14 Crystals to Develop Clairvoyance with Ease

Crystals to develop clairvoyance. Ready to open your third eye and start developing your clairvoyant (psychic seeing) gifts?

Sure, you could go Ghost Busters style and pull out a pack of Zener cards (which works, BTW!)

But one of my favorite ways to increase psychic visions is to start working with gorgeous crystals.

It’s easy, relaxing, and fun!

crystals to develop clairvoyance with ease

14 Crystals to Develop Clairvoyance

All the sparkly crystals on this list assist in opening, activating, and developing your clairvoyance.

Below you’ll find the full scoop on each of them, and how to use them to support your psychic seeing.

So, which crystal is best for you?

Read through the list, then use your intuition to decide!

Or choose the stone that you feel the most connected with. If you really can’t decide, Ulexite is a wonderful crystal to develop clairvoyance! WON-DER-FUL!

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1. Amethyst

This fabulous purple, high-vibe crystal works with you on a mental level. It assists in developing psychic gifts, intuition, and spiritual wisdom. Score!

2. Labradorite

Picture a blue-green-grey stone so pretty that you want to cover your kitchen counters with it — and you have labradorite!

This stone enhances intuitive wisdom, channeling, clairvoyance, and visualization.

labradorite for clairvoyance

3. Aquamarine

Yep, this light blue crystal is the same color as Sara Paxton’s hair in the movie.

On top of being gorgeous, it:

aquamarine crystal for psychic vision

4. Opal

You can’t go wrong with this classic crystal that does double duty.

It enhances intuitive awareness and psychic visions… making it an awesome choice to activate clairvoyance AND clairsentience!

unlock clairvoyance with opal

5. Herkimer Diamond

If you’re looking to develop clairvoyance in your sleep, look no further! This crystal is excellent for dream recall, enhancing clairvoyance, and deepening meditation. Can you say, “Om”?

6. Fluorite

This marbled looking gem is well known for heightening your natural intuitive gifts and supporting your spiritual awakening (yes, cool!). It’s also great for protecting your energy on a psychic level.

Oh, and Fluorite has a knack for activating the third eye — which is great for developing clairvoyance!

fluorite to develop clairvoyance

7. Emerald

You won’t want to miss this gorgeous green stone. It brings inner clarity and wisdom, opens clairvoyance and strengthens inner knowing.

  • Shop for pretty emerald stones here*

emeralds can increase psychic sight

8. Tektite

The porous black-brown appearance of this stone may not be as eye-catching as some of the others on the list, but Tektite is super helpful for:

  • Opening the third eye
  • Communicating with your Spirit Guides
  • Providing spiritual growth

9. Celestite

Celestite is great if you feel a special connection with angels. It’s also great for expanding clairvoyance, and deepening your trust and connection with the universe.

  • Here is a celestite that will support your intuitive seeing, and help connect you with angels.*

strengthen clairvoyance with celestite crystal

10. Moonstone

We’ve all heard of the power of the moon, right? Well, this powerful stone is connected to the moon and your intuition.

It’s also helpful in developing clairvoyance and embracing your psychic abilities. (BTW – if you’re nervous about developing your psychic abilities, you’re not alone! Check this post out.)

moonstone for clairvoyance

11. Tiger’s Eye

Known for strengthening psychic abilities and bringing spiritual energies of the light to earth, this silky stone is the perfect addition to any crystal collection!

tigers eye for clairvoyance

12. Ulexite

Though not super popular, Ulexite is a great crystal to develop clairvoyance.

It helps with visualization which is oh-so-important for clear psychic seeing! It also enhances inner clarity and spiritual focus. And you just can’t complain with those results!

ulexite strengthens intuition and visions

13. Sugilite

This rare, purple crystal is a fusion Amethyst and Garnet (so you know it’s gorgeous!) and promotes clairvoyant abilities and spiritual awareness.

Sugilite for clairvoyance

14. Moldavite

Despite its moldy name, this green stone is actually so pretty and increases connections with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides (who are so excited for you to develop your clairvoyance!)

moldavite increases clairvoyance

Now that you know the best crystals to develop clairvoyance, let’s talk about how to use them.

crystals to develop clairvoyance

How to Use Crystals to Develop Clairvoyance

Okay, so you’ve picked your fav clairvoyance-developing crystal from the list and are ready to dig in.

Now, try a few of these tips (or all of them) and see which you like best!

1. Use your crystals during meditation


Plus, it invites a sense of peace and groundedness that attracts positive energy!

2. Make a Crystal Grid

I love crystal grids because they’re so versatile. Plus, they give me an excuse to use multiple crystals!

You can place a crystal grid under your bed, set one up where you meditate, or even in your office (like I do!)

So, what are crystal grids?

Crystal grids are a group of crystals that are energetically linked to support an intention.

For example, you could group together some of the crystals on this list to help you develop clairvoyance.

Tip: If you place a crystal grid under your bed, you’ll have better dream recall — which is fun when you’re developing your psychic abilities!

3. Wear Crystals for Developing Clairvoyance

You don’t need an excuse to add some gorgeous crystal jewelry to your collection, but I’m going to give you one anyway!

Add any of the crystals above to a necklace or ring to develop clairvoyance while looking stylish.

I used to have a moonstone ring and I LOVED it. Crystal jewelry is a fun and passive way to deepen your abilities.

Wear it while you’re meditating or to add a little glam to your errands.

Ready to get started? Here is my favorite place to get crystals.* The energy and quality of these stones is top-notch!

And to read more about clairvoyance (psychic seeing) head over here.

*If you make a purchase through a link on this page, I may earn a small commission… which I’ll use to treat myself to a caramel latte.

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