What Does Heaven Look Like?

What does heaven look like? Many people have an idea of what Heaven is like based on their religious or spiritual beliefs.

But as with any faith-based concept, it would still be nice to know for sure!

I often get asked about what Heaven is really like:

  • What do spirits do there?
  • What does heaven look like?
  • Will I get to reunite with my loved ones and ancestors when I die?

what does heaven look like

What does Heaven Look Like?

Answering the question, What does heaven look like is tricky because Heaven isn’t a physical place.

It doesn’t have walls or doors or carpeted floors. Instead, it’s another plane, another dimension. And because of this, it’s difficult for us to imagine what it’s like.

In the dimension called Heaven, we no longer have physical bodies; instead, we are pure energy.

This energy is known as your soul or Higher Self.

What is Your Higher Self?

Our Higher Self (a.k.a. soul) is the essence of what makes us who we are. It’s the energy that has lived past lives, and is super wise!

But just because bodies aren’t necessary in Heaven doesn’t mean our loved ones never take on a physical form. In fact, psychic mediums see people as they looked during their life.

What do Spirits Look Like?

In spirit form, ‘bodies’ are not solid. Instead, spirit energy is more like a hologram — sort of translucent.

Also, spirits look like their old form so that their loved ones can identify them.

For example, your loved one may visit you in a dream and look how they did when they were living.

Or, they may appear to you directly, like when my grandmother saw my grandfather’s spirit in church after he passed away.

Sometimes, spirits even reveal themselves doing something they love. I’ve seen spirits in a glowing “body” doing everything from riding a bike to playing cards!

Our deceased loved ones want us to know that they are happy and well!

And they may take on a body form again (even though they don’t need to) so we can recognize them and receive their messages.

What does Heaven Look Like?

Once, a client came to me to reconnect with her little girl who passed away.

On that occasion, I felt like I got a good glimpse of what heaven looks like. (Usually, I see spirits in my mind’s eye with nothing in the background.)

The little girl was wearing a white dress playing with other children, who were also wearing white. They were in front of a beautiful building with shallow, white stone steps.

The steps were as wide as the front of the building and there were two massive white columns in front. It wasn’t sunny, and it wasn’t dark. The atmosphere looked like dusk after a beautiful summer day.

Did this little girl manifest this just for me to see?  Or did I see this dimension? 

So, you see, even though it’s hard to explain what heaven looks like to the eyes… it’s easy to explain what heaven is like by describing the energy that exists there.

Is There Any Proof of Heaven?

Yes, there is proof of heaven!

In fact, the Forever Family Foundation is a science-based organization that educates the public on the afterlife. Their research helps prove the continuation of life after death.

The site also has links and services about mediumship, and how to connect with those who have passed on. 

What’s it Like in Heaven?

In the dimension we call Heaven, there are only three emotions: joy, peace and love.

There is no worry or concern for the future.

That’s because our soul understands that all will be well, regardless of how people on Earth feel at the time. Our souls know that it’s the journey that matters, not the destination.

After all, our souls choose to incarnate into a life on the earthly plane to have experiences that will help us reach our higher purpose.

Is there Pain in Heaven?

There is no more pain or suffering in Heaven, either. Everyone I give mediumship readings to wants to know that their loved ones are not suffering. Rest assured, they are at peace.

Is My Loved One in Heaven?

The short answer is: yes! Spirits are happy and free in the Heavenly plane.

The longer answer is:

People I read for also want to know if their loved one “made it” to heaven. They may worry that their loved one is still suffering or stuck in purgatory or hell.

Nope, they are “living” it up, free of:

  • pain
  • worries
  • the daily struggles that go with being a human on Earth

Besides no longer being bound to a physical body, those in Heaven are no longer restricted by time and space. There’s nowhere to rush off to. There are no goals to meet.

So, relax and trust that you will truly see your loved ones again in Heaven.

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