Afraid You’ll Give a Bad Psychic Reading? 4 Ways to Shift from Insecure to Inspired

afraid to give a bad psychic reading

Are you afraid you’ll give a bad psychic, mediumship, or tarot reading? I understand. I used to worry about this, too!

The journey of spiritual awakening and developing your intuitive gifts is magical and transformative. Some days, you will feel completely aligned with your path.

On these days, energy flows and you feel enlightened; everything feels natural. You can’t get read enough books or blog posts. At this point, you may even be giving readings to friends, and it’s exciting… you know this is your calling. It’s pure bliss. #HAPPY

But then, everything shifts…

You give a practice reading and maybe it doesn’t go as well as you had hoped it would.

Next, you’re wondering if you’re good enough for this journey; you question your psychic awakening, and if you have real abilities or not.

Fear creeps in, and you second-guess if this is really your path. #OVERWHELMED

Here’s what I know about this roller coaster ride…

Most psychics, mediums, tarot card readers, and all other types of intuitive readers have struggled with:

  • confidence
  • trusting what they’re getting
  • worrying about giving a bad reading
  • feeling overwhelmed or confused in the beginning

Two of the things I struggled with TREMENDOUSLY (notice the all caps) were a lack of confidence and trusting what I was getting. I almost quit about a million times!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat, crying into a pint of ice cream crying saying, “I can’t do this, it’s too hard. What if I’m not good enough?”

It was so bad that if a client canceled a reading with me, I breathed a sigh of relief!

Then I would feel guilty because I knew in my heart that I could help people, but I was just too nervous. I was so stressed out that I was losing sleep.

It was awful and this “spiritual” work didn’t feel very spiritual at all.

Bottom line:

Feeling a bit nervous before giving a reading is normal. But avoiding your spiritual calling because you’re scared, or your emotions are twisted up inside, is not healthy.

That said, let me teach you my top tips to overcome fear and actually be excited about giving readings.

Giving Readings with Confidence: 4 Tips

I still use these techniques to this day. They work wonders and will help you stop worrying about giving a bad reading:

1. Shift your perspective

The quickest way to get from insecure to inspired is to change your entire outlook on giving readings.

I used to worry about myself when I gave a reading:

What if I can’t connect to anyone in spirit?  What if I keep hearing the name Bob and my client doesn’t know a Bob?  My client will think I suck, and I’ll never be able to give another reading!

Then, one day, it was as if spirit knocked me on the head and reminded me that this process isn’t about ME at all.

  • If I’m giving an intuitive reading, it’s about my client and serving their highest good.
  • If I’m giving a mediumship reading, it’s about connecting people with their loved ones on the other side and giving a voice to those in spirit.

Once you shift your focus away from yourself and onto your client (and the divine reasons you are doing this work), you will begin to relax and gain confidence.

2. Look at your client on the soul level

Have you ever sat with someone to give them a reading and freaked out like you are about to take a big test… or worried that they will judge you?

It’s okay. Stop and take a breath. Focus on your heart chakra.

That person that’s sitting with you is just that — a person. And they are not there to judge you, they are looking for intuitive guidance.

Doing divine work means opening your heart. Focus on connecting with the soul of your client. It will help you feel divinely supported, and your client will be divinely supported, too.

Ask yourself: What is beautiful about this soul? How can I serve this soul?

These two questions can shift your perspective entirely from a place of insecurity to one of inspiration.

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3. Have a pre-reading practice

Until about a year and a half ago, I did a “precog” before every reading I gave.

I would take 20 minutes prior to a reading (10 to meditate and 10 to sit quietly with a pen and paper) to imagine connecting with my client’s energy or aura. Then, I would write down any intuitive impressions I felt.

If I heard a name, saw an image in my mind, or had a sense about something, I wrote it all down before my client arrived.

Carving out this time to honor the reading made it feel sacred and allowed me to connect with my heart and Spirit Guides.

Bonus: This practice will help energy flow, and when your client arrives, you will be connected and filled with a sense of peace. There’s no better way to wash away pre-reading jitters!

What will your pre-reading practice be? 

It could be a meditative session like mine, or it could include dancing, singing, painting, prayer, or a nature walk. Whatever helps you feel connected to divine energy is perfect!

4. Remember that love and happiness are our natural state

Feelings like fear and insecurity are normal human emotions. But our natural spiritual state is one of love, creativity, and happiness.

When the fear comes in before a reading, acknowledge it, make room for it, and thank it. Why? Because these icky emotions are clues that it’s your physical being (your ego) that is the one talking.

Your true essence (the one doing divine work) feels love. Ask your spiritual Guides to help you see this reading through divine eyes, instead of a limited physical perspective.

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If all else fails…

Remember that the ebbs and flows happen to all of us. Whether you’re parenting, planning a wedding (have you heard the story of how my cat almost destroyed my wedding dress?), or learning to play an instrument, you’ll feel awesome sometimes and not-so-awesome other times.

I recently read that Adele has stage fright. Gasp! Adele who always has THE perfect make-up and always looks so confident on stage. Adele, who sings like an angel? THAT Adele?

Why would she be nervous!

Oh yeah! She’s human, too, and cares about giving a great performance. So don’t sweat it! Nerves happen to the best of us.

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