Are you ready to connect with your Inner Knowing in a way that is easy, practical, and effective? If YES, then you are going to love this sound healing meditation!


Sacred Sounds for Connecting With Your Inner Knowing

Connect to your Claircognizance, open your solar plexus chakra, release fear and doubt, and finally embrace your gift!

I created this meditation for those who want to effortlessly connect with their gift of Inner Knowing. It embodies sacred sound healing and binaural beats, making it perfect for the meditation or psychic beginner!

Allow yourself to be open and surrender to the beautiful sounds of healing instruments, knowing and trusting the sounds are guiding your energy exactly where it needs to be!

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By blending this meditation into your daily life, you will:


Feel a renewed sense of peace

You will feel calmer and more peaceful as your solar plexus chakra opens and balances. It becomes easier to go with the flow, make decisions, and rely on your Inner Knowing — even during stressful times.


Feel more confident

The sacred sounds work on a cellular level to open healing channels and remove blocks. Confidence replaces self-doubt!


Connect with your Claircognizant gift

As your solar plexus chakra opens, energetic blocks lift. Your Inner Knowing becomes stronger and clearer. It becomes easier to receive intuitive guidance from your Higher Self and Spirit Guides.


Honor your intuition

Because you will be in alignment, it will be easier to trust your gut feelings, and honor your spiritual journey.

Imagine how it will feel to embrace your claircognizant gift and start living the intuitive life you are meant to live!

Throughout this Divine Sound Healing Meditation You Will:

Experience a sense of deep peace and alignment with your soul
Feel a strong connection to your Inner Knowing
Have an awareness of your solar plexus chakra opening, and your claircognizance awakening

Here’s Some of the Good Stuff You’ll Find Inside

Product Image Sml - Embracing ClairCognizance

Here’s exactly what you will receive:

A 20-minute meditation (in MP3 format) that you can download and play on any device
A PDF worksheet with prompts, so that you can journal about the insights you receive during the meditation
Lifetime access to your meditation and worksheet, so you can enjoy this meditation as often as you’d like!

Only $7

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