The Truth About Spiritual Health and How to Achieve It for Real

Spiritual health is more important today than EVER before. With all of the negativity flying around the Universe, social media drama, kid drama, gossip at work – it’s easy to get sucked in and feel like you want to move to an island and sell homemade hats!

But before you pack up your boat, consider this:

spiritual health

Picture the woman in the school pickup line wearing turquoise jewelry and yoga pants. You know who I mean. Everything about her seems calm.

Kids are running around, crossing guards are stressed, people are honking, and she looks like she just emerged from a bubble bath after enjoying a few glasses of wine.

She gives off a whole different vibe of love, joy, calm, and peace.

So what’s her secret? She… has spiritual health.

Spiritual health provides calm in the madness. It allows us to live life in a more peaceful and less stressful way – which leads to the ultimate meaning of life – joy.

THAT is why it’s Spiritual health is so important. It can make the difference between a life that you love and feeling stressed out and unhappy.

Spiritual Health Benefits

Spiritual health not only leads us to Inner bliss, it also allows us to:

  • Listen and TRUST our intuition
  • Follow our hearts (which lead us down the path to the most joy)
  • Not sweat the ‘small stuff’
  • Make decisions easier
  • Release anger
  • Feel more love for ourselves (and better self-care!)
  • Have more love for all of those we come in contact with
  • Live a joyful life without feeling guilty
  • Feel connected and supported on a Divine level

I mean, no one is going to complain with those results, right?

Spiritual health has everything to do with JOY and living a peaceful, happy life of gratitude. It’s seeing life through a different lens – one that has deeper and richer meaning.

Busting a Common Myth

Spiritual health has nothing to do with religion. It’s more of an “Inner” thing. I can almost feel the relief. Can you say Om? :)

The Day that Spiritual Health Changed My Life

I’ll never forget my friend Jackie (a Reiki Master) telling me this story. She was talking about a woman and her friend who were driving down the road when, out of the blue, someone threw a rock at her car!

The rock hit the windshield, broke it, and injured the woman. Instead of becoming irate and wanting revenge, the woman said the most profound thing, “I wonder what happened in that person’s life that made them so angry to do such a thing.”

She went on to send them love and light.

Take a moment and allow that story to sink in.


When I heard that story it brought tears to my eyes and decided, right there on the spot, that I was going to live a spiritually healthy life of peace, love, and Zen.

Connecting with Your Higher Self

In a nutshell, spiritual health simply means you are connected on a Divine level. It means that you are in touch with your soul (also known as your Higher Self).

Your Higher Self is our TRUE self. It’s the spiritual and most loving part of you.

In fact, what we are in the physical form is just a teeny portion of our overall selves.

It’s important to know this about spiritual health…

Before you buy 12 sets of Mala beads, trade in your jeans for yoga pants and give up coffee (you totally do NOT need to give up coffee to have spiritual health :)), it’s important to know that enhancing your spiritual health is just like any other type of health regimen – it takes practice and patience.

When you want to get your body in shape, it doesn’t happen overnight, right (you may wish you could, but that’s another story)? It takes time, dedication, sweating it out at the gym, and being disciplined.

Spiritual health is the same way, except instead of weights, spin class and giving up carbs, you’ll be practicing things like:

Pro tip: It’s also important to note that once you are living a spiritually aware life, the world won’t magically become perfect – and neither will you.

The kids may still spill grape juice on your new carpet, the IRS may still audit you, and your A/C may decide to call it quits when it’s 98 degrees outside.

So let’s be realistic, OK, friends? Living a spiritually aware life doesn’t mean that we won’t EVER get angry or frustrated or sad.

All of those emotions are part of the human experience and are very important for many reasons.

The beautiful thing is that when we are spiritually healthy and in tune, we are able to see things through a deeper perspective and deal with them in a calmer, more positive and uplifting way.

Tips for Getting Spiritually Healthy

  • Start small and don’t overwhelm yourself. Building your “spiritual muscles” takes time.
  • Set an intention. For example, when you wake up in the morning, set a mantra for the day. I am Divinely loved and supported. I am a child of the Divine. I am surrounded by angels. There is no right or wrong. Any mantra that feels good in your soul is wonderful!
  • Set time aside to meditate each day. As Jerry Hicks said when his wife said she didn’t have time to meditate, “You don’t have time NOT to.”
  • Write a gratitude list. List at least 50 things you are grateful for.
  • Journal. Write out what your perfect day would look like or a love letter to yourself. Journal anything that makes you feel good and uplifted!

Pro tip:  Set a personal mantra that reminds you of the “big picture”.

For example, my mantra is, “It is well with my soul.” I even have a wooden sign in my bedroom with this quote painted on it.

Each day, when I wake up and each night when I go to bed, I see this sign hanging there. On the days where I am feeling stressed and overwhelmed, I close my eyes and repeat the words, “it is well with my soul”.

It immediately calms me and makes me feel in touch with my Higher Self. It reminds me that there is much more than what we see in front of us. We are all spiritual beings and all of the madness that takes place in life is only temporary.


At the end of the day, we can choose to live amongst the chaos, or we can choose to get spiritually healthy and live lives of peace, meaning, and joy – all while inspiring others and raising the vibration of the planet.

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