How to See Auras in 5 Minutes or Less

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Have you ever felt a strong sense of joy or anxiety when someone walked into a room? Or picked up on someone’s depression or anger without them speaking a word?

That was you sensing their aura!

You may not have seen their aura with your physical eyes, but you felt their energy. Pretty cool, right?

Well, you can easily learn how to see auras, too.

All it takes is an open mind and a little practice. (Plus, seeing auras is a fun way to strengthen your intuition, clairsentience and clairvoyance!)

how to see auras (of yourself and others) in minutes

What is an Aura?

Seeing or sensing auras is like opening a box of chocolates — you never know what you’re gonna get: Adorable aqua, purple, blue, or even black!

Auras are important because they reflect how we feel.

They can give us insight into our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. So if you want to improve your murky aura to one that is vibrant and sparkly, aura knowledge can help you do that!

But you might be wondering… what exactly is an aura?

Auras are the energy that surrounds all living things.

They are the vibrations that you put out to those around you, and can be any color from a peaceful blue to a fiery red. The color changes depending on how you feel — like a mood ring!

And with the simple exercises I’m going to teach you, you’ll learn how to see your aura (and someone else’s aura) in minutes!


You can cleanse your energy or take an aura bath to remove negative energy, and rejuvenate yourself!

How to See People’s Auras

This is my favorite way to see auras.

That said, there is no “one right way” to do this. So…

If you prefer, replace the word see with the words feel or sense in this post, and practice sensing energy instead.

This is just as valid as seeing energy. Plus, it will strengthen your psychic clairsentience and intuition!

For this exercise, you will need:

  • a partner
  • a plain-colored wall

Exercise: Seeing Auras in 5-Steps

  • First, grab your partner and have them stand or sit in front of a wall. Make sure the wall is a neutral color (tan, cream or white work best) — no geometric wallpaper or bright walls.
  • Once your partner is in position, sit or stand back about eight feet from them.
  • Now, look at their forehead, focusing on the third eye area (located between the eyebrows).
  • When you are ready, imagine seeing through your partner to the wall behind them. Your goal should be to ‘see’ a foot past your partner. The further back you can see, the more of their aura you will be able to see.
  • At this point, your eyes will feel like they are going out of focus. Once they do, you’ll start seeing the energy around your partner.

psychic development exercise - how to see auras

When I did this with my son, I could see the first layer of his aura, a few inches around his body. But the more I practiced, the more of his energy I could see!

One day, I began to see a translucent yellow glow that extended about two feet all around his head and shoulders, like a halo!

Now that you’ve seen your partner’s aura colors, it’s time to see your own!

How to See Your Aura in a Mirror

Can you see your own aura in a mirror? The short answer is yes, and it’s easy to do!

  • Stand in front of a mirror during the day, but leave the lights off so the room has natural light only.
  • Now, look at yourself in the mirror. Yes, it sounds weird, but remember, you’re not going to be staring at yourself in a Mirror, mirror on the wall, sort of way.
  • As you look at yourself, allow your eyes to go out of focus (if you’ve never done this before, it can feel a little strange at first, because things start to look ‘fuzzy’).
  • Continue to stare with your eyes out of focus for a few seconds. Soon, you will start to see a soft, glowing light around you — your aura!

Seeing the Aura On Your Hand

There are a couple of different ways to see the aura colors around your hand. Choose the technique you like best, or try both!

Before you begin:

  • Relax. Light a candle, put on soft music, or meditate before you begin to clear your mind and help you focus.

Exercise 1:

  • Get a piece of white paper, then choose a room with soft or natural lighting.
  • Place your hand (palm down) on the paper and separate your fingers. Don’t place your fingers too far apart — allow your hand to be relaxed and comfortable.
  • Next, focus your eyes on your hand, between your fingers.
  • Keep staring for a few seconds, until your eyes go out of focus.
  • Soon, you will start to see a glow around your fingers. This is the first layer of your aura!

Exercise 2:

  • Touch the pads of your index finger and thumb together. Now, gently rub your fingers together. As you do, be mindful of your breath, and focus on your fingers.
  • Keep rubbing your fingers together until they feel sticky (or like one finger is stuck to the other). It may even feel like your two fingers are now one.
  • Once you get that sticky feeling, slowly pull your fingers apart so that there’s some space (about 1 cm) between them.
  • Now, focus on the area between your fingers and look for any color or “fog.” That’s your aura. Woohoo! Don’t worry if you can’t see much yet. Your ability will get stronger with practice.

Tip: When I first started this exercise, I kept wondering why I wasn’t getting any results; all I had were sore fingers! I finally realized that I was rubbing too hard and creating friction.

So, don’t do that. Instead, push your fingers together to create pressure, then, gently massage them together.

Aura Color Meanings

Once you’ve discovered your aura color, discover its meaning:

Strengthening Your Ability (Aura Practice)

I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on the internet, but I’ve read that peripheral vision is stronger than the part of the eye that we primarily use to focus, called central vision.

Using your peripheral vision can enhance communication between the two hemispheres of your brain, making it easier to see your energy.

To practice, just look straight ahead without moving your eyes or head. Then, take notice of what you can see on either side of you.

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