Are Mediums Real? And How Do They Know So Much?

are mediums real

Ever wonder if mediums are real?

Maybe you’ve seen Theresa Caputo on TV and wondered if mediumship is real or just a bunch of “woo-woo” smoke… Is someone feeding her information? Or is there a secret microphone hidden in her hair!

After all, how in the world can she and other mediums know so much about dead people?

Is spiritual mediumship a big scam? Or are mediums real? What’s true when it comes to spirit communication?

Are Mediums Real?

I admit it. A long time ago, I thought that psychics and mediums were a bunch of woo-woo scam artists.

It started when I was a kid. My mom would take me along when she had her tarot cards read. There was always plenty of drama… and crystal balls and shrines to go along with it!

To me, it was super weird.

But then I had a psychic experience of my own. And that’s when I realized that I was wrong, and that psychics and mediums are very real.

Skeptic to Psychic Medium

I’ve always been a left brained, analytical kind of girl, and I thought there had to be science behind this. After all, if I could start having intuitive experiences, then anyone could!

So, in 2000, I signed up for a psychic development class. I was ready to get some insight into the psychic world!


That class changed my life! I became fascinated by the world of spirit communication and psychic ability. Plus, it was the beginning of my journey into working as a professional psychic and creating two metaphysical websites!

Are mediums real? Yes! (And we’ll talk about why they are real in a minute.)

Are Some Mediums Fake?

Sadly, yes. Like with anything, there are people that claim they are mediums that are not. And, if you’ve never had a reading with a real psychic medium before, you may not recognize the signs of a scam.

Here are some quick facts about real mediums:

1. Real mediums are warm, positive, and uplifting

They never give you scary information like:

  • your loved one in heaven is unhappy
  • your loved one is trapped in an afterlife limbo

Those things aren’t true!

2. Real mediums pass along messages from spirit

You can count on legitimate mediums to give you a message from your loved one in heaven.


Because proving the afterlife and passing on spirit messages are a mediums main jobs. Some messages are humorous. And others are heartwarming or provide comfort and closure.

On the flip side, it’s easy to spot fake mediums, which we’ll talk about next.

How Do Mediums Know So Much?

Legitimate mediums are accurate. They may know your grandma’s name or about her special chicken soup recipe!

This accuracy can lead people to believe that they use tricks or Google information before a reading. But I can tell you… as a medium and a busy mom myself, real mediums don’t have the time or desire to cheat.

In fact, the more a medium knows about someone before a reading, the harder it is to do the reading. Wild, right?!

This is because psychic ability works with the right side of our brain. But, when a medium knows things about a person before a reading, the left side of the brain (the analytical side) gets in the way.

You’re familiar with the right and left sides of your brain…

The right side is creative. It loves music and art! And the left (analytical side) makes sure your funds are in order before you hit that shoe sale!

Mediums sense spirit with their gifts. And the best way to do this is to go in “blind,” knowing nothing about their client or spirit.

How Does Mediumship Work?

Energy vibrates at different frequencies. Positive energy (like a spirit) has a high, light vibration. On the flip side, negative energy has a lower vibration.

Real mediums have developed their gifts so they can sense high-vibe energy. (Just like the way your TV tunes in to the channel you choose.)

For clarity: mediums sense energy, such as the energy of the spirit world.

Curious how mediums raise their vibration? It’s easy, and you can do it, too!

It’s not Dramatic

Mediums sense information in a gentle and subtle way. It’s beautiful and powerful, but not as dramatic as what’s shown in Hollywood!

Real mediumship is less about lightning bolts or being stopped on the road by an ethereal messenger.

It’s more about a feeling that suddenly changes or knowing about a spirit without having met them.

Mediums are Different Than Psychics

What is a Psychic?

Have you ever heard anyone talk about auras?

An aura is the energy field that surrounds all living things, including plants and animals. (You can also learn to see your own aura.)

Psychics can feel or sense this energy.

A psychic may be able to:

  • Feel a person’s physical or emotional state (clairsentience)
  • See things in their mind’s eye (clairvoyance)
  • Receive messages with their psychic hearing (clairaudience)

What is a Medium?

Mediums can sense energy, like psychics, but mediums can also do one thing that psychics can’t…

They can feel energy with an even higher vibration.

Like I said earlier, spirit energy vibrates at a super high frequency. (That’s because they don’t have a dense physical body weighing them down.)

In other words, mediums can communicate with the dead.

Remember: all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.

How Did Mediumship Start?

Many people credit the Fox sisters, Kate and Margaret, as pioneers who put mediumship on the map. Way back in 1848, at the ages of 12 and 15, the sisters were said to communicate with a man who was killed and buried in their home.

Legend says that the man’s spirit would respond by making tapping sounds when Kate talked to him.

Is the Fox sisters legend true? No one knows for sure. But the question “are mediums real” goes back hundreds of years!

And, like many stories passed down through the ages, I’m sure there have been embellishments and inaccuracies in the 150+ years since Kate and Mary were alive.

But I’m also sure that people were communicating with spirits long before the Fox sisters!

On an interesting note, the “rapping” experienced by Kate is said to be a form of physical mediumship which is includes other phenomena such as:

  • direct voice (when a spirit speaks through a medium)
  • levitation
  • ectoplasm (yep, like in Ghost Busters)

Still Skeptical?

Since I’m a psychic medium, I’m a believer in this reality. But as I said earlier, I used to be a sworn skeptic, so I get where non-believers are coming from.

For now, let’s tackle a few common issues about mediumship. They will keep you open minded when asking the question are mediums real?


Some people believe that if a medium can’t quickly give every detail about a spirit that she’s a fraud. And that is not true.

Real mediumship is about:

  • Delivering messages from loved ones in heaven to those on the earth plane
  • Giving a voice to those in spirit
  • Proving that there is an afterlife

Mediums bridge the gap between the living and the dead. It’s not about telling people how many fingers they’re holding up behind their back.

More Reasons for Skepticism

Some people scoff at mediums because they have been the victim of a fake psychic’s scam. I’ve heard some of these stories and it breaks my heart. To avoid scams, take the time to learn how to choose a real psychic.

For others, their religion sets the standards about mediums or psychics. While I can respect this, I also believe that we should have the freedom to do our own research.

Others may have been told something crazy like, “You were Genghis Khan in a former life.” Really?

No one can prove that you were Genghis Khan in a former life, but a real medium will tell you things that you can confirm. For example, that your grandfather used to play guitar in a band, or that your dad tucked you in with your favorite stuffed pink bunny every night.

When people ask me are mediums real, I say YES!

Scientific Proof of Mediumship

Even with minds and hearts opening up, there are still lots of folks who believe mediums are not real.

So, if you want to know about mediums in general or want to develop a gift within yourself, why not do a little research?

You can start with these two organizations that are working to prove the existence of mediumship:

Takeaways and Keeping an Open Mind

There was a time in the recent past where people would think you were crazy if you answered “yes” to the question, are mediums real?

But now there is a more open-minded attitude thanks to mediums like James Van Praagh, John Edward, and Theresa Caputo. These respected spiritual mediums are highlighted in books and TV.

Have you ever watched the TV show Ghost Whisperer? Of course, the show is dramatized for entertainment, but some episodes are realistic.

Remember, your best tool to discovering if mediums are real is research, just like what you are doing here. 

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