Clairaudient Psychic Ability: 7 Things You MUST Know to Develop It

clairaudient psychic ability

Clairaudient Psychic Ability

Clairaudient psychic ability. If you’ve heard me chat about the clairs (clairaudience, clairsentience, etc.) you know they’re the main types of intuitive ability, and how our Spirit Guides connect with us. 

The media and Hollywood have made certain psychic gifts, like clairvoyance (psychic seeing), pretty popular. But clairaudience, while just as awesome, has gotten less love.

And in order to develop clairaudience, there are key things you need to know about it. Armed with this info, strengthening your psychic hearing is going to be MUCH easier!

Today, I’ll share 7 things you must know to increase clairaudient psychic ability.
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1. What is clairaudience?

First things first. Clairaudient psychic ability means that you receive intuitive impressions via hearing.

Don’t worry, it’s easy to understand. Take a look at these clairaudience examples:

  • With clairaudience, the song “Marry You” might pop into your mind before you notice the sparkly new ring on your friend’s finger.
  • Or you might meet someone new and hear, “He’s the one!” This happened to a friend of mine when she met the general manager of a company. Two years later, they were married!

2. Where do clairaudient messages come from?

All psychic messages come from our loving spiritual team. This team consists of Spirit Guides, angels, your Higher Self (soul), and your loved ones in heaven. (If these psychic definitions are new to you, this post will help.)

Their messages always offer us guidance for our highest and best good, so you never have to worry about what’s coming through or if it’s “safe”.

Clairaudient psychic ability is loving!

3. How does clairaudience sound?

This might surprise you, but clairaudience usually sounds like your own voice — like when you are thinking or reading to yourself.

The difference is that these auditory impressions aren’t coming from you. Instead, they’re from the divine members of your spiritual team.

You also need to know that clairaudience is usually heard in your mind (telepathically).

Remember, those in your spirit team no longer have a physical body, so they don’t need a physical voice.

Tip: This is what confuses a lot of people about psychic hearing. Sure, it would be fun if clairaudience sounded like your fav music artist, but it sounds like you! Which is still amazing!

4. Is clairaudience scary?

Hearing voices is thought of as bad in our culture.

But rest assured, clairaudient psychic ability is nothing like that.

As I said earlier, clairaudience usually sounds like your own voice — just like how you’re reading this blog post to yourself.

5. How can I know if clairaudient psychic ability is one of my gifts?

The cool thing about clairaudience (and the other clairs) is that everyone can develop it! But there are some surefire clairaudient signs and “symptoms”:

  • You’re sensitive to sounds
  • Listening to, guiding and uplifting others comes naturally to you
  • You’ve heard someone calling your name when no one was around
  • You need quiet time often
  • You’re an auditory learner

Wondering what other psychic gifts you have? This post will help!

6. How do I develop clairaudient psychic ability?

All the clairs are fun to develop, but I always feel like clairaudience has an extra scoop of special because you can use it to have a two-way communication with your Spirit Guides (hello convenience)!

One of my “go-to” clairaudience exercises (that works great) is this:

Pop your go-to jam-out song on, and focus your attention on ONE instrument: guitar, violin, drum — you pick!

Sure, all the instruments are playing in harmony, but focus on one until you have isolated its sound from the rest.

With practice, you can cut one sound away from all the rest. Got it?

Okay now choose another instrument and give it another go.

7. How do I know if I’m having a real clairaudient experience?

When your ability first expands, it can be tricky to know you’re experiencing clairaudience. Why? Because your logical mind will wonder if you’re just imagining it.

But when you know what to look for, it’s easy to recognize true clairaudience.

One of the best ways to know you’re having a clairaudient experience is to ask yourself, “Did the thought pop into my head out of the blue?”

For example, you’re at the supermarket and start humming “Happy Birthday” for no reason, then get a Facebook alert that it’s your cousin’s birthday!

  • Visit this post to check out a few other ways to tell if you’re having a clairaudient experience.


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