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The Beginner’s Guide to


How to Unlock Your Psychic Hearing With Ease and Confidence!

Do you think you might have psychic ability, but don’t know what to do next? Maybe you even tried Googling “How do you develop psychic abilities” but it confused you more than helped me.

Or, maybe you know in your heart that you are meant to be helping others with your intuitive gifts, but don’t know how to get from where you are now to making a difference.

Guess what?

You CAN get from here to using your clairaudience to help yourself and others — and it’s easier than you might think!

Once you unlock your clairaudience, you’ll be able to:

  • Lead the intuitive life you are meant to live, and feel a sense of purpose each day.
  • Access and trust intuitive guidance, which makes life less stressful — and decision making a breeze!
  • Empower others to lead a more joyful life by giving intuitive or mediumship readings.
  • Have a big, positive impact on the world!

Sure, some people think it’s hard to develop clairaudience, and others think it’s only for select ‘gifted’ people.

But that’s not true at all!

The truth is that EVERYONE can develop clairaudience and use them to help themselves and others. Everyone!

I know because I did it, and I’ve shown thousands of others how to do it, too.

My psychic awakening started after my daughter was born. I began having “premonition” dreams, which made me curious to find out more… Do I have psychic ability? Or am I making all of this up in my head?

I loved learning about Clairaudience, but I had series doubt in my gift.

Honestly, I had so much doubt and anxiety around my ability that it held me back for 10 years!

And it wasn’t for lack of trying. In those 10 years, I sat in over a hundred psychic development classes and spent thousands of dollars.

But no matter how hard I tried, I still never knew what steps to take next to unlock my clairaudience… and I constantly wondered if I was really experiencing clairaudience, or just imagining it.

Finally, after years of struggling, I figured out how to UNLOCK my clairaudience. When I did, it changed my life! I’m talking about:

  • The joy of using my ability to empower people through intuitive and mediumship readings.
  • A Website that helps people worldwide embrace their psychic gifts, and allows me to do work I love… while earning an income to support my family.


I realized that, in order to access my psychic hearing with ease, I just needed to reconnect with it. 

For years, I thought that being psychic was a complicated and unattainable quest. But it’s not.

But it’s not. In reality, being psychic is our natural state of being!

I discovered that, in order to unlock my clairaudience with ease, all I needed to do was follow three simple steps.

This easy method helped me unlock my psychic hearing with confidence and clarity!
And instead of doubting my clairaudience, I became excited about it!

Best news yet?

You can do it, too!

And it’s MUCH easier than you might think! All you need to do is follow the same three steps that I did.

Want to develop your clairaudience in a way that’s easier than you ever thought possible? I wrote the book!


How to Unlock Your Psychic Hearing With Ease and Confidence!

I created this Guide for people who want to develop their clairaudience, but don’t know where to start. It will help you start building your clairaudience… even if you don’t think you’re psychic! Spoiler alert: You’ll soon see that you are. :)

Are Using This Guide You’ll:

  • Have an in-depth knowledge of clairaudience
  • Know how to develop your clairaudience with ease and confidence
  • Be able to confidently identify when you are having a clairaudient experience

Imagine how it will feel to start living the intuitive life you KNOW you are meant to live!

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside

A thorough, down-to-earth explanation of what clairaudience really is, so that you know what to expect as your gift expands. 

A Clairaudient Checklist so you can be certain that you are really experiencing clairaudience. Never wonder if you’re making it all up in your head again!

Journaling prompts and pages that will give you major clarity and insight about your gift.

My powerful method that will help you connect with your clairaudience in three easy steps.

2 proven exercises to strengthen your clairaudience, effortlessly

Affirmations to boost your confidence.

A Look Inside The Chapters

Chapter 1: What is Clairaudience

In this chapter, you’ll learn what clairaudience is, what it really sounds like and WHY it sounds the way it does (which most people are surprised to learn!)


In this fun chapter, learn exactly what to expect as your clairaudience expands and strengthens — including the surefire sign that your Spirit Guide is around!


Three days… three simple steps to connect with your clairaudience! This chapter includes my powerful 3-step method that will connect you with your clairaudience. It includes 3 beautiful meditative exercises on MP3 that take you step-by-step!


The two proven exercises in this chapter will expand and strengthen your psychic hearing. Even better? It’s easy to blend these powerhouse exercises into your daily life! Plus, journaling pages for enhanced clarity.


This confidence-boosting chapter will help you get crystal clear about when you’re experiencing clairaudience. It includes a Clairaudient Checklist so that you’ll never doubt yourself again!

Clairaudient Affirmations

Repeat these affirmations during meditation or whenever you need a clairaudient pick-me-up!

Psychic Glossary

Knowledge is power, especially for a psychic beginner. With practical definitions on everything from binaural beats to grounding, you’ll never have to scour the internet again with these 37 intuitive meanings at your fingertips!

Why I created this series

I created this series for people who want to develop and use their clairaudience to help themselves and others, but don’t know where to start. It’s for the absolute beginner and those who are already using their intuition, but want to take it to the next level.

This Guide is also perfect for tarot readers, Reiki, and other energy practitioners who want to use their claudience to bring more clarity to their clients.

And you’ll love taking the first steps towards developing your gifts with confidence so that you can help yourself, others, and make a positive impact on the world!