful, too!

I tell everyone the story of my parents and I moving to our new home when I was 13. One day, I was outside playing with my dog (complete with 80’s denim mini skirt and huge hair) when I spotted my new neighbor – an OMG-super-cute boy next door!

At that exact moment, with no logical reason or without ever having spoken a word to him, I KNEW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that that boy was going to be my husband one day.

We’ve been married for 22 awesome years! :)

So you see, your inner knowing is a fabulous thing to get to know and trust. Let’s dive into the good stuff now so that you know all of this psychic goodness isn’t all in your imagination:

5 Ways to Know Your Inner Knowing is Spot On

1. You have peace about your conclusion

Claircognizant experiences will almost always leave you feeling peaceful and resolved.

If, once you finally get ahold of your husband to tell him to take a different way home from work, you feel relieved or at peace, you just had a claircognizant experience!

Your spirit guides or higher self are trying to send you a message. Once they get through and you receive and act on it, you’ll feel a wave of peace… even if you’re left trying to explain to your friend how you just knew that dude was bad news.

2. Something insightful came in your sleep

The frontal lobe (the logical part of our brain) is always searching for a reason for you to know something that there’s no logical reason for you to know. It wants facts, baby!

So sometimes, you’ll receive a claircognizant experience when your logical brain is checked out… aka when you sleep.

If you wake up with an, omg-DUH solution to a problem (big or small), you may have just had a claircognizant experience.

Or maybe you woke up thinking about one of your friends, or knowing you should check in on your daughter. Either way, while your frontal lobe is away, your claircognizance will come out to play. (Yes, this is a great excuse for a post-lunch snooze).

3. The message feels “out of the blue”

Say you’re sitting in the school drop off line, wondering how these moms have time to get all dressed up and put together by 7am as you drive in your sweats. Just as you’re about to pull into the lane, WHAM, you KNOW you need to head over to your sister-in-laws.

There’s no logical reason for you to invade her space at 7:20 am, and the thought seems totally out of the blue, but you follow your instincts and do it anyways.

Sure enough, her doctor just called, and she’s pregnant! Whoohoo! Happy tears are shed, and the sparkling apple juice is popped open before 8am!

You’ll notice this telltale “out of the blue” sign in almost ALL of your claircognizant experiences… and for good reason!

In the same way that messages come through while we’re sleeping, messages can come through when our logical mind is occupied doing something else. They’re our spirit team’s way of sending an email with an “urgent” flag.

They’ve got no time to wait around for you to get it, you’re going to be an aunt!

4. You’ve received the same intuitive message in another way, too

While for some people, claircognizance is the way they primarily receive intuitive information, others have additional psychic abilities.

Maybe you been seeing a baby symbol everywhere just before the “I need to see my sis-in-law now” moment. (“Seeing” is the psychic gift of clairvoyance.)

Or maybe you were getting a sense to buy some of those baby clothes on sale at Target… even though your kids are in elementary school. (Psychic sensing and feeling is known as being clairsentient. Here are 12 signs that clairsentience is one of your gifts.)

If you’ve been receiving other intuitive messages and aren’t sure what they mean, check in on your gut.

Is it telling you something similar? As you can see in this post, you can receive psychic impressions in LOTS of different ways!

5. You have a “feeling” you just can’t shake

Claircognizant messages don’t come and go with the tides. If your new financial adviser is trying to pull the wool over your eyes, you probably won’t be able to shake the vibe that something is off. (Thankfully).

If something feels “off” every time you see a certain someone, or you keep waking up thinking about your cousin about to deploy… pay attention! You may be having a claircognizant experience right then and there. :)

Next Steps:

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