6 Tips to Maintain a High Vibration

Having a high vibration is fine and dandy until you stop meditating, have to deal with your crazy coworker, or fall down the stairs on your way to switch the laundry.

It’s so easy to only have a high vibe when things are 5 star, and slip right back when they’re “meh”.

But the benefits of having a high vibration are only impactful if you lead a high vibe lifestyle — not just a high vibe dance party (although those are awesome).

There are always going to be negative and heavy energies in the world, but we do not always have to be bogged down with them.

The key to maintaining your high vibe is to recognize that you can sense negative and heavy energies without taking them on.

Tips to maintain a high vibration energetically

Energies are powerful things, so if you walk into a space and there’s angry energy everywhere, you’re going to feel it! The important thing is not to judge yourself for feeling it. That self-judgement opens the door for your brain to kick in start sabotaging your high vibe.

In order to maintain a high vibe, practice self-forgiveness and graciousness. Here’s how:

1. Recognize it’s okay to have “off” days

Things happen! Some things are out of the blue and tragic, and others are just frustrating and seemingly all-consuming.

You will get back to your high vibe livin’ if you simply acknowledge that you’re having a tough time seeing past this right now.

A BIG part of living a spiritual, high vibration life is giving yourself some grace when you need to. It won’t always be rainbows and sunshine. You will have bad days. Don’t abuse yourself. Allow yourself to explore your feelings, journal about your experience (if it feels right), and move on when you feel ready.

2. Practice a “witness” state of mind

Meditation is like the all-spice of life — it’s great for almost everything! But it’s especially great for putting us in a witness state of mind. When we’re in a witness state of mind, we let negative thoughts and energies pass by without getting involved in them. This allows us to keep moving and hold on to our high vibe.

3. Carry crystals

A while ago, I started carrying a black tourmaline crystal with me everywhere I go. I’m an empath, so energies really affect me! If I’m at the store and I hear people fighting or if I walk into a room and sense negative vibes, I struggle with not taking them on.

I carry crystals to protect myself from the low vibrations so I can maintain the high vibration that I want.

4. When all else fails, sage!

Sage smudge yourself and your house a few times a month.

I sage every few weeks even if I don’t feel like the house needs it right then. It moves out the stale energy that may be hanging out without announcing its presence. Smudging my house also reminds me to say my affirmations and intentions for our space.

If burning sage seems like too much of a chore (I hear ya!), try this sage spray. It does the job and is super quick and easy. Seriously, I’m in love with the stuff.

5. Super important: Learn how to cope with negativity

If you do nothing else on this list, please, for the love of all things green, read some of the following blog posts. A part of keeping a high vibration is learning how to deal with negativity.

Understanding how to deal with negativity and dreaded drama is like having a suit of armor for your soul!

6. Understand Vibration

You may have heard me say this a bunch of times. The teachings of Esther Hicks completely changed my life. I’m talking total overhaul here!

It all started with me crying about my daughter and a therapist saying, “Have you read a book called Ask and It Is Given?” If it were up to me, this book would be required reading for every human being on earth. (I made my son read it – he LOVED it! And I’m teaching the concepts to my daughter.)

The author, Esther Hicks, teaches vibration better than anyone I know. I’m talking the down-and-dirty, nitty-gritty. It’s definitely worth a look if you’re serious about raising your vibration.

High Vibration Takeaways

The key to a blissful, high vibration life is not only raising, but maintaining your vibe. Recognizing that the only thing you can control is your response to negative or low vibes will keep you in the state of bliss, joy, and gratitude necessary to keep your levels high.

“Off” days may come and go, but ultimately you are in control of your vibration levels, not your circumstance! How cool is that? So the next time the store runs out of your size in the most perfect shoes, believe that something better is on the way and walk out with a smile!

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